what’s up guys! Hooman here. back with another video! for this video.. ..I actually have.. ..a shovel.. ..made out of gold.. ..for the Gold Digger girl.. ..that I will find hopefully.. so let’s do it okay guys.. ..there is a girl right there with a dog.. guys see her? leave your car and just record not the one with the blue shirt …or dress the other one I’m gonna go in what a cute dog you have..Hey! Can I pet your dog? Is he friendly? Uhmm.. He doesn’t really like guys.. Yeah? He doesn’t like guys? No I was just passing by.. ..and I saw you from far away… ..and I though you looked beautiful.. you have a very good physique.. you model or anything? Uhmm.. a little bit.. okay Uhmm Are you in a hurry? Yeah actually I just got done tanning.. ..and I’m gonna meet my friends. Oh okay I mean I was just passing by.. I dont wanna hold you for too long.. .. but I was wondering if you wanted to maybe.. ..get some drinks sometime.. ..I just moved to the area.. I’m married.. ..sorry.. I saw the ring..are you married? yeah my husband is a Marine oh he’s a Marine? oh I don’t wanna mess with that..Haha Is he here in the city? no.. he is deployed.. oh he’s deployed?.. I mean do you just want to be friends.. ..and get coffee or something? he would not like that.. he wouldn’t like that? No don’t you have friends other than your husband? yeah but not other guys okay alright no worries bye little guy! *walks towards Lamborghini* do you know any good restaurants around here? I just moved here and I just bought a car today.. ..and a house like last week so. This is your car? That’s my car yeah I just bought it today You bought it today? I did. Isn’t she beautiful? Lamborghini I just bought a beach house last week.. ..and I bought this car today.. I have like no friends down here.. ..which is why I asked you but.. ..if you’re married I respect that..I get it you know.. I.. I’ve never been to a beach house before 🙂 okay I got a nice view of the ocean.. so if you’re down we’ll get some dinner.. a Champagne or something.. Yeahh.. Champagne sounds great! okay alright cool get in let’s go oh I actually have something you might like.. something I might like? lol yeah I got something.. ..that I think will suit you very well. Here just uhmm.. Hold this for a second. Be careful it’s actually gold What is this?!.. It’s a shovel it’s a gold shove why the **** would you give this to me..?! Why would you give this to me?! you don’t like shovels? I mean it’s gold.. ..and you’re a Gold Digger.. so I think a gold shovel would suit you pretty well Are you serious? You were married 10 minutes ago.. you want to hangout?.. You are a Gold Digger. Hey guys get out of here I’m gonna call the cops on you Hey guys get out She’s coming to your car..get out get out! guys go go go I’m gonna.. get out of the road..! guys get out.. go go.. ..why’re you guys not moving?.. omg I’m out of here yo.. I’m outa here.. This is ridiculous.. ..I didn’t do anything wrong.. alright what’s going on..? he’s been harassing me I didn’t.. I just.. Hey..hang on.. Uh..he asked me for my name.. ..and.. ..he asked me for my number.. ..and then he asked me if I wanted to get dinner with him.. And I left because she said no.. I’m married..I can’t.. Yeah..and I left.. so he was harassing you? YES I wasn’t harassing..I just.. HEY BACK THE **** OFF.. ..I’m not gonna tell you one more time alright..? Your last warning then I’m gonna put you in the car Uhmm The question is though.. ..why did you come back..?! Whyyyy did you come back!? I got this..alright..? because I saw his..his car and.. ..and you know he invited me to dinner.. Ahhh.. the car..okay.. so let me get this straight then.. you said no because you are married.. ..yet when you saw the car then it’s okay..? You know what I can’t arrest them for this.. ..because you know what.? Because you ARE a ****ing Gold Digger.. *laughing in shock* Uncuff me Are you serious..? I’m gonna see you guys in court You gonna sue me? Alright..good luck Hey you’re on YouTube by the way..Gold Digger! **** you There is a camera right there Dude I love this cop omg I was so scared Thank you so much man.. Alright you guys be safe. Yo.. ..that girl’s husband.. in the military serving our country.. ..and she’s out here getting in random people’s cars..? What a Gold Digger..! I need you all to share this video.. hopefully her of his friends.. ..or maybe his family.. ..see what kind of a unfaithful, unloyal wife.. ..he really has.. Lets find this Gold Digger’s husband TOGETHER! Also I need to know.. ..should I do more of these Gold Digger pranks in the future? Let me know by commenting below.. “DO MORE GOLD DIGGER PRANKS!” If you wanna see my previous Gold Digger prank where I expose this hilariously dumb Gold Digger.. right here.. To Subscribe to this channel.. Click right here To watch a video I did on my 2nd channel.. ..with a Playboy girl named Amber Click right here And to see and Subscribe to my 2nd channel.. ..and watch more videos.. Click right here Lastly I wanna thank the app Quidd.. ..for sponsoring this video.. can actually get HoomanTV stickers.. use for free in your iMessage.. The app has a ton of awesome Emojis.. ..stickers, cards, and digital collectibles.. ..from your favorite shows such as Family Guy.. ..Breaking Bad, Bob’s Burgers, and more Just like PokemonGo you have to.. ..first collect the stickers in the game.. ..before you can own and use them in your iMessage.. So it’s actually pretty fun.. You can download this awesome app.. clicking the link below check them out and I’ll see you on the next video good job little boy! Say byee! Byeee guys!! SUBSCRIBE!! *laughs*


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  2. bro, d'you have a new gold digger episode, 2019.. .hahahaha.. .can you take them to eat and let them pay for the expensive orders that you have eaten.. .hahahaha.. .

  3. In all the pranks that you tried to do haven't you find a girl that like reject you even after seeing your car? They've got to be some that reject you even after seeing your cars.

    GIRL: WHY!?

  5. I feel like this is fake especially because of the cop and the foul language he used because they try to be professional.

  6. The officer ought not to have used that kind of language. That being said hid assessment was entirely accurate. Girl is evil. Hooman is a interesting chap.

  7. I bit a big salute to you hooman for exposing those gold diggers💯💯💯

    We boys being trapped in their theories… Bla bla bla …xoxoxoxoxox😵😵😵😵😵😵

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