Gold Foil Nail Art

Gold Foil Nail Art

Hi, I’m Suzy from Nail Career Education. There’s two kinds of foils you can use on your nails. I’m going to show you one of them today. Let’s get started. So this is really easy to do you can do this with your polish; you can do it with gel polish as well. But I thought I’d show you with nail polish. It’s called “Polish Secure” when you do something with nail polish. Now this nail polish I just threw on and I wanted to put a nice… Bright royal blue and I grabbed this one. It’s called “Pure Ice”. It’s really hard to read. Hope you can get that, Camera Man. [Camera Man] It’s pretty dark. [Suzie] It is. It’s a dark printing on a royal blue bottle. White would have been good in this case. And this number is… 753 Pure Ice Nail Polish, that’s the brand name; if you’re interested in the color. But you know any royal blue color that you got. And that’s why I’m doing this design so you can do it on natural nails on polish. So if I’ve already applied two coats of the color because I really just want to show you how the foil works. Now, I’ve got several different colors here. I grabbed this one from the salon. (Mumbling) Hard to open these things… You can see this; don’t sneeze when you’re working with this stuff. It is so, so thin. This is two sheets, I believe. Don’t have oily fingers either. Oh, is that a little skin in between. Okay. I’m going to leave that; try to leave it in one piece. So I’m just going to lay that piece down there for a second. I’m going to paint this with top coat. I don’t know if I can do this. I’m going to see if I can foil the whole pinky with that one piece. Because it’s polished secure just lay down a nice thin coat of top coat. Now I’m going to pick this up; this foil piece. It’s really neat, looks like gasoline. I have a fascination with gasoline, don’t I?
[Camera Man] You do! So you can lay it on the whole nail. It’s kind of a waste of it. Don’t press it too hard. I can see- *Camera Man sneezes loudly* [Camera Man]: Gesundheit! *Suzie laughing* [Camera Man]: I actually say it for myself. Sorry, but I do. That was so loud! [Camera Man]: Sorry! [Suzie] You need to warn a person! Warn a person! [Camera Man]: My apologies. *Music playing* I don’t know if this will really work. I’ve never really done this before actually. I just got the idea when I saw it in the last minute. So you probably need something a little sharp to sever… Near the cuticle, without cat hair on it. (Whispering) I don’t know if that will work. You can always take another little piece and shove it in there. [Camera Man] seems like you’re wasting a lot. [Suzie] I am wasting a lot of it, but you know. You really don’t have to waste it, cause look, I can show you. This is how I normally apply it: just in little bits. But when I saw that one chunk… I’m just, you know, spontaneously working here. I’m just on the fly. I just saw thought in last minute I would try it. Like I said, something I had never done before. As you can see it’s sticking to me skin. I love this stuff. It actually worked not too bad. Okay, I’ll get that off the skin later. The reason why I have this little glass dish is because I usually get the foil out and Maybe I’ll show a different color. Here’s the gold. This is usually how it comes and obviously you can find it like this. We used to get it more like this in the 80’s. And then they started bringing this in about the late 90’s: already crinkled up for you. (Whispering) Look at that. It’s so thin. And now this is what we do sort of in the dish… That’s why I got the clear dish here for you; just to break it up on a hard surface. I usually do it on my glass, but it’s too far away for you and I just wanted to show you this. It looks like a mess– but it is actually kind of neat. It can make your nail look like a nugget! A little gold nugget… Being that it’s polish secured… We’re going to put a coat of clear polish, you can do it right on the wet color too if you like. But that’s already dry. So just put a nice clear coat… [Camera Man] Is that a piece that’s stuck in there already?
[Suzie] What what? [Camera Man] The little…
[Suzie] Yeah! It looks like it did. When you sneezed it probably fell over there. [Camera Man] It’s very artful.
[Suzie] Oh you think you- hmm mm
[Camera Man] I helped! [Suzie] Then you take this, you lay it down, and you just crunch it in. And when you crunch it… It does give it that “nugget-y” look… that gold. [Camera Man] Nuggets– nougats for chocolate.
[Suzie] Oh, thats-
