Gold Digger Prank with Ferrari Italia 458 | First Time In India 2016 | Pranks In India

Gold Digger Prank with Ferrari Italia 458 | First Time In India 2016 | Pranks In India

Hey Guys !Welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to do a Gold Digger Prank with Ferrari Italia 458. Lets do This!


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  2. Can u guys stop making these kinds of videos cause it's obvious that everyone becomes a f*#@ing gold digger when the opportunity arises be it a man or a woman…. Make videos to create change and not put someone in bad light just to get views…. 😒😒😒

  3. Bhosdike insult krta hai ladkiyo ki.. Moot gold digger.. Saale sabko beithna hai ferrari mei.. Common thing hai ye to

  4. Bhai ye India h OK jb tere ko prank krna hi tha to tere ko angrej chle jana chahiye India me q prank kiya yr tune English bol krke dimag khrab krdiya

  5. Ekkk to sound prft nhi hai upper se…bckgrnd music base se jyada hai… on it yrrr kuch paata nhi chala tune kya kya kiye…..think abt it…

  6. Girls need money for their accessories i doesn't matter who he is you just don't have to say your name they would follow you to the end of the world

  7. First of all how can u talk to girl tht u dont know at all and beg her like an idiot pleaaaazz…they would consider u as a perv..she'll realize tht u used to watch p* obvious

  8. Bhai pehle hi ladki ko bta dena i have a ferari.. That's not a gold digger test.. What of you didn't tell her with your smart ass brain that you have a ferari and she would still go out with you.. Would she be a gold digger.. Please have a scipt, plan and some logic while making a video.. Paise hi mat dikha video me bhai..

  9. Sounde so Baid yar कुछ समझ नहीं आया क्या बातें हो रही है sabtitle भी smaal-smaal से थे ।।

  10. when you dont have money for food mut have ferrari.. seriously idk why all girls in gold digger pranks are smexy.. why dont they chose averrage looking women or girls

  11. so they put their country on shame just to get people like and views..guess what you get a strong dislike….the people who love India like my comment and dislike this video

  12. Bro why u dont ask the question that unka bf hote hoye bhe gold diger ban jate aur vo apne bf ko chodne ke liye rady bhe ho jate even care of his bf bro why they cant understand the feling of there bf

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