yeah as a girl walking this way with a backpack I want to talk to her hey what’s up do you know if the nearest Starbucks here is in that mall or is it this way I don’t know you don’t know okay you don’t have an area yeah I just move down the street and I’m like not sure where everything is yeah so I’m like walking around making some friends what’s your name what’s your name what’s my name yeah just reverse the question I mean my name is who man yours I just think my boyfriend probably wouldn’t let me give him my name of a stranger so we can’t be friends cuz you have a boyfriend that’s that’s what you’re telling me right now all right cool well I guess I guess there’s a good day yeah I’m going home I mean you’re not really yeah I mean I have a car so what I mean you know how to lead on the car thank you it’s okay I know it’s I was gonna leave because I mean you have a boyfriend don’t want to talk to me so it’s fine oh you have an hour now get it or actually you know what I have a gift for you I’m glad we’re finally your friends so I want to give you this gift just just stay right there close your eyes close your eyes are they close all right can’t have your hands out so now you won’t be friends right because I have a Ferrari you like you like Ferraris yeah and you give get gotcha yeah I give gifts there you go that’s your gift just keep it clean keep it nice and don’t ever forget about me all right that’s a golden show that’s a golden shovel cuz you’re a freakin gold digger whoa whoa whoa back off have a camera okay don’t touch me cuz the other camera right there that’s what rice what are you talking about yeah cuz you’re a freakin girl yo this girl is crazy I will cross the park tops hey what’s up what up I was watching you work out down there you’re like super fit what’s your name who mans nice to meet you do you want to get some coffee sometime be friends doesn’t care if you have other guy friends that wouldn’t be good now is he just a boyfriend or are you guys like serious you were getting because it is it a ring key bought you yeah all right do you know a good like coffee shop around here though [Music] what’s up serious who’s out serious what you and your I mean you’re not that serious you just told me you’re getting married I don’t love it that much so wait hold up you guys were getting married two minutes ago now you don’t love them that much just close your eyes you like gifts cool guys you ready yeah how would you take great care of this gift it’s very special to me all right open your eyes there you go please it’s a golden shovel what do you think it is so I want you to go right there in that corner and think for some gold cuz you’re a freakin gold digger really yeah really two minutes you had a freaking boyfriend and you want to get married with them and now all the sudden you want to be friends with benefits because I’m a Ferrari I’m not stupid it’s exactly what I do want to back off a little bit and I hope your husband knows that you’re a gold digger and it’s not okay the cheat on your husband because I’m as a Ferrari well I’m gonna bang up your car with this golden shell no you’re not cuz you uh you see that camera right there if you damage my car over me I’m gonna call the cops on you’re actually on a youtube show so yeah after the camera you’re in public property baby I’m dead serious no you’re not yo hey don’t do the footage yo what the fuck y’all don’t go in the footage I can’t even believe how much of a gold digger that girl was share this video right now so hopefully her husband who’s in the Army right now fighting for our country sees this video and realizes what kind of a gold nigger he’s married to you if you think I should do more gold digger pranks and catch and expose more of these gold diggers give this video a thumbs up and comment below do more gold digger pranks I’ll see you on the next video


  1. 🔴 Help me find her husband! ✊ SHARE this video! Let's EXPOSE this cheating GOLD DIGGER!! 😠 😤
    Comment "DONE" once you've shared and I'll reply to your comment! 👏 🤝

  2. The fact that anyone believes these videos disturbs me. No one walks around their neighborhood in pretty much a bathing suit. It paints women in such a bad light. Anyone every wonder why every girl is a gold digger on this channel? Every single time the girl is always a gold digger! I can’t believe these videos exist! In some of his videos you can see mikes on these “gold diggers”. Please anyone down in the comments don't believe this crap.

  3. Hi Hooman , i have a pretty cool suggestion for you if you like, Stop exposing GOLD DIGGERS, Just teach them a lesson towards the right path. Many Thanks Luv U :>


  5. This guy is ugly as hell ,his style is shitty and he doesn’t talk very attractive so what does he expect from a hot girl with a high maintenance !!! Money is success and success makes any gender attractive … you go to a hot girl and expect just to go out with you like wtf ?!! Why doesn’t he try an average looking woman ?! Like dude Look at yourself in the mirror 🤢 this video is so disrespectful and nonsense

  6. داش هومن فکرشو نمیکردم که تو ایرانی باشه….مرد حسابی حیف نیست بیل میدی دست این دختر خوشکلا…بردار ببر یه جوری بکن این کس و کون ها رو که دیگه دنبال ماشین مدل بالا نباشن….

  7. how many times have those gold-diggin' chicks hit a beautiful car (or worse) with the weapon that she has just been handed? .. just a thought, I'd go for a rubber gold shovel in future guys .. fake? .. pussibly

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