Gold Digger Prank EXPOSED | UDY Pranks

Gold Digger Prank EXPOSED | UDY Pranks

Oh yeah, I also don’t want to get sued What is up, you guys? Three things: First thing, thank you so much for all of your support on the newest video Second thing, thank you for all of the support you are going to show this video And third thing, I just want to let you guys know that I’m on my way to my friend’s house right now And I’m ’bout to ask him to do a BIG favor Why did you come here like a cop? And why are you filming me? I need to talk to you No you don’t! Yes, I do! Then where are you going with this?


  1. LMAO… meeting at a starbucks? bitch we all know you mexican rapists can't afford starbucks… stay out of America and stay out of starbucks… you ain't welcome in either places…. fucking mexican gangsters and rapists, all y'all need to be deported back to the shit hole you crawled out of.

  2. Although she is a bitch. But I’ve never seen someone so excited to break up your friend and his girlfriend. I would binge watch these videos if you weren’t the fucking “main” prick in them.

  3. bro it's 2019 right now and when Juan was showing the boy serg what he found on his GF phone before they called Adam lol when Juan said WHAT THE FUCK LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL BROOOOOOO I FELL OUT MY DAMN CHAIR SON DIEING OF LAUGHTER I COULD NOT DEAL WITH IT LOL. LOW KEY MONICA HAS A FAT ASS BRO SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAT

  4. She wasn't a real woman because she just walked away. She got caught and I know she was like OMG..NOOOO but when you want to be a gold digging player trick you gotta play your cards right and do better than that. It can be done trust me.

  5. She's potentially cheating on him?! Try she IS cheating on him…She just admitted that her boyfriend's name was Adam, not Juan…

  6. When he laughs to the face of his clients while they r hurting it's really wrong, if u r reading this plz correct that, they need sympathy not mockery

  7. That was COLD! My goodness, to walk up with a potential new guy, into the faces of the two you are cheating on! That was a cold piece of work and the end was priceless! This is my favorite one yet

  8. Sergio: I don't wanna force you to do anything you don't want to do

    Juan: Good, cause it's not happening

    Sergio: Oh it's happening Jaun 😂

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