Gold Gun Guide: M4A1 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Gold Gun Guide: M4A1 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Hey what is up Wolfpack it’s me Kyle here,
and today we’re starting a brand new series here on the channel called gold
gun guides within call of duty modern warfare today we’re starting off with
the m4a1 and we’re gonna be going through and showing you the easiest and
best ways possible to rank this up and get this gold so for starters you’re
gonna have to get normal kills and headshot kills these are pretty easy to
go by especially with the m4a1, it’s pretty much a top-tier weapon if
you’re finding difficulty with the headshots
I do recommend going to realism but I will say the kills and headshots you
should be able to finish them naturally without even focusing on them by the
time you actually complete the rest of these challenges next up we have hip
fire kills which I actually found to be pretty easy with the m4a1 it’s pretty
accurate and even when hip firing I found it’s best to do this in ground war
and all the tight corridors and buildings and stuff like that but it
also works in quick play you know it just takes time next up we have long
shots and mount kills I prefer to knock these both out at the same time
preferably in ground war there’s a lot of Windows and a lot of rooftops and
buildings and other things you can mount on and actually get long shot since the
map is so big I have this specific spot on this ground war map where I go up on
the D building of the stairs to this window here and I peer out and I can
cover all throughout B flag and kind of a little bit towards E and right below
you just have to watch out for snipers is all next up we have five attachment
kills which that’s pretty easy just load up your gun on attachments and get some
kills with it it’s pretty much self-explanatory now probably the most
difficult challenge of all we have reload kills you have to get kills right
after reloading so typically what I do in a ground war match or a quick play
match I would shoot out a couple bullets as soon as I spawn in and as soon as I
know I’m about to get into a gunfight or I know there’s an enemy around the
