Today, I’m catching gold diggers. We’re teaming up with man and comedian [Pax] project to help a DJ test his girl Money that’s what Sergio also loses his cool. Why am I the only one [on] my [top] [consent] right now? Where the fuck is my model, and do we got yet another crazy? Confrontation I Hope you guys have your talkies cuz you guys already know this shit’s gonna be good in this series I place an emoJI on all of our targets where they end up being a gold digger or not in order to Be respectful prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. Oh yeah, I also don’t want to get sued What is up you guys so I am chilling here with the homie junior? What’s up Junior? How you gonna before we start guys we just want to say happy holidays to you guys It’s not thanksgiving yet, but it probably will feed by the time out from this video So happy late thanksgiving, but happy early merry Christmas um I just got my Christmas sweater [newsom] HmM, so anyways junior. We are here because you want to put your girlfriend’s right to the Gold digger test You want to see if she’s digging or not? So why give us a little bit of background? Why why do you want to? Why is it that you want to see if she’s a gold digger because ever since I’ve been investing my money instead of my music Productions okay, [I] haven’t been taking about offensive dates or like spending on her [Junior] [I] am so sorry I did not mean to cut you off, but I just couldn’t hold this in any longer, Sergio What the fuck is going on with your hair right there man, it looks like moses Just parted the red sea on that area, but it’s alright. I know you just [woke] up I know you [new] just showed up at your house unexpectedly, but yeah, you know what you got an excuse. It’s fine [just] don’t let that happen again, please especially not on camera But anyways guys meet the hope wait wait hold on let me find a cuter picture, okay? Ah no, not that one. Let me find a cuter picture of him all right Yeah, let’s use this [one] even though. It makes my hairline look even worse meet the homie Jr. He’s a twenty year old DJ. Sauce producer. Who has a part-time job to support his dreams and love for music He’s recently decided to invest more and more of his income to pursue his goals at a much faster rate he believes however that because of this his girlfriend is becoming more and more distant from him and he’s come to the Conclusion that she really is a gold digger. Oh yeah he also works out So Dj. Dj. Jr.. Is that your name? Can we hear something can we hear a little something little [1015] seconds come on man? I want to know why your girl is acting distant when you’re Gonna be a Man like does she know how much Moola DJ’s made? Because of that mean I said to me she’s just like not patient you know cuz as right now when you start obviously you’re not Gonna be making Yeah, but you’re as long as you chase your dreams dude as a DJ. PJ’s make a lot of friggin money ha ha ha Let’s hear something man. I will clear this we’re gonna hear something, right DJ That was good, man. That was really really good. I liked it How long did it take you to make something like that for just a drop-light? I would say a full day probably Dude, this would take me like 10 years to make and would take me like a super super I don’t even think I [could] make this ugly right now to operate this but all right guys So if you guys have seen my videos before you guys know exactly how this works queueing You’re not gonna find a day where your [girlfriend] is free and hang out with her okay on that [date] You’re gonna leave her alone for a second then imma come in and I’m gonna use money as a means to test her fidelity Okay, and whether she gives me her number, and she doesn’t give me her number. Well that’s completely up to her We’re just gonna see that this girl is digging or not So [junior] is actually a pretty talented DJ and as you guys know by now. He’s dedicated most of his time into the music That’s why I figured it’d be best if we revolve the setting of this video Around something with music welcome to man and Kam Media it is a media company that produces video photo and graphics They are currently undergoing major construction and building an infinity wall, but they are still open for business and willing to help us out Okay, [guys], so the homie junior. Just got here with Jordan there And right now so here’s how we decided to make this work Junior will be coming to Mannin cam while accompanied with his girlfriend for a job interview to be a DJ in an upcoming Music video of course this is all a big setup in order to get his girlfriend Jordan where we want her which is in this [lobby] here We’ll have one hidden