Gold falls below $1250 and silver below $16

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 28th June 2018 and we are
commenting on the recent price falls both of gold and silver.
Nearly 2 months ago we predicted that gold would fall below $1300 and head towards the
$1250 level and silver would fall below $17 as it was then and enter $15 territory before
the end of June. Well at the time of writing gold stands at $1246 and silver at $15.95.
Now we fully accept there is still another day to go before the end of June but without
anyone being pedantic our analysis has appeared accurate and frankly we are a little pleased
with this especially as so many people have appeared on Kitco News, and the likes of Peter
Schiff, Mike Maloney and a host of others appearing on Greg Hunter’s YouTube channel
USA watchdog all stating that these prices were on the turn, re-entering the bull phase
and would be considerably higher within weeks if not days.
So what has happened? Exactly what we predicted; the dollar has gained strength, economic news
has been positive and world political tension, certainly military ones (if not trade ones)
have eased somewhat. Gold and silver is currently being neglected in favour of both equities,
but more importantly at this moment, US Treasury Bonds. The dollar strength has been given
further impetus because of the relatively poor performance of sterling and the Euro
because growth rates in these areas are well below those of the US currently.
So what about the future. Well of course nothing continues forever but with the strong $16
floor in silver being broken, and $1250 gold also being broken, these resistance levels
may now turn into ceilings at least short term. We will certainly be buyers of silver
should prices fall to $15.50 and buyers of gold close to the $1200 mark, meanwhile it
will be interesting to see if there is a rebound or whether the decline will continue into
July and August, and we believe they will at least for a little while, and that is our
assessment. Naturally we shall provide a fuller update on the weekend.
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