1. If you read the full article on the subject you'll see it's two-fold: the theory is just that gold was deposited into the mantel (the layer below the crust) by meteors striking the earth AFTER the core had cooled (the layer below the mantel, where all of Earth's "native" gold was and is locked up). Then, geological processes (see any text book on gold formation at this point) moved the gold from the mantel to the crust.

    This just explains why the mantel has gold when it should be in the core.

  2. Probably, but volcanic eruptions generally only happen in certain area. Some areas with gold don't have eruptions, or don't seem to have had them in the past

  3. Pretty much. But space gold is way cooler.
    The way I see it, the gold is formed in earth, the meteors just show up and splash it around the earth.
    That way, everyone wins! : D

  4. Sorry to interrupt, but speaking of molten magma and foreskin… smegma. Post it to both your comments just for you : D

  5. so theoretically speaking… if we ever got to the core of the earth we might discover a super dense new element that maybe even is too heavy for volcanic activity cant bring to the surface?

  6. 6:02 thats not true. actually there is a already a company planing on mining asteroides its called Planetary Recources

  7. Woa! Tungsten is a word that I've never heard, and I'm Swedish, so when you said that, I got kind of shocked.

  8. The formation of the earth and other rocky planets would consist entirely of asteroids running into one other, would it not? It seems useful to think of this as a spectrum of events, asteroids constantly pummeling this ever growing rock, heavier metals constantly entering and sinking. Eventually Earth started cooling, and everything got stuck where it was.

  9. your grammatical skill suggest your are infact 'Retarded'. "r u retarded?' ……. that also suggests you are under the age of 20… generally adults don't speak like teenagers… Learn to speak proper English before attempting to insult others. K? 🙂

  10. Gold is formed from fusion at the heart of a massive star that has burned through all of its lighter elements.

  11. There is SO much quartz above and underground in the northern part of Georgia in the USA, Im really surprised there are not more gold mines here… MASSIVE seams…

  12. All that has to be done is process the whole asteroid in space, and send back the good bits of platinum, gold, iridium, etc…

  13. captions, 5:50 the rear end here says theres no point going by rocket,hoping that you get rich quick, because he went.

  14. I watched or read something that shows this same thing. It deals with an area in Canada that was hit by a huge asteroid. It is a combination of the heavy elements in both the asteroid and elements on the earth before the impact. Once the impact happens, it makes the surface molten– heavy elements like gold will concentrate in smaller areas and flow between other sediments other compounds like veins. Outside impact zone, such elements are to thinly dispersed for mining.

  15. people kinda like the moon, for like tides and everything. Mercury has plentiful solar energy, which would be needed for the excavation. And Mercury has an unusually large metal core for a terrestrial object, whereas the Moon has an unusually small one. But I suppose using the Moon would work. Anyways, as you excavate all the extra magnesium and calcium from the crust and mantle, why not throw it at Venus and have it react with all that carbon dioxide?

  16. i like the theory of astaroids hitting earth and spreading elements all over. but astaroids still hit earth today, but are called metiors and are small as shit.

  17. The ones today don't doo much because of our atmosphere which burns them off before impact. When the earth was younger it had a thinner atmosphere which would allow more frequent and larger impacts.

  18. A more recent paper explaines how the egyptians were using iron and gold from meteorites to make various objects before the process of extraction being invented.

  19. Well the atmosphere being thicker would deflect asteroids. If There was a massive asteroid headed towards earth the atmosphere wouldn't do much by burning it up.

  20. I think the Professor is probably my favorite Professor ever. =)
    Such an intelligent and pleasant man.
    Thank you for all the videos! From the GulfCoast of Texas =)

  21. It kinda sucks that most of the interesting minerals are stored deep inside our planet. If they are below 10km deep then I doubt we will ever get to mine them in the near future.

  22. "I just made you brighter" LOL.  When were the asteroids supposed to have impacted?  Before the moon hit us, after, how many billion years ago?  Please go easy on me, I love the Prof's videos, but took the Classics in school (not a very lucrative choice knowing Classical & Medieval Latin, etc.).

  23. if asteroids can explain the heavy metals here in the earths crust then why is there so little iridium in proportion?
    also…I'm a bit disappointed that this 'theory' was inferred 'on the fly' from a study made on tungsten, not gold …this wasn't so much science as it was journalism…booo!
    (I like your other stuff though)

  24. >extrapolate this theory far enough back and it is entirely moot; our sun, the entire earth and all the other planets in our solar system were formed from "stuff from outer space"…what lacks in this presentation is 'substance' (you know; data that science is interested in) and in its absence we are left with 'mainstream click-bait'
    …and by that I mean the buzzers and bells adorning, and thus distracting, viewers from an otherwise briefly mentioned and poorly presented argument…seemingly in favor of the glossy hype that attracts 'likes' and subscribers:

    "Gold from outer space!" is the assertion…

    …the 'claim' is ''entirely elementary''; however, its method of delivery suggests far more than it ham-handedly actually delivers…like I said in previous post; If I heard this coming from some talking-head on the evening news I'd not have given it a second thought…but, from the professor?

  25. I love this guy. He's the chemical mentor of my adulthood where Bill Nye was that of my childhood. Id love to see the two meet and chat!

  26. I've heard some far fetched theories, but the asteroid thing is laughable.
    How can an asteroid collide with the earth after the earth has hardened, and still be hot enough to melt the crater smooth yet the gold still remains near the surface?
    And where are those gold-toting asteroids now? NASA hasn't confirmed any such find!

  27. So if I travel to the core of the earth I will find TONS of the heavy elements?

    OK im off craeting mining techniques and to secretely get tons of gold and be rich.

  28. Based from what you said and since gold comes in little BB'S I think the earth was a moltin ball of metals and asteroids hit the surface causing the liquid to spread rather than the gold being in the asteroid and from that you get the little BB'S of gold etc I only think this because I do alot of mig welding and spatter is the little BB'S and if the moltin puddle of metal isn't just right. Think of it this way you pour water in a glass drop something fairly heavy into that the water will splash going everywhere I think something similar happened.

  29. Actually as far as that's concerned the Professor's a bit inaccurate.

    They've already confirmed that metal-based asteroids exist.  These asteroids are essentially large clumps of metallic material that would have potentially made up the innards of a planet if it had properly formed.  While from the outside they would appear like rock in the same way one would expect a planet or other asteroid would, their innards would be chock full of raw ore material.  Even if it was distributed, there's enough stuff in there that it affects magnetic instruments. It is also the only way to explain why one can find a huge amount of gold or iron or silver in mines across a large amount of area; if there wasn't a lot there, it would be near impossible to find it without getting very lucky.

    So the short version; it is very possible to get rich quick by finding an asteroid in space.  It just takes longer to get it than simply grabbing the asteroid and dragging it back home.

  30. It's estimated that if we could mine all the gold from the earth, it would cover all the earth's surface with a thickness of 0.5 meters.

    I love you professor!

  31. like the dangers in the coal mines where a person (coal miner) inhales small particles of coal and in future affecting his/her health by cancer occurring in the lung and other parts are there any side effects a person can have working in a gold mine ?

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