GOLD DIGGER Prank As Ronald McDonald!! (INSANE)

GOLD DIGGER Prank As Ronald McDonald!! (INSANE)

– I literally canceled two
other meetings for this. This is just kinda pissing me off. (balls slamming) – What’s up guys, welcome to a new video. Well, some of you might be
like Josh, where have you been? You haven’t been uploading for months. I know, well, here’s the thing, ’cause YouTube has been
super, super hard on me for the past months. Literally, all my videos
had got demonetized. One of them even got a
strike on my channel. So, I couldn’t even upload. Also, I have been working on a bunch of secret projects right now, including a extreme documentary, which I can’t really
talk about it right now. But just know, it’s super extreme and it’s related to my body. Look, let me show you. I am literally at like
probably 5% body fat right now. It’s just crazy! Huh, I think I just came
up with another epic gold digger idea that I
can do on another video. Comment down below right
now if you want to see another epic gold digger
prank besides this one. And do me a favor, smash the big thumps-up right now for me. All right, so before I tell you guys what’s gonna go down today. I wanna give a big shout-out
to our sponsor of this video. It’s called, Just Dating. Literally, Just Dating. You can meet bunch of single
girls or guys in your area. So look, here are some of my
profile pictures right here, and you already know, I got
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gonna put like, read my bio. Then add About Me area,
I’ll put something like I’m a business owner and entrepreneur, and likes to travel around the world, into fitness and health. Send me a message and
let’s go on some fun dates. And obviously, there’s a catch to it. I’m gonna go on some of
these dates with these girls. But I’m probably not gonna look like what I look like on the profile. Which is kinda like rich
and successful or whatever. I’m gonna look just a
little bit different. Okay, maybe a lot different. Let’s just see how some
of these girls will react when I show up and if any
of them is a gold digger. (humorous bouncy music) Hello! Hey, what’s up? – Um, Hi? – Hi, sorry I’m Josh. I know it’s gonna sound a little bit funny but I just got outta work, so. – You work here? – Yeah I work at, I work at McDonald’s. Oh, oh, oh I’m sorry. Hi. _ Hi, um. – I’m Josh, I’m your date. – Oh right! – I was trying to get some fries for us and I just got worried. I know I kinda look a little weird, a little bit funny but
hope you don’t mind. – No, I mean. The only thing that I kinda mind is that you spilled half of my
fries on the ground. – Oh here, you can have this one. – Thank you. – Oh, god, oh my god. – You scared me. – I’m sorry. – Are you okay? – Yeah, oh, I’m sorry did,
did that spill on you? – No, no, it’s okay. – All right, sorry, hi, I’m late actually. – Late for what? – I’m Josh, hi. (laughs) – You look different
than from the pictures. – Oh yeah, ’cause I, I
just got off work you know. I’m sorry about that. – So you work right here? – Yeah, McDonalds.
– Oh, wow. – Is that okay with you, like? – Yeah, sure. – Sometimes I get a little mixed with the work and personal life but I hope that’s okay with you? – It, yeah, I just came
– ‘Cause sometimes people– from work too, I just came from yoga. – Oh really, oh yeah, you
told me you did yoga right? I meditate every morning, by the way. So you kinda can tell, I’m a very, (deep breathing) peaceful person. I’m not those crazy clown. There’s two types of clowns. One is the crazy one, one
just like make people laugh and I like to make people laugh. – Yeah, I think I’m getting
a little both of those vibes. Crazy clown and peaceful. – Oh, cool!
– Yeah. – So at least I’m not scaring you right? – The part of being a
Yoga teacher is like, you don’t judge people, you
accept people, so like– – Aww, so its all one love and one peace. – Yeah!
– I’m just gonna give you- – It’s fine. – Aww, you’re so lovely. – Thank you. – I just feel loved already! I like with the way this is going. What about you? – I just been waiting for– – Me!
– My date. (laughs) – So you don’t really mind like, based on my, my work and my job right? (laughs) – It’s okay. – What do you like to do for fun? – Oh, I like dancing. – Dancing?
– And painting. – You wanna paint me? That could be a fun first date? Hey, at least I make you laugh right? I don’t like the traditional
date where you just like sit and then you just talk. I just like to mix things up. – You like to spill coke on girls? (laughs) – Well, that was an accident. – Okay, or you can just
give me a new coke. – Okay, I’ll give you a new coke fut sure, what else do you want? Do you like McDonald’s? – Um, no. – Don’t tell me you go to Burger King! – Sometimes. – The date is done, I’m
leaving, just kidding. (laughs) You want a Big Mac, everything big? – Actually, I’m a vegetarian, so. – Oh, your a vegetarian. But fries is vegetarian. – Yeah, I think fries would be fine. Are you scared of clowns?
– Um, a little. – Little bit?
– Little bit! – Just kidding. Are you really a yoga teacher? – Yes!