[Camera Man] I know what you’re thinking! [Suzie] I have more chocolate than I do gold. Now, I don’t cover the whole nail when I’m doing this. Usually, I’ll just go down, like the side of the nail… Like this. Just sort of… The gold, just sort of… falling down the side of the nail. We used to do this a lot in the 80’s. You don’t see it so much anymore, but… It’s very neat effect. I did see it a few times. They’re making it again. So somebody out there is doing it. Just kind of fun ways to jazz up your nail… Without too much work, you know? You know just literally put it on wet nail polish. I will say this Pure Ice did dry pretty– just the polish part– did dry pretty darn quick. Oh, that’s pretty. Okay, so all I do is just make sure that I press it down. So there’s nothing kind of sticking up. I just want to keep it flat. Okay, so then I got this sparkly purple. This is the Pure Ice brand as well. I just grabbed this off the shelf. I think it was actually Walmart. I’m just going to do a little accent nail. Cause sometimes I get a little jiggy like that. Oh, this is pretty. I’m going to press it into this sparkly top layer. Okay, I’m gonna stick with the same color. Maybe I’ll do it at the tip. If you overpress it and overstick it, it kind of looks… mmm. [Camera Man] Oversticked?
[Suzie] Yeah, overstucked? It looks overdone. Oh, there’s a piece sticking there. It does get everywhere. That’s quite pretty. I’ll just do a little bit up the side here. Don’t want to overdo-ed it. I could use this a little better. Then it won’t poke… into my polish. Lot of cat hair happening today! [Camera Man] There’s always cat hair! [Camera Man] I told you, you should have got a short-haired cat. [Suzie] No, I like my fluffy fellows. They’re so cute. Especially the one with the attitude. [Camera Man] He’s good looking, but..
[Suzie] He’s adorable.
[Camera Man] But, he can be ornery. *Suzie chuckles* [Suzie] I’m gonna do… A nice… Top coat on here and just… Put some more on the next two fingers. It’ll stick to it, of course anything sticky. And I wouldn’t put the top coats all on first. Put them on as you go because if you have a top coat.. That’s a pretty fast drying top coat, it could dry up before you get there. So, just do it as you go. This is great if you’re a nail technician, to add this at the end of an appointment just to give a sophisticated look. If the clients in a hurry. It’s pretty cheap to add on to your appointment, and if you’re doing it yourself… You can see that it’s pretty easy. You just need some polish, a foil and a top coat. [Camera Man] What was that tool you were using there? [Suzie] This I bought in Vancouver, I was just in show in Vancouver, the ESI Show, and they had this tool there… And I bought. Kind of handy.
[Camera Man] Is that like a plastic dotting tool? [Suzie] Yeah, it’s like got a waxy on the end so I can pick up gems. Okay, I grabbed this at Nail District, my salon that I have, and I thought it was a little bit more blue. So I might try to put this on the thumb. Should’ve opened it first… Yeah, you can see it’s that little more blue than the pinky did. It might be just a different company. So I’m going to put the top coat. I think I gunked the thumb some a little bit on the end, so… Because I’m not perfect. I’m gonna… You can cover up your imperfections very sneakily. Make me look better than I am. I’m going to stick some of that right where I messed it up. Fortunately, it should look good there. Yeah, there’s a lot of blue in this one! It’s kind of neat. I kind of like it. Just capped like that, but I can’t stand it. I have to add some more. This is the creative decision you have to make if you’re just going to… Overdo a design or not; and clearly taking that chance aren’t I? I’m gonna blow it! Gonna blow it! You know it’s so thin, it’s like ashes. You know ashes in a fire that float? That’s what it’s like. Just like, as thin as floating ashes. I’m gonna poke it with this one. I kind of like the one with the blue in it. It’s kind of “pertty.” Okay, now you don’t want to just leave the foil on there. You need to seal it. Most designs, you don’t want to cover the whole nail… And then seal it because the sealant, the top coat clear is just sitting on top of the design… It’s not really attached to the nail. So it can come off quite a bit easier. Because this is so thin and you do have the clear layer between it, it just might seal fine. It’s so thin, it just might soak through enough to be okay. So the other ones you definitely want to seal it. Now it’s only like 50%. It’s sort of the general rules if you’ve got a lot of stuff on the nail. Try not to be more than 50%. If it’s something that just doesn’t adhere without the top coat making it adhere very well. So you can see it’s a bit of a busy look, it’s pretty fancy. For me I’d probably prefer, maybe just to have… Like maybe an all one solid color and then just focus on maybe one accent finger. But, for the pictures, I think that is going to be quite beautiful. Let’s check out those reveals! *Camera shutter clicking* So the foil, if it wrapped around just make sure you don’t have any little scraggalers underneath. You can just kind of press it into it. It’s so thin.. It’ll just press right in and then just scrape the last little bits off. Wow, that’s pretty fancy! [Camera Man] That is! [Suzie] Right, I think it needs to go out. I think it needs to go out for dinner. [Camera Man] I’m game. That sounds good.
[Suzie] Let’s go! I’ve got another type of foiling I want to show you, but I’ll save that for next video. I’ll see you soon.


