what’s up guys whoo man here and I’m back with a new video but this time I’m trying something new there has been so many comments from you guys saying hey whoo man try gold digger pranks or hey try picking up girls with a nice car so for this video I’m using this Lamborghini Huracan along with my friend Nick who I actually met when I pranked him in a shampoo prank I’ll put a link here to when I pranked him you ready bro got out let’s do it hey excuse me hey what’s up hey my name is whoo man what’s your name hi I’m Ashley nice to meet you I was walking by that it’s got a little drink and I noticed it and I thought you’re very beautiful someone come say hi okay just what come see how I really fast are you down to hang out sometimes maybe you know why I’m married so oh you are yeah you know how serious is the marriage married no okay if you want to be like friends and just get coffee or something no no I’m married you know my husband wouldn’t like that come on we’ll just supposed to be friends oh it’s a good day whatever [Music] listen man 117 million dollars for an island and it doesn’t even have a yacht dock hey how are you hey listen you look beautiful I saw you from across the parking lot I just had to say hi actually it’s good to meet you actually are you married or you boyfriend or something take your number down give me one second actually boss ready oh man you made a new friend huh no yeah she’s beautiful I talked to her earlier she’s a married woman married you watch the car get my jacket yeah that for you I’m sick of wearing this beat-up old jacket yo you’re his boss huh I am his boss I talk I cook here like a couple minutes ago right yeah that cigar sir to get these things off thank you do you have this watch that this is washed yes so right 8:00 right your car this is my car yeah that’s why yeah that’s my buddy with that works for me he’s nice you guys made friends Oh Jericho let’s go well you have a good day with you evidence he’s actually out of town yeah who’s the who’s on in town my husband oh oh he’s not but me I don’t know you would like it if we hung out though right no you know I’ll get jealous he’s older and he goes out of town a lot oh he does yeah okay I mean I guess we could hang out but um let me put one second can I get a picture of you really fast sure sure let me just get my phone out but we’re not obvious looks so beautiful oh good I just want to show my friends what a gold digger looks like have a nice day of yellows and that is how you catch a cold liquor so what do you guys think do you want to see more Golding and pranks in the future if yes comment below I want to see more gold Digga Frank and I’ll go out there again and expose more of these gold liqueurs if you are new to my channel be sure to subscribe because you don’t want to miss some future videos and by the way thank you to top buzz for sponsoring this video they are a cool mobile app where you can watch all kinds of videos including mine read cool articles or simply browse through funny gifs the app will actually recommend content to you based on your interests be sure to download this app and follow me I will leave a link below see you on the next video beep


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  2. Bro no hate but you should actually get a girl cuz you cool as heck bro

    BUT! Do gold digger prank first so that you get a loyal girl

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