Gold Dust: The Turmeric Miracle Explained

Gold Dust: The Turmeric Miracle Explained

Turmeric. This little powerful spice, herb, root may
have more clinical research than any other natural compound out there. I first fell in love with it while I was in
Bangalore, India. And it was because the women at the market
were incorporating it into every single dish they were preparing. And it just smelled so good and elevated your
mood. And when I started to look at the benefits
that were part of this incredible nutrient, I got really excited. I came back to the U.S. and there are thousands
of studies that have been done on it. In fact, I’m at the University of Florida,
in a laboratory where this type of nutrient is tested for efficacy, it’s tested for fillers
and binders, it’s tested for milligram doses. And I thought, with the hundreds and hundreds
of thousands of people that are searching turmeric every month, that we would just give
three of the keys that you need to look for when choosing a turmeric supplement, or choosing
to incorporate it into the food that you’re eating, or choosing to drink it as a golden
milk. So, I want to share with you the three most
important things you need to do when choosing to incorporate turmeric into your life. Number one: You always want to look for a
source that is standardized to 95% of the curcuminoids or curcumin. That’s critical because that’s the active
form of the nutrient that you’re looking for, that what’s been studied.Number two: know where
it comes from. So, understanding which farm it comes from,
where in India, is a very important piece. Because that shows you how high quality the
nutrient is, the quality of the soil, these are all really important factors. And third: You always want to make sure that
there are no unnecessary binders or fillers. I like to keep it in its natural form. So, if I’m buying it as a supplement, like
in this case, I’m not looking for a whole bunch of other ingredients. You can have some of the black pepper, which
helps to increase absorption, resveratrol, which works as a powerphenol to support it. But most of the other ingredients are not
necessary and you can add them in separately. You can click in the description below for
tons of recipes, ways that we make golden milk, ways we incorporate the high levels
of curcumin into our daily diet. You know, in India, people are consuming about
2,000 milligrams of turmeric everyday in their food. And I want to make sure you’re getting at
least that or more depending on what benefit you’re looking to achieve from it. Thanks so much for watching, you can hit the
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  1. I watch cooking videos from all over the planet. The amount of turmeric, chili powder and cayenne pepper they use is amazing! In Sri Lanka they use cinnamon and cumin as well. And cooking their dishes is like an art form!

  2. Thank you so much for your break down on turmeric. I take 10000 mg every day. It's expensive but well worth the benefits

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