camera in the Lobby hiding under a sweater either on the couch on top of the couch in the sriracha Bottle or something and the rest of the cameras we don’t really got to worry about hiding those because we’ll be using this set here as our main source of bait Hey, how can I help you? I received an email for an interview okay? Uh what was your name, Aj, okay? Just give me one second okay [is] it Jr.. Arias okay? Cool you can just come back here with me for the interview? And then you’re welcome to sit here and just wait, it’ll just be like a couple minutes. Okay, cool Yeah, [um] did you want water or anything? Oh? I’m okay? Okay? Oh, just follow me So now that we got Jordan by herself all we need is a control Location where Junior can listen in on what’s about to happen and this room works perfect? But not only will jr.. Be listening. He will also be getting a live feed from this camera has the events unfold okay? Thank you Boom alright guys everything is set everything is ready. We are ready to go I am about to make my entrance poof all right got to get into character now. I gotta get into character now Just wait for me right here Hi, Sir, Jeff. What’s [your] name Jordan Sesame g welcome to manning him? Hi guys, let’s go. Let’s get this let’s get the zones got this done. I don’t have much time let’s go You’re fucking kidding me you are fucking kidding What am I doing what standing on this stage right now? Why am I the only one [on] my fucking set right now? Where’s my model? Where the fuck is my model? You can have prostitutes over at your fucking house ready to play with your little two inch bubble on often time But you cannot have my model when I want her here what the fuck am I paying you for? And who left the spot Lydia on my set the table Donald trump on my set get this fucking idiot out of here? I’m sorry. I am so [fuckin] sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m [so] sorry how much of that did you hear? So sorry about that [amina] There you go. Are you model? Do you have any experience modeling acting anything about? Are you? Look you look very very beautiful and frankly one [of] my idiots will be here didn’t schedule my modeling or didn’t get any no [timer] [I] don’t know what the fuck happened, but what the fuck do I paying for but now I’m [shorter] model, and I could really use a model like you you look very very beautiful And if you just don’t mind just standing here We’re just gonna take a couple of shots record a couple of video and that that’s basically it Would you would you mind I can I [can] shoot you some cash of anything like [Fs] I’m not that’s ok you look like a model like like beauty speaks for itself you got me you you you [look] beautiful Trust me. You look beautiful. You look fine I’m so sorry. I’m not a monster. [I’m] not scary at all. I don’t buy I just I’m just I’m just totally not dressed apart right now. You look the part you look the part like perfectly You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re [Gonna] you’re Gonna be fine. You’re Gonna be fine Yes, I know. It’s good. I need you know I need it. I need you here. Let me see your stuff Just please just please you have anything else on you. Any wallets anything nothing. You’re good, okay? Just set up right here, sort of I’m just right here. You’re here Actually, did it. You’re just gonna be sort of just modeling these bags right here These are very very luxurious spiffy bags over here okay, so who she was gonna start off just by modeling this one And then we’ll just sort of take a picture that one’s recording video because this is for the campaign, but as well but we got pictures also right over here, so Well, just just like just like just the come on. You look like the model. Just do what comes naturally [to] you come on You’re a model your model. Come on. Just just like just like just like side pose. Just like both suppose Oh suppose, go [alright], let me just get some of you Just just just if you you got this you got this you got this come on post pose Oh, yes, work, it girl. Work it switch. That’s what’s a position. I’ve got working working working Are we good are we good is that it? Maybe maybe just one more one more right row off my cash cuz just one more cuz this campaigns Gonna Make me a lot of cash [oh] Here now you sniff the cash there go The beauty in the air, okay feel the money being made [alright]. I think we’re good. That’s it right. We’re good You were great you were great. Thank you so much you were fine you You’re if I know this was like, this this was like Super random [great] you’re great. Thank you. Yes, you’re fun. Yeah, and you’re fine. You’re fine nearby [lou] you seriously just made my day