[Music] hello hi need you hello invisible handshake oh yeah for sure hu hai okay okay I do security I’m actually just monitored yeah I’m monitoring the whole area here just so you know everything’s safe are you good here are you safe everything good okay oh okay Wow nice house is huge mine’s about 150 sighs what are these you do yoga nice me too I’m really stretchy too just so you know absolutely yeah uh-huh yeah for sure okay all right well listen um I’m gonna let you go so you keep doing your yoga um I actually get off work at 5:00 p.m. and if you down I would love to get some coffee with you you can show me your guy I can show you my sword the boyfriend the boyfriend lying got it what’s his name that was like three seconds you’re lying no why are you laughing oh yeah I’m making you laugh you like me no okay so so you really do have a boyfriend I respect that okay oh wow fantastic congratulations well listen um I get that you’re boyfriend but I’m sure you have guy friends rather you hang out with you D talk to your right no not even that okay I respect that well what you’re like spider-man what does that to do with me oh I’m spider-man oh of course I am yes my name is spider-man well I’ll let you go and I’ll tell you what if there’s anything I like more than beauty its loyalty so thank you you’re awesome you have a good day and I’m not well actually before I leave um when I do my my tour here in your neighborhood is it cool if I keep talking my car here because there’s literally no other place to park that’s my car yeah doesn’t matter okay it’s okay I’ll fuck somewhere else see clearly you like me it’s okay I get it I’m not for everyone to the next neighborhood whoa you scared me this this this is one of my cards yes you’ve noticed you know what oh yeah yeah yeah Lamborghini of course totally what can I do for you cuz I got to go to my next sheet for a second miss back off back off no more you’re safe I got you hey drive slow what’s his fate none plate number okay good sorry you got to make sure that everyone’s I’ve slowed here I go thank you for a spin I would love to buy your husband wouldn’t like that right but you know and you’re married right okay I mean I’m down but you don’t think you’ll feel bad later about like you know going on a date with me when you have a husband what if we do okay oh so it is it is it is potential it’s a possibility huh okay I mean if you think it’s okay I guess I guess I’m looking without you so get in the Lamborghini let’s see if you even open the door okay oh wow you actually do yeah you know what actually you know I just realized I have the most Wow had the most beautiful gift that actually yeah yeah yeah but I think would suit you really well yeah you like gifts I told you I’m a nice guy you’re clean I’m stay right here it’s gonna be a surprise stay right here arms up ready for a surprise I’d like a little cure no no not yet here thumbs up perfect stay right there all right so you say you like surprises right well I’ll tell you this this gift you’re gonna no no don’t be scared you’re gonna promote this gift for a long time and what I want you to do is put it on the wall in the other room next to your bed every morning when you wake up you’ll see this gift and remember this thing right here this gift resembles who you are as a person okay it’s a part of you now all right all right voila open your open your eyes ah what do you think also right it’s not just any shovel come on more a golden shovel that’s right there you go you’re a pretty smart girl get it I don’t think you’re a girl there was five minutes ago you thought I was spider-man and I was weird and you had a husband you see a McLaren you call a Lamborghini and now you want to go make out I never said we were gonna make out listen I’ll just take ten steps back cuz I gotta go back to work make my money because I’m gonna buy a Bugatti here’s the problem I thought you were attractive but I don’t miss it on with gold diggers so you have a nice day beautiful alright thank you okay well keeping it’s for you it’s you [Music] she wants to come in too oh my god gold diggers get that booty get that booty what’s going on that’s what I’m stuck booty hashtag peach hashtag work it isn’t a bang energy sponsored oh yeah get me verified Angie please Kelly nice to meet you Oh what are you guys doing for EIG oh you’re IG girl huh how many followers million 2 million 3 million got it well I was just walking by I’m just doing my little tour of the neighborhood to make sure everyone’s safe you guys aren’t cause they’re gonna tow it out around here right that was a question I still you guys aren’t causing any trouble around here right okay good because I’ve been getting calls about a beautiful girl being here and people are stopping this potential hazard for drivers getting into an accident you know oh this is a very serious thing sir this is like my job is this you know okay well you guys do your thing but uh I’m actually off of five o’clock so I was wondering if you want to get some coffee shoot some booty pictures together for IG I’ll trust me I’ll get you way more followers but this one right here it is hey boyfriend that’s a meet you you got a sword no I got one it’s big yeah and I got two more back here well okay so do you want to have like a guy friend and like an IG buddy or something again dude we can do hash tag hash tag like for like hash like sub4sub together like everything I mean oh well she’s loyal I’ll tell you that I guess stories that we there ya are using that car to get pictures you should in the car yeah I mean if you guys want to shoot with the car your mother welcome to I think the red and the yellow would look good here yeah go ahead you better tag me though he’ll catch here you get well Louis yeah yeah get that picture dang energy here let me try I’m actually a pretty good photographer a little not ready hmm all right got that switch blows this do it 360 okay work it work it all right oh you all right you okay I think you’re down you don’t mind if we go on a good day to you with your grill okay he doesn’t want you want to go okay oh no worries are you sure you don’t want to go into McLaren this is this is probably like three times the price of that car just so you know hey guys real quick go back here go back here clear buddy that’s what you see that camera right there we’re doing a show for YouTube oh yeah you’re on YouTube I really we’re actually doing a Golding a prank I just want to say it Congrats because you have a loyal girl and I want to make sure you take care of her all right because I’ve been doing this all day and I’ve been about 10 gold diggers so there’s a special one take care of her high five what’s your channel my TV oh man it’s a cool if I use that reaction in the video yeah of course I could build it blow your face if you want or just show your face tell you where you could I G okay oh my god alright we’ll put their IG in the description all right guys you keep it up I’m gonna go catch my gold diggers I don’t want to have that by the way [Music] [Music]


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  2. I appreciate the last girl for being loyal to her boyfriend even though he didn't have a problem with them going for a ride.πŸ‘

  3. 3:16 – If u could see the look on my face when she said that.. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ – @Acharich

  4. Girl: No I'm sorry I have a boyfriend and I don't like Spiderman
    Hooman: Wait u don't like Spiderman?
    Girl again: Well that's what u r
    Me: Face Palm

  5. I can see 13k disklikes on this video. OMG means 13k gold diggers have actually watched this videoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. bruh I swear to god I would slap that girl for thinking deadpool is spiderman , they are two WAY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Finally!!! I'm so proud of her!! Though I would have lkie her more if she was properly dress but you can't judge someone on the outside. PROUD OF YOU girl!!πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ’–

  8. woah the second one thou i thought shes gonna act like a thot but nooooo and i was like DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER

  9. THAT NOT SPIDER-MAN THAT DEADPOOL watch your marvel and DC girl you need to know the difference 😱😀😑🀬

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