what’s up guys whoo man here back with a new video today I’m with my friends Ettore and Kelly Kelly was in the last video I actually met her last week you guys loved her so we brought her on our team and today these two are gonna go out and try and find some men gold diggers are you ready oh didn’t mean to scare you sorry we thought you’re cute that’s why we came now you have a girlfriend yeah yes yeah but I love my girlfriend I would never do something like that she looks like oh yeah it’s not gonna take that long are you sure yeah we’re about to go to shoot it’s not gonna take that long honestly yeah I mean we’re gonna really Hills are they I’ll Drive yeah doing super fun so you still want to come with us I mean you don’t have to tell your girlfriend no yeah you want to come it’ll be fun you know you want to come thank you hi I saw you from across the street you’re really cute where you going but we just we were just want to talk to you really quick cuz we just came we just came from the wizard I’m Harry Potter meeting but if we’re wondering if you wanted to be a Dumbledore where are you sure you don’t want to join us sometime [Music] Oh my girlfriend my cater at home waiting so I gotta get out of here oh you have a girlfriend but I but we can that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out maybe how about our study everyone it’s not but but so you’re you sure you have to go to the gym right now watch others okay all right I’ll catch you okay got you I’m sorry what what did you say yeah it is actually time for what oh [Music] yeah wait so you have time to hang out now but you said you’re in a hurry to go to the gym so two hours 45 minutes and a couple hours huh but don’t you have a kid to go to League leader tonight oh okay so nothing bad huh so now all of a sudden you’re busy you’re not busy we’re actually headed to a shoot right now for Bing oh yeah so it’s like kind of like this where yeah I mean you can do well under one condition if you want to come to our bang shoot with us is that we have to strip yes yes you have to show us what you got and then maybe you can come along with us I’m sure you can fit in our car so yeah okay yeah I just go ahead just strip let’s see what you got see okay he does go to the gym okay look at you a little bit more keep on going yeah yeah yeah everything okay take your shoes off the price for him oh we do we do have a surprise I forgot about that hold on she’s gonna get something the whole thing yeah let’s see what she let see flex them after oh there you go okay you’re kind of cut up I see you there I think you might be able to come with us okay you have that surprised okay close your eyes though close your eyes we’ll just make a little fun out of this yeah this is what you have to do to be able to come yeah it’s gonna be a fun one it’s gonna be a fun surprise just stay right there don’t move do not move it’ll be fun so you had the whole day blocks right Joe hang out with us huh okay all right we can hang out there to stay there yeah just stay right there do not move [Music]

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