right. [hey] yeah, I was I was ready to fire these guys but Thank you. I really they’re gonna come and So is this like your line? [yeah]? This is actually for a campaign because I’m sort of doing like a global worldwide tour in a sense We’re laughs we’re launching internationally in so many countries, so we’re travelling like Australia, Africa, Asia South America Canada uh you’re uh Did I name all the continents? I think so yeah, we’re going we’re going global yeah. Yeah, why don’t you come with me? What is why don’t you come with me online? Okay? That was in hesitate? I’m bold why don’t you why don’t you just come with me? We can have some beautiful beautiful dates in brazil somewhere in Africa somewhere in Australia [in] France in Italy like Yeah perfect. Yeah, I’ve never been to your mother country then [motherland]. No no seriously Let’s go. Let’s go. Are you are you are you down? Then are you if that’s okay with you [ah]? I’m being a hundred percent serious. I want to know if you’d be a hundred percent down then Switching am I not right okay? Cool he just took in one time to [asking] sherry to said yes You know what I’m picturing for us right now. I’m picturing for us a dinner at the top of that Eiffel tower Don’t worry guys that is not your phone dying that is my camera dying. That’s right my main lobby Camera decides to die during the most important part of this video, but luckily there is no video But there is audio because I record both on separate devices so what you’re here next is the rest of mine and Jordans Conversation only that the only thing you’ll be seeing is juniors reaction to it I promise you guys, I will never let donald trump on my set again in order for him to Sabotage another video Oh, man, I feel like it because I was screaming over here super freaking loud And I don’t even realize [it] was an interview going on in the back cuz I are you ready for yes Yeah, what is is he who is he like your cousin your your brother? [oh], he’s your friends Yeah, okay cool cool, but he’s into like music and stuff. I got like he’s getting an interview for like music videos nice Oh, right, that’s cool. [that’sthat’s] cool, [right]? It sounds bad, but it’s complicated like he just he completely dedicates this time Okay, and you don’t like that I mean, it’s it’s great like he’s doing this thing and you know I support [that] you know he’s so passionate about it But the fact that he’s so constantly involved with music Okay, tell me the truth. Is that your boyfriend. [hey] Yeah, I mean, but since the news of things kind of go downhill, okay? But look are we still on for our day because I honestly if you’re trying to work things out with him I don’t want to butt in I don’t want to be. I’m not someone to do that stuff. So yeah, okay, cool Okay, I promise [you]. I’m gonna pay you 110 120 [%] okay, okay, okay? Very good great hungry, dude. I’ll talk to you soon season I Was crazy that was crazy. We gotta go we got to go out the back though gotta. Go inside the back here follow me Jamaica good Was that said better [room]? [looks] [good]. Oh hi guys so we’re in the back of man in Camp Media right now We just we’re about to go back inside meet up junior meet up leslie And see what your new thinks of all this so come on hurry damn, oh Two things two [things] two things one she’s sensors about this into she says that [I] [keep] no fucking attention to you. Is that you know what the fuck? [she’s] saying I never fucking money. That’s why so what do you want to do you want to [go] [brenner]? [I]? Don’t put my emotions are everywhere. I’m like you don’t want to go right now Not like this, okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s fine. That’s no that’s fine. Dude iie I completely understand dude It’s let’s just give it like ten minutes We’ll see how you feel if you even want to go home dude and try to work things out with her man at least you Know at least now. You know how she is who she is you know whatever you decided you dude I’m not gonna Force you to do anything over okay? So whatever you want to do All right You guys know I would never do this if I really did have more to show you guys But the truth is I don’t [Jr] Did say he wanted to confront Jordan, but he felt too emotionally unstable that night to do it. He did say though He’d call me when he was ready and as soon as he does. I’ll have that video up for you guys Asap Now I just want to give a big old thinking [to] man in cam media because without them this would have never been possible So for all your media needs be sure to contact them and don’t forget to tell them you d sent you for a special discount?


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