hey excuse me hey um do you live around here I’m so sorry to bother you okay I just moved here a couple of days ago and I have like no idea where I am yeah I just parked my car right here do you know a good restaurant around here to get some yeah Plunkett hit me the next restaurant around here to get something like quick lunch I’m like moving my stuff in and out of the house I mean what are you looking for like what what kind of food do you like oh you know something nice Italian and some wines and pasta I mean what do you like you seem pretty fit I’m sure you can eat good food while like staying fit what’s something what’s something good I mean actually yes yeah I think it’s how you a food is probably like maybe do you like drinks I love drinks yet so you do live around here yourself yeah I do all right yeah right now it’s just going for a little job today a quick jog in Nice well what are you doing after the drug really because I was an asset for a restaurant recommendation but if you if you’re free let’s uh go get some quick food that way if the food sucks I’ll just blame you on on the spa you know I’m a savage I make like last-minute plans I’ll just make friends with people like random people and it’ll have a great time so if you’re free let’s go for a good time hanging out I’ll get some dinner and then go back to my place watch a movie or something you don’t know I’m a friendly guy I got a cool car yeah I just I just I mean I’m like 20% creep I don’t like the fun the font interesting for you no I mean it’s like 1% chance but most likely not yeah if you’re kidnapped we’ll be in a nice car slow you down yeah you like it thanks Posie to me in by the way whoo man we have to meet you let’s get it let’s go oh no not that one I meant this one I was just sitting on that car cause those closest to the street y’all open the door for you sorry you know what’s up let’s go it’s got a convertible Center who comes off like you hit me feel the wind and stuff actually I totally forgot that like I left something boiling up in my house all you did I mean I could just drop you off in the car you could just sort of turn the stove off wait how are you kind of in a relationship situation shoes oh sorry but you look so nice and I’m pretty sure you could buy like sorry watch it okay that actually is my cock in fact I was just joking this is a rental that is really my car I wasn’t gonna take you on a deal and this yeah I know you like the nice car yeah okay then let’s go or you know what actually here take this out I have a really special gift for you I totally forgot about it if you just wait here for five minutes I’ll go get it really quick okay just hang out here I’m gonna get you a gift I know I just met you you’re like super like surprised and shocked but I got a gift for you it’ll it’ll fit you really well hey just hang out here sit on the car over here and I’ll be back okay five minutes [Music] [Applause] [Music] hello sorry that took a little bit longer than I thought but here we are so here’s this here’s this just for some safety here where this real quick yeah hurry just wear this where that’s where this was why just trust me why it’s fun and this will fit you like perfect this is really made for you so once once you put it on you’ll understand what I mean like you know it looks really cute yeah the the neon yellow makes it makes me pop even more all right where’d these for safety so you don’t get hurt we don’t want those pretty hands getting hurt there you go put this on to put on this safety helmet boom it’s all gold – everything’s gold looks good just come over here grab this and just dig right there grab it just grab it and then just dig right there and go dig dig cuz I mean you know you’re a gold digger and there’s gold in there for you so just dig for some gold yeah this is that cure right there you’re on a camera show we’re exposing gold diggers you saw you saw a nice car and there you wanna hang out you saw it Oh Thea now you’re engaged so you you’re in a relationship your boyfriend’s your boyfriend’s probably watching this right now don’t hit me with that cuz if you I’m expensive you hit me my lawyers gonna call you I do one of it Hey oh my god y’all can continue sister are you kidding me mom I’m calling the cops yo guys oh my god I’m calling cops okay okay calm down okay calm down are you guys understand they’re watch are you gonna come help me yo what what just happened did you get her face do I call the cops or what Brahms shaking I don’t know today I’ve never had this happen before I filmed like 9 gold-digger pranks oh my god this is crazy alright guys hope you enjoyed watching this prank I’ve exposed so many other gold diggers in the past if you want to see those videos click right over here to watch them subscribe to my channel for future gold digger pranks but more importantly share this video so we can find her husband or boyfriend she said she was in a situation shit is that a relationship or marriage I don’t know but we gotta find her man anyway I’ll see you guys the next video I gotta go pay billion dollars to fix that I’m sorry baby you’re fine you’re good good


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  2. for what u blur that shit face? expose that gold dickGER face pls comeon. why still shwing mercy for that whore?

  3. Fake. Acting is terrible and notice how she’s not smashing the lambo or the McLaren. Windshield is a cheap sacrifice to try and convince dumb people that his interactions are random. And the Oscar goes to……….Hooman

  4. report a vanisa or whatever to the policee… she has pink nike shoes. a blue jogging shirt and black nike booty shorts then show the police this video

  5. I'm gonna admit it the way he told her was kinda a douche bag move but after what she did I swear I wouldn't be afraid to drop her full name/address/face

  6. Oh wow it’s only a mustang maybe she just wasn’t into fiat’s she probably thought it was grandma cool lol 😂 but damn dude your car that sucks crazy chic

  7. Good indication he should stop..
    if you look for gold diggers, you’ll find gold diggers. Fucking idiotic, I’d like to see how guys feel about women taunting them and then accusing them of sexual assault.. for FUN. This is gross

  8. She should have burnt down ur car…. this is not the way to treat others or exposed others. If you are in the girl's position, you would do the same…

  9. Btw My sis not like these girls my sis is not a gold digger whenever she see big cars or rich guy really my sis is good man I'm crying man cz these girls want only money and luxury cars but my sis everytime says I want only love if the guy if beggar than its fine btw love u Hooman Bro but the prank gone too wild bro pray for your car 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Hooman YOU are too weak or too gentleman ,hold her or go after that bitch. Fear women some are dangerous. I'm just a passerby.

  11. This is fake cuz she wouldnt damage only the viewshield and also the way hooman reacted is just cringe he would stop her from doing that

  12. if you will do 15th video of catching golddiggers use taser bcs these "girls" will do more than you expect

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