Gold Fingers – How to Recover Gold from Electronic Scrap

Gold Fingers – How to Recover Gold from Electronic Scrap

hi everybody in this video I will
demonstrate how to recover the gold plating from
connector edges AKA – “fingers”. the fingers are found in
most the fingers are found in
most scrap computers and servers warning the process shown in this video
involves highly corrosive acids and should only be done outside or
in a fume hood using safety gear such as gloves goggles
and a respirator is mandatory let’s begin the fingers are placed in a
plastic strainer here we have some hydrochloric acid a little bit up copper chloride solution and a small DC powered your bubbler the plastic to goes under the strainer
with the fingers right at the center now the fingers are covered by the acid
and the copper solution and some water to make sure all the
fingers are covered by the solution turn on the bubbler and that’s it for the next week or so so here we are twenty-four hours later the solution color turned olive green
and doesn’t seem like much has happened let’s kill the air and see what’s going
on NICE… we can clearly see some gold
foils floating around seems to be working well cover plate is placed back on and the
air tube is connected here we are again forty-eight hours into
the process the solution colors now very dark green in here we can clearly see that some
of fingers have been completely dplated day 6 seems like the majority of the
gold plating is now loose let’s keep it in the solution one more
day just to make sure now you might ask yourself what exactly
is going on in this process and every common printed circuit board
there’s basically three layers of metal plating copper nickel in gold the point is to
slowly etch away the copper and nickel to free the
gold layer. to be honest chemically speaking the
copper chloride etching system is quite complex. however
there are three simple things that will push this process forward and
are important to remember: first is having free hydrochloric acid second is the presence of copper ions
in the solution and the third is dissolved oxygen.
maintaining these three parameters will ensure the aging process will
continue on the next batch of fingers. here we are in the seventh day it’s time
to recover the gold falls from the solution and what’s left on the fingers. I’ll let
the main solution with the majority of the gold oils settle for a little while and begin
to wash the fingers and collect the coils that are still
hanging on the fingers. the fingers in the strainer are washed
with plain water in a five gallon bucket. This will take a
while you probably get the point just shake until
all the gold falls off. Let’s fast forward we still haven’t finished with the
fingers, it is now set aside to dry completely will return to that later. And now for the main better gold foils. After
settling for a while the bulk of the etching solution is
filtered first by pouring just the solution on top. You could see the
filtrations flow-rate is quite fast. and here’s our recovery product nice and
shiny gold foils the etching solution is moved to storage
and will be reused on the next batch the foils from the fingers wash is now added to the main batch of foils now the bulk of the foils and powder
are drained filter. The filter and the foils are placed in a
regular open mouth beaker which is placed on top of a hot plate The gold foils and filter are now
covered with a diluted hydrochloric acid half water in half
acid the plate is turned on to medium heat and the beaker is covered with a watch
glass now that the solution is quite hot the
addition of concentrated nitric acid begins. There’s about three milliliters
of nitric in this pipette. this is enough to complete the task at
hand. As the acid is added we can clearly see
an immediate reaction. Hot aqua regia his so corrosive that aside from dissolving the gold foils it
will also disintegrate the filter paper down to a pulp. By the way remember the fingers we set
out to dry? Well, once they’re dry we can squeeze out
a little bit more gold than we got earlier just shake it hard !!! See that gold…? this goes into the aqua
regia solution as well Here we can see the gold-bearing
solution and the pulp settled to the bottom of
the flask. The gold-bearing solution is filtered one last time to get rid of the pulp and any other
solid particles Let’s flute the filter real quick… And wet it… the pulp and the solution is poured into
the filter and allowed to drain all the way through. When all of the original gold solution
has been drained, and the filter and the pulp are washed
several times until it becomes white again. The gold solution is now ready for the
rest of the refining steps such as reduction up the gold, washing it
and melting it the steps are already covered by my
other videos so just click on these boxes below to
see the rest of the processes. And here’s the result of the recovery
process from a about 505 grams of clean-cut gold fingers. Do you have a guess of how much
pure gold this batch yielded? Write it down in the comment section below.
thank you for watching my tutorial please comment share and subscribe.


  1. Yeah, the amount of $$$$ for the tools and chemicals would ALWAYS come out negative for the individual who is doing this. You wouldn't have enough chemical to get through 10,000 PCs.. its literally a waste. Also note, these is NOT even high quality 24k gold either.

  2. It would probably be better to do like hundreds of them at once to all the gold actually makes a profit instead of using all that time and money for gold that’s worth less than what you put into it

  3. Nice vid! On my channel I show how you can extract precious metals like gold and rhodium from Urine! Please check t out and remember to sub if you like the content!!!

  4. $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  5. For sale a box of silver length meter in a quarter of a mile weight kilo very old restaurant Alvin stone and some gold price required two million riyals

  6. Am I able to replace hydrochloric acid with meratic acid I've google it it said its almost the same any help would be appreciated tia

  7. Not my cup of tea for getting gold but still cool! I do wonder (and hate to think about) how much gold is used, and tossed out into the garbage in our land fills.

  8. Your not going to get rich quick but it never hurts to have a hobby you can make money off of plus never a bad idea to have gold laying around

  9. People keep saying this isn't worth it, but I have failed to see anyone give a valuable reason for why it's not worth it. It seems to me that most people are saying that it cost to much to do the process, but I don't see how it's not worth it. I mean sure you have to buy a few chemicals if you don't happen to have them, but it's a world wide consensus that it takes money to make money. If you look at it, you pay for gas to go back and forth to work, so what's the difference. Also most of the electronics it takes to get the gold fingers and such are laying all over most towns in America and sometimes even paid to take them away, so I still have to stick to my own personal opinion of it's well worth the time, especially if your doing it a few hours a day after work. I personally appreciate you taking the time to show how to brake them down, I've been saving fingers for about six months and it is now time to brake them down and I wasn't a 100 percent sure on how, so this video was a great help. So thank you very much sir

  10. If you are getting these items free it’s worth it. Example: I do house cleanouts, hundreds of cell phones, cameras, computers etc per year. For me it’s worth it to take out the gold plated pieces. Stack them up over a year or more. Then do it all at once. That’s how you get a good chunk of Change. But no you can’t make a living off this. Only if you’re slowly building.

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  12. Its not worth the efforts unless if you dont have something else to do …. killing ur time and making money even if its little …. he makes from youtube much much more than recycling gold

  13. I've seen videos on YT of people stripping off the gold-plated fingers by simply applying heat and pressure. That way you have a lot less non-gold material to remove. PCBs and components may have gold on them elsewhere, but the gold content is really small and/or hard to extract.

  14. how come all those gold finger things looked like there was so much but it just came out to be a little bead? i understand that they're small but there was so much gold fingers theres no way thats all of it compeacted together

  15. It's less expensive to use hot vinegar intro a big seized mineral water covered with newa paper in a way to keep it hot for more time. The gold leaves the scraps easiely in a short period of time nas the vinegar can be used for more gold's separation.
    I liked very much your video. My problem is to find electronic material to begin to work with gold and plate to, removed from X ray fotographs.

  16. 1.7 maybe 2 Grams. Plus the headache that comes with scavenging around for old used giveaway electronics.. Just not worth it. Free HCL acid just reminds me of why I don't want this solution in my house. However, if you can get enough fingers over a period of time it might be a good way to make a nice set of earrings for the little lady.

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