  1. Thank you so much it helped. I have a client tomorrow that wants this design & Im ready now. Y'all were so fun to watch & hear from again.

  2. A lot of people don't like Pure Ice. I love it and its not expensive and yes Walmart. That's my favorite Royal blue hands down. They also have another, that same blue with glitter. And there is a Royal Purple that's gorgeous too. Your nails and design are always amazing.

  3. in the review shots, the blue has a tinge of purple in it, is that because it's besides the purple glitter nail or am I missing something?
    I also really love your nail art, it's so inspiring!

  4. It's so nice that he says "Gesundheit", I am from germany and it was so funny to hear someone speaking german in a canadian video. Didn't expected that😂

  5. Suzie! I get so rapped up in your videos that I tap the thumb nails at the end of your videos to go to the next one. Only thing is now, I have to go back and thumbs up all the ones I watched! Thanks for the education, Suzie! I think I'm about to go watch Sweater Nails next! I'd LOVE those in the thumb nail in Army Green! .💅🏼 Oh! I also what to get your starter nail kit!💖

  6. Oh sweetheart you should just go to Michaels and buy the Mona Lisa gilding foil in larger sheets it will save you money I think they are like less than $10 for 25 sheets of 6x6inches. You may not get all the fancy colours but I think they are expanding and if they aren't I am sure in the same area you can get another company that is willing to make other colours, but I know they make silver and gold for sure and maybe copper, you will have to take a peak. Have a wonderful day!!

  7. thats not how you apply foil! omg, the way she cut it off, nooo. youre supposed to use foil glue and peel off the sheet after you place it.

  8. Is the nail polish remover that salons use to remove polish stronger than the stuff available in the stores? My remover never gets all the polish off and especially glitter polish. I have to rub so hard that my fingers end up hurting. However, if I go to the salon, everything comes off so easily. HELP!!!

  9. Hello, May I ask about the beautiful "pearl thingy" you are using to rest your hand on, i love it where can I purchase?

  10. Suzie:you don’t want to sneeze wild using these things.
    Me:wth just happened

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣camera man you are the best! I just can’t stop laughing… watching you’re videos Suzie!

  12. His sneeze came at the most opportune time let him know….these are gorgeous by the way! I love gold and navy blue so this sings to me

  13. I came across a hersheys kiss candy and the foil is super thin, I tried it on my nails and it worked. Now I will look for some Christmas hersheys kisses for the colored foils, just a fyi diy
    I have enjoyed and learned a lot from watching your vids, thanks

  14. I love love your videos, I'm learning so much. And tell your husband I said God bless him.. Lol.. I love how you and your husband work together.

  15. Tray doing it on dry nailpolish and tab it until it stays and then apply clear nailpolish on top thats how i do it and i like it that way

  16. hi Suzie gold foil can also use at Gel Polish? please answer me… thanks for your videos you really helped me a lot on my work as a Nail Technician.

  17. I did my own. I was inspired by this art work that i had to try it on me. I wish i can post up here but it won't let me. But it came out great. Different color. Love your work ❤

  18. This is actually super helpful, i want to do my nails for my wedding with silver foil but didn't know how i could do it without spending an arm and a leg at a salon.

  19. Hi there, so this foil system is just applying lightly and nothing is taken off the nail. This works for either plain polish or what about gel system with using lamp? How would that work?
    Thank you as always❤️

  20. Suzie, you're amazingly creative, open-minded & talented!
    I've been doing nails since the early eighties & I also remember gold leafing from back in the day. These foils are much faster and easier to work with than the patterned foils you see today and can give you that fabulous nougat look! If you top coat twice using a non-wipe gel top coat, it will last until your next fill!!

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