hey Kevin yeah what’s the price of Bitcoin right now that’s a check is about seven thousand four I’m gonna sell a few see how it goes from a good time hey guys random question do you guys know if there’s any fun arcade around here in LA and arcade how do you explain what ok let you play video games there let’s let you play games hey why are you laughing you don’t play video games not a big gamer do we look like we would play video games well we do anyway it’s like anyway I was I was just wondering we’re here from San Diego for a crypto event for a few days bitcoins like Bitcoin crypto coins anyway it’s morning stuff but we were wondering do you guys you guys live in LA yourself cool do you guys know any fun like bars or restaurants around here well yeah for us well we don’t think we have ok and what are you guys doing tonight by the law you guys seem pretty fun yourselves oh you do great great well we were wondering if you guys want to hang out tonight and get something like lunch or dinner dinner yeah or drinks oh you already have plans ok well ok are you guys sure we’re pretty we’re pretty free tonight we’re pretty fun guys yeah we’re pretty fun I mean we might look a little geeky right now but we’re actually we’re actually hanging out we’re pretty fun are you guys sure all right do you guys know if the bars or the restaurant at least take crypto as payment like Bitcoin get coins at all you know it’s ok forget it I’ve had a good night guys thank you so much okay great hey are you guys sure by the way you don’t want to hang out with us I mean we’re pretty friendly guys are you sure I mean if you guys want to hang out we can this is my car yeah this is my car it’s one of my cars actually it’s one of my cars yeah it’s the smallest one I drove it from San Diego all the big ones are still down there yeah we’re visiting but I don’t want I don’t want to hold you guys off for pretty like ran let me talking to you guys so if you guys gotta go it’s okay thank you just don’t lean on the window too much I don’t want you to scratch it oh I thought we reason you had plans hey let’s go oh no it’s okay if you guys already have plans we don’t want whether you guys are you sure we don’t want it we don’t want to bother your friends they were just you guys walked by you seemed pretty friendly so we wanted to talk to you to see what you’re up to okay no worries um is there a place we could leave these cars if we hang out or do we have to bring him you should take it take it where to it okay do are you still down to hang out if we don’t bring the cards though cuz we rather just over TV okay I mean I don’t know you guys you guys already had plans we don’t want we don’t want to bother you guys are you cool with it because she seemed like she did want to hang up five minutes ago are you sure cuz five minutes ago you were looking at me all funny you said you don’t wanna hang out with us are you sure yeah okay I mean I mean I guess Kevin what do you think hey Kevin what do you think if you want to man I guess alright I mean you guys look you guys look friendly okay okay let’s go let’s do it already hop in yeah I mean yeah I mean we wanted to hang out with you guys but you guys said no first but if you’re free so are you sure we have to bring the cars with us you’re sure you don’t have plans tonight then all right thought I I thought I heard you say you did earlier how do you feel about this chip in what you’ll bring your groceries in my car too I mean actually I’m sorry I changed my mind I don’t really like gold diggers so I I rather actually have you step out of the car with your bag of groceries oh what a gold digger because well you and your friend cuz five minutes ago we were just talking to you guys so you guys had plans and you walked away and when you look at us exotic cars now you want to hang out the cars well you were a little too close to my to my face I don’t really feel comfortable do you actually mind stepping out of the car hey Kevin Kevin I’m leaving but I don’t like gold diggers geez these two are trouble I’m leaving close the door exploiting foods it’s not going to be very much in gold diggers you weren’t interested at first use you have a nice night lovely thank you bye bye have a nice night now ladies buy gold diggers bring the cars with you let’s hang out now right gold diggers alright guys hope you enjoyed watching today’s video as always if you want to see me do more gold-digger pranks all you have to do is comment down below do more gold-digger pranks share this video and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my next video also check out kevin’s channel down below and subscribe to him and if you guys want to enter to win a brand new iphone x make sure you click that little link right there to enter our giveaway alright we’ll see you next time [Music]


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  2. Fake! 2 cars and 2 girls just walking by. Blurs face cause he uses the same girls on most of his gold digger videos. Seen most of his videos.

  3. If gold diggers love money so much, mAybE they should, um, get a J.O.B. & buy their own fancy car & buy other things WITH THEIR OWN MONEY!
    Nobody likes a gold digger!!!

  4. You know Hooman girl like rich man cause everything she needs will get Thank you hooman gold Digger woman All cancer Idiot

  5. *wanna go hangout nah got plans takes of blue covers I think we can actually. Few mins later… I don’t like gold diggers actually!😂

  6. Does everyone just play along ? Or do you actually think this is real?…… 00:12 no girl turns like this knowingly there is no Camera….
    2/10 for acting

  7. Don't do that… anyone who finds a lambo or ferrari would like to have a ride……
    even if they are in a hurry…..
    please find more genuine golden diggers…..

    anyway, your previous ones where you digged out wifes of military, firefighter….was nice.
    so please do care this.

  8. Why do u put this mindset on young fans that all women are gold diggers this is not how they act irl u just pay models to do these "pranks" for fake content

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