Wow what’s up guys whoo man here back with a brand new prank for this video I’m going to go out and try and catch me a brand new gold digger first I’m going to approach beautiful girls acting like a homeless man who’s collecting water bottles for some extra cash will they give me their phone number if yes good if not I’ll be back with my golden shovel and my Ferrari limousine to see if they’ll give me their number will I catch the gold digger today I don’t know let’s find out let’s go get this go get this go let me get that food yeah oh sorry yeah just step down okay sorry it seemed heavy I want to help you out a little dirty well I’m not dirty I’m just collecting water bottles what hands it clean but it’s okay though no worries I was just passing by I thought you’re beautiful but are you in a rush or something are you busy the hospital why are you okay okay is he okay I’m just thinking nice yeah well I’m just anyway I was just walking by and you’ve seen beautiful someone to talk to you and see how your dad’s going do you think by any chance we could get some coffee sometimes friends who seem cool do you have to tell them okay I will I have to ask I got a go of it okay how is you have a good day all right well let’s come back with the limo 50 Berea hurry up forget her yeah go go go go [Music] let’s go [Music] alright here we are sir Thank You torrei [Music] are you doing my name is who man what’s your name yeah Tara it’s really that I can’t hear you over the engine sound yeah I was just driving by with my car and I saw you and I thought you’ll beautiful so I want to say hi yeah I just want my car’s I have a few more huh what do you what are you doing right now [Music] Hospital yeah are you guys like close or what I know you’re married what are you guys like clothes I’m only in LA for like the next like 12 hours if you want maybe we could get some dinner right now we’ll go to my beach house watch a movie I’m a huge TV and oka cuddle and stuff and just see where things go [Music] I have a Lamborghini of a Ferrari I have a Bugatti actually the spot I have them here in my house yeah want to see them leave that here it’s okay you’re good get your keys actually you know what give me a sec Tori getting at the gift I’ve had a wonderful gift that’s actually a perfect fit for you just when they’re beautiful like you Thank You Tori here you go that’s a golden shovel well two minutes ago I was here as a homeless guy remember me I’ll get exactly two three minutes ago you want to look at dinner with me I don’t think so you’re a gold-digger so go get go and dig for some gold let’s go crazy [Music] I can’t believe I caught yet another unloyal gold digger who’s married to a firefighter who’s in the hospital right now poor guy help me expose this gold digger by sharing this video should I do more of these gold digger pranks and catch more of these unloyal girls comment below do more gold digger pranks and also share this video with your friends on your social media and I’ll do more of these videos and also I just started doing daily vlogs this is my Scott we all just moved to LA to chase our dreams of becoming actors click the link on the screen to come to our vlog channel and subscribe we post daily videos of our life our adventures we even prank each other daily who will see you guys there bye


  1. 😈 Should I do more Gold Digger pranks and EXPOSE more of these UNLOYAL, UNFAITHFUL girls? 💰🤑💰 If YES:
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  2. Who in the world ask a person whether they're married and still encourages them to cheat on their partner when they said yes?
    Like whut?

  3. I think you need more then 5 min to change clothes and go back to her and she was still there….. waiting for you. Fake. How much did u pay her for this video? Anyway we didnt see her face…..

  4. Show them a Lamborghini key, they will think you have a huraca, Aventador, or a centenario, but instead, you have a diablo

  5. I felt bad to his Firefighter husband, i want to become firefighter someday, hoping my wife will not cheating on me 😌


  7. I wouldn’t care if they are poor or not I would have accepted the homeless man
    Like if you go for rich guy dislike if you go for homeless guy

    👇🏼 👇🏼

  8. am I the only one who cringes everytime he hands the girl a shovel and calls her a GOLD DIGGER? that's not 2 smart guys,why don't u get some gold plastics shovels or gold foam shovels atleast this way if u get a physcho chick who decides to fuck your car up she cant do that much damage with foam or plastic.its not if its going to happen its a matter of when,the broads I know woulda slammed u upside your head with the shovel then she woulda smashed your windows,headlights,tail lights and everything in between,like I said before that's not a good idea with metal and wood shovels

  9. man you could at least have clean clothes, not really fair to look that bad and expect people not to feel very uncomfortable when you approach

  10. ok i just want to say that i dont think that a girl want a homeless guy who look dirty and when a man looks fine will you dont chatch him

  11. hooman:im gonna go out and catch me a brand new gold digger
    me in my mind:*ques the pokemon theme song music* GoTtA CaTcH Em AlL

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