– Really? – Yes, should we go and do something? – Let’s go get some. – Let’s go.
– I’ll be back. – Okay, so should I wait for you here? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll
get something for you. – Okay.
– Yeah, you know what? I’m gonna start telling them to start making some
vegan burger, you know. – That’s a good idea. – So we can have a better date. – You better tell them. – Okay, I’m gonna tell them right now. So, so far even though I show up, dressed like Ronald McDonald. This is like none of these
girls have a problem with it until I met this chick. Uh, hey! Taylor right? – Ya, I’m sorry, who are you? – I’m sorry, I’m Josh. I don’t know what you want,
so I got like Diet Coke. – I’m sorry, You’re Josh? – Long story short, I just got off work. – You work here? – Yeah, how about I just start from, uh. Would you like some fries? (laughs) – I’m actually, I don’t eat McDonald’s. Didn’t think we’d actually be
having a date at McDonald’s. – Oh! – You’re not really what I expected. – Oh, like, what were you expecting as? – You know like, in a business suit, we maybe going to a nice restaurant. – Oh yeah but you look like nowadays, you don’t have to do like business with business suits, you know. You can just be yourself. – Yeah, but you’re in a clown suit. – I understand, I mean. I’ll make it up for you
next time, you know. – I mean. I honestly don’t think
there’s gonna be a next time. I feel like I’m being played. I kinda feel like you’re cat-fishing me. – It’s– – I literally canceled two
other meetings for this! Work meetings. – I thought you said you were pretty free. I was texting you, you said
you free all day today. – Well right because I
thought I was gonna be meeting this awesome guy who’s a business owner. – I mean, I am awesome, what do you mean? – I’m just saying, you’re
not what I was expecting. I’m sure you’re gonna be
great for someone else. This is just kinda pissing me off. – I’m still the same person that I was talking to you on the app. – You’re definitely not the same person. – Okay, just because I gotta work because I had to, you know, work. Like, I don’t know why it’s a big deal? – It’s yeah, I’m good, thank you though. I’m pretty annoyed right now, so. – You know what, I don’t
even feel like eating so, I know you don’t want it but. I guess have a good day, I’m sorry. – Okay. – I can’t believe this. (Lamborghini beeping) (Lamborghini engine roaring) – I’m sorry, is this your car? – Yeah, why? – Oh, I thought you said
you work at McDonald’s? – What do you mean? – How do you have this
car if you work here? – I’m the CEO and owner of McDonald. – Oh, oh, you own McDonalds. This is nuts.
– Yeah. Is that like make anything different? – (Gold Digger) I’m
sorry, that actually like really respectable, that’s really cool. – What?
– I would like to talk more. – About what? – (Gold Digger) Just continue the date. – (Josh) I thought you were
being upset that I lied to you. – Because I thought that
you lied but I mean, I see now that you didn’t.
– Ah, you know what? – (Gold Digger) Okay. – I actually have a thing in mind. So here, let me just get out. We actually looking for an ambassador for McDonald’s.
– Okay. – Last girl, we paid her about like, I think it was 500,000 or half million. I forgot the number. Maybe you’d be interested.
– Yeah! – You know, I can talk to
my director or my marketing. Put some words in it. – That would be really cool, yeah. – Would you be down to do something like that?
– Absolutely yeah. – Let me grab this real quick. – (Gold Digger) Okay. – I actually have this wig. Can you kinda put it on so
I can send to my director? – (Gold Digger) Okay, all right. – Are you ready?
– Yeah. – Okay, pretty good. You know what, it’s actually better. – Okay.
– Here, wear my shoes. – Really?
– Yeah, try it. ‘Cause we need a whole body. Okay, not bad, not bad. Okay, stay right there,
I’m gonna do a video. – (Gold Digger) Okay. – So, one, two, gold digger! (Lamborghini engine roars) (laughs) Oh, my god. That has been the best one. I just left her with a freaking wig on (laughs) (Lamborghini engine roars) (laughs) I can’t believe she put a wig on. (laughs) Yo, what happened after I left? Did she still have the wig on, or what? – (Camerman) No, she took it off and then through it down and storm off– – She got pissed?
– Yes, she’s pissed. – I don’t have my shoes anymore. Yo, she actually put that wig on. I am dead. By the way guys, don’t forget
to check out our sponsor for this video link in description. Just Dating where you get to
meet a bunch of hot chicks or hot guys, I don’t know,
but hopefully not gold digger. If they do then you know,
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or more Ronald McDonald. Maybe I can be Ronald McDonald
and do some other videos. Let me know! It doesn’t have to be gold
digger, you know what I mean. Anyways guys, I hope you enjoy this video. You already know. We only put out fire and
banger videos nowadays. Hope you all having a good day. And I will see you on the next video, bye. (upbeat Hip Hop)


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