What’s up! -Hey -Random question:
where did you buy those drinks? -McDonald’s. It’s like 3 minutes away. -Three minutes walk..? or drive? 
-Drive! -Well, if I take this bad boy, 
it’ll be probably like ten seconds. I just came to Miami like a couple hours
ago and I have no friends here. I know you’re probably busy now, but do you want to exchange numbers
and hang out later maybe? -I don’t think my fiance would like that.
That’s where I’m going right now. -You got 2 drinks, 1 for him?
-Yes. -Okay, well, I didn’t mean to,
like, sound sexual. -Oh, no. You’re fine. -I was just looking for,
like, cool friends. You could even bring friends
if you want to hang out later. -Okay, well.. He probably wouldn’t like that.
But, I hope you find other friends. -Okay, no worries. -Have a good trip.
-You too. Or, thank you. Alright. Let’s get out of here. Let’s see if she hears the car.
I’m gonna go really loud. Is she looking? -Hey! -She said hey! -Hey, wait! 
-What up? -Is this your car?! 
-Yeah, why? -I like it.
-Thank you? -It’s really nice and looks expensive. -It is pretty expensive. 
Don’t you have to go to your husband? -Yeah, I’ll bring it to him
in a little bit. -Okay.
-He’ll be okay. I just wanted to talk to you more. -Okay, well, I was gonna
go because, I mean, it’s getting really dark and I want to meet
people and kind of do something tonight. So, I will let you… -I mean maybe we could do something
for a little… Go for a ride or something. -I mean, I’m down. I just don’t want
to get you in trouble with your husband because I know you’re getting 
married to him and stuff. -Yeah, I mean he’ll be okay. You know, I can, like, tell him
I had to go home or something. -You wanna tell him you had to go home?!
-Yeah! -You don’t think we’ll get mad though?
-No. I don’t like his parents and he’s, like, 
really bad in bed. He drives a Prius. -Whoa. Whoa. What do you mean he is
bad in bed? What does that mean? -He just doesn’t please me in any way. -Like, he’s not good at sex?
Is that what you’re saying? -Nope! -So, are you sure that you don’t think it’s wrong for you to
leave your husband behind at the beach? I mean, do you want to give
him the water first? -No, he’ll be fine. -He’ll be fine? -Yeah. -I mean if you… Alright, let’s go. -Alright. -You know what actually?
Before we go, super random, can I get a picture of you by the car? -Sure, I guess. -You look good. And you are wearing yellow
and it’s like a perfect match so… -Yeah, we match. -Just go in the front. Let’s get a quick picture and
we’ll go get some food. Alright, ready? -Ready. -Let me see a pose! 
You’re an Instagram model! There, oh there you go!
That’s one. One more. Boom, got it! One more good one!
Aaand… BOOM! Alright, let me just send these… -Who’re you sending them to? 
-Alright, let’s go. Um.. you want the honest answer? -Yeah -So, my friends in LA asked me to send
him a picture of a Miami gold digger, so I think you are the…
-Excuse me? -…just the perfect fit. I said my friends in LA want to see what
a gold digger in Miami looks like. -I am not a gold digger. -Oh, you’re not a gold digger?
-No, I’m not. -I was on a moped like three minutes ago
and I said you were beautiful, I want to hang out with you, “I know you’re probably busy now,
but you want to exchange numbers and hang out later maybe?” -“I don’t think my fiance would like that.” -“Have a good trip.”
-“You, too.” -Maybe I changed my mind. -You changed your mind about 
marrying your husband in two minutes? -Maybe I wanted to just talk to you. -Or was it when you saw
a giant, yellow Ferrari? -You know what? You’re an a******.
F*** your inexpensive cheap a** car. -Inexpensive?! -And you’re…
You’re just like a f****** loser. -I’m a loser? -A loser! -Actually… -You’re a loser. -I’m not a loser.
You know why? Cuz I’m a Savage! -What the f*** is wrong with you?
-Here. Keep this for your memories. -No. Who even, like, says that? 
-Say hi to your husband. -No. F*** your car.
It’s ugly anyways. -Ugly? It’s a Ferrari. You just said
you liked it two minutes ago. -You know what?
-What? -F*** you.
-Are you kidding me? -Yeah. F*** you. 
-This girl’s a psycho, bro. Guys, leave. She’s psycho.
She’s yelling. This guy’s yelling at me, too. Let’s go. Yo, let’s go. [Music]


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  2. @HoomanTV, more Gold Digger Pranks pleaaaase!!!!. More men need to get red-pilled so that they don't get taken advantage by these crazy ass bitches.

  3. What makes girls become gold diggers is it because they want a rich lifestyle or do they just want a rich man so that they get spoilt like all gold diggers are cheaters

  4. Bro WTF I can predict the future in the future he will upload another video the car will match the clothes she will say is that your farari and he will say no a laborgini boooooooooooommmmmm

  5. I just want to know, have there been people who have not been gold diggers? Can you actually show people being dedicated to their partner?

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