Gold Foil Print using a laminator that won’t break your bank!

Gold Foil Print using a laminator that won’t break your bank!

the clear film can be bought at Search for Clear InkJet Transparency Film


  1. How long can you wait between printing and foiling? Do you need to do it straight away? The printer I'd use is in the library and laminator at home X

  2. I tried this and It didn't stick in most places, I don't think my laminator is hot enough, so I tried using the iron (for troubleshooting purposes) and this worked better but still didn't give a seamless result, some of it just won't stick to the toner. Any tips? I am so excited to create some prints but it's just not going as smoothly as I'd hoped 🙁

  3. I am trying this for wedding invitations and the paper is actually card stock. Are there any tips to making it work with heavier paper? I am getting very spotty results. I purchased a laminator from Amazon that came broke so I went to Michaels and bought a purple cow that does hot and cold. This does not seem to get hot enough. It was half price and I paid $40 but everything I read says this process isn't supposed to break the bank so I don't want to buy a $100 machine!!! Thank you for your help

  4. I'm wondering if I could print on a sheet of transparency film, instead of card stock. Or, do you think that would end up melting in the laminator? Also, do you have issues with the foil not transferring well to really tiny print? I have some designs with very thin lines, and I'm not sure there would be enough ink for the foil to adhere to.

  5. Hi Virginia, great tutorial. Did you need a laser printer to laminate? I have a laminator and nothing that I have done has laminated.

  6. I use that same apache and it works great. There are 4 tension screws on the bottom you have to tighten then loosen about 5 turns and it should work like a charm.

  7. Do you have to do the foiling straight after printing when the ink is wet? I don't have a laser printer so I might have to get my project printed somewhere else. So wouldn't be able to do the foiling straight away. Or should I just buy a laser printer if I want to do this?

  8. Hi! What kind of detail is possible with this method? I've been trying to figure out how to make a few art prints with gold leaf inlays but I'm having trouble… Is laser jet also the only way to do this? I would like to make these on thick water color inkjet paper.

  9. Hi there! Do you have a link for where you buy those plastic covers? Can't seem to search the right verbiage to find them. Thank you!!! -Megan

  10. Hello Virginia! Thank you for this video. I am doing a 18" X 24" poster and I want to add some foil on it. Laminators are small and my poster won't fit through. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make this work? Thank you.

  11. Thank you dear , i sue hp laser printing and foil gold roll and temperature machine comiex but not good printing pls advice what can do >?

  12. Hi Virginia, I've tried to do so (printing in 300gsm coated paper), but i managed to cover the foil with normal 80gsm paper, and the results were horrible, i get black dots on the printed surfaces as well as wrinkles on the white surface, do you have any clue what I did wrong? thanks in advance!

  13. I'm a little confused… or your video started a little later… What kind of printer did you use ..and I'm assuming that is a fellowes laminator? You just said their names but not if it was a laminator or not… Plus, do you put a cover over the foil before putting it in the machine? (I'm new to this subject) 😉 … Good video though.. thanks for sharing.. 😉

  14. Hey – does anybody know if this foil would work: Would appreciate if anybody could advise. Thanks.

  15. Hi, not sure if anyone can help, I'm looking at making candle labels for personal use, and I am wanting to create a gold boarder around the image I wish to place on the candle. Would this work for that? The frame would be very thin (much like the ones seen on yankee candle) and a transparent sticker paper would be placed on top. Thankyou to anyone in advance.

  16. Hi I'm trying this but the foil is sticking to the ink with little black dots but also all over the paper what am I doing wrong

  17. Hi. I printed the black text on a black paper which is laser friendly. However, when I laminated the foil on it, the foil was also laminated with the paper. 😭 Is there any way I could laminate the it in black paper? Does this have to do with the temperature?

  18. what kind of paper should i use i don't think that ordinary paper can be used along with adhesive tape for lamination?

  19. Wow!!!! Damn I was expecting that!!! Buhahahahhaaaa I thought his was a load of crap till I saw the use for it in this video!! Thanks!!!!

  20. I only have a laser printer at my work, do I need to print, foil & laminate straight away or would it still work with printing a few hours before?!

  21. Hi! Do you know if nail foil would work for this instead of the brand you're using? I'm not able to get stuff like Heidi Swap Minc foil or Deco Foil but I've found some foil online that's for nails that looks similar.

  22. Wow your results look SO perfect!!! Is it cause it's the Fellowes laminator that makes a huge difference? And does it come out pretty perfect every time?!

  23. If we do hot foiling by this technique then will the foil be rubbed off if kept in a wallet or handled roughly? Or we should let the foil rest for few days after laminated ? Any feedback on this? Thank you for making this video

  24. Thank you so much! This vid is very useful to take right decisions! One additional question: Do you thing your laser printer could work fine with 110 lb card stock papers? Thanks!

  25. What is the type of gold foil that has been used here? A purchase link would be much appreciated.
    Can this Foil printing be done by normal Aluminium foil used for food wrapping?

  26. i Really appreciate your questions and feedback… but it would be helpful if you would read what i wrote above… it answers many of your questions.

  27. Can your laser printer handle thick cardstock? around 200gsm or more? because I want to use foiling on cards, I'm thinking of what printer to get

  28. Hello! great video very helpful, i just have one question… can you reuse the plastic sheet or will you need a new one each time? thanks! 🙂

  29. I apologize if you've already answered this (I checked quite a few comments first) but is this for ONLY doing a whole page or could you do just small details?
    For instance, I did a watercolor octopus but the suction cups on the tentacles are gold as well as his monocle, cane handle, and ribbon on his top hat (lol funky I know) I want to sell prints without having to paint the gold on each one.

  30. Hi i have tried this with a heat press foil but it picks other areas too what do i do to get this effect or i need a different type of foil

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