There is a car coming guys be careful. that was close I just moved to this house yesterday and I have no food at home and my phone is dead And I’m just trying to find a place to eat get some food around here Do you know any good restaurants nearby for a quick food like a burrito or something? There’s like McDonald’s down the street There’s a what? McDonald’s? There’s no way you eat McDonald’s and have that body. Okay, I’ll figure it out just walk around but I just moved here So I have no friends. Would you want to like be friends get some coffee sometimes Hey this is my girlfriend Is she your girlfriend? okay. I’m with her for two years. No problem. Very good. Have a nice day Oh crap You’re good, it’s okay. It’s okay. I got it What do you do for all these money I was gonna go buy a second car after I had some food So bad, this is not good. What was your name again? I never give him my name because you said you were in a relationship and I have to respect that so I can just show you couple of restaurants no too far I know you don’t have friends, okay. I mean, I’m cool with that I don’t want to cause you guys any problems cuz I know if you’re in a relationship I get it I was I was flirting but it’s like No problems. That’s fine. Like I’ll explain what’s going on, right? Okay,Is he the father of your child No, no. No, that’s for my previous relationship. Okay. I actually tried to break up with him like last week, right? You know, he like loves my son. I could tell he’s taken care of him It’s a nice car by the way yeah, this is a Ferrari, you know what a Ferrari is? Yeah, that’s a Ferrari, but I was actually going to buy a Lamborghini with all that cash after I got some food Look, I don’t want to cause you guys problems if you have to go I get it No you good, I’m gonna explain to him it’s just a quick lunch Okay, but it’s cool if you can’t okay. Okay cool. Yeah, let me know grab some food and Help you pick a car. I’m gonna color picking. Okay, cool. Sounds good with me come down. Just let me know if he’s cool with it I’m with you you’re here with your son, I’m not about to just sit here like Oh if you really wanna do it I’ll watch your kid because obviously one hour!!! I’ll be back in an hour. guys.. I don’t want to interrupt but look I wasn’t trying to cause problems with you guys If he’s not cool with it, I’m just trying to like you know show you a restaurants and like No, but here’s the thing tho I don’t want to like if you’re single I’ll go with you but if you’re in a relationship I can’t really.. Why are you giving me issues all the fucking time. We’ve been pretty much done. You’re already know it. I’m like ready to take a break Sorry, bro. I’ll take your kid to your mom’s I’m just gonna show him a restaurants I don’t know why are you so mad. He doesn’t have any friends Well, hold on hey bro, come back here you’re actually about to leave your child with your boyfriend and Just go with me. Just because I have some cash and a Ferrari? that’s your kid and your boyfriend! Is this some kind of joke? I mean, it’s not a joke for me. Is it funny for you? No it’s not. Have you seen this before? Is this the first time happened before with a band of a stranger? kind of the first time in front of me I mean, I’ve heard of things behind my back. I’m just so surprised about how easy this was You just.. you just wanted me to go with you on a lunch I mean I still do but I just can’t believe how easily you drop your boyfriend and your kid to go with a guy with A Ferrari five minutes ago you told me you have a man and that’s you a kid And now you just want to leave everything to go with me with a car? Are you still trying to be with her? Oh hell no. Are you sure? I’m glad this happened. Did you know she was a gold digger? No. Are you serious right now? Well, let’s do this. I still want a friend around here So if you are done with her, why don’t you get in the car? Let’s go get some food and find you a real girl. How about that? you wanna do that? let’s go bro! What’s your name again? My name is Hooman. Now you know my name sorry, I mean Wait a minute.. Babe what’s going on? I just wanted to show him around! Byee I feel bad for the kid dealing with this Are you kidding me right now? Hey get off! This is his.. get outta here. yeah don’t scratch my door, please. Yes, you can’t afford this! You guys are out of f*cking mind. Peace! Wow, sorry to see that bro, she’s a gold digger Shirley says she solo but she don’t want to be alone What’s up, guys? 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Peace out Hey, wake up. You gotta help me edit Wake up kitty Wake up kitty


  1. You should have waited untill he went to his girlfriends moms house 2 drop of the baby and so he could explain y bc when yall left her she probably gon tell her mom that he left her for something else.

  2. She just pulled the fastest monkey branching move in all history this should go down in the Guinness Book of World Record LMAO. And all made possible by Hooman

  3. He deserved better can a woman who has kid and lovely bf like him can leave them for a new man she never met before just cause of the car and that damn cash..God.

  4. No afense but that kid was little and dident know what was going on.
    Now he will be like me without dad.
    But good job sub like

  5. Hooman, its not cool to leave a woman with a baby
    I know that the woman is Just Wrong
    But come on dont you feel bed for the baby

    And ik this is fake but like comeon

  6. As authentic as any episode of The Bachelor, everyone is mic’ed up and it’s way too good audio quality for it to be “candid”. Everyone is wearing booty shorts.

    It takes a real kind of asshole to hit on a girl in front of her boyfriend, and all the dialogue is repeated over and over. It’s fine that it’s fake, but these guys should be honest about it.

  7. If You're taken, why tf would you were shorts with your ass sagging out?? Have self respect. Just bc its hot outside, it means your ass has to hang out? They are basically under where/boxers. Wear that inside your home. Unless you want old men to mistaken you as a hooker or a sugar baby

  8. why did u do this with a baby I’m so so sad for the poor baby 🙁 I’m un subscribing!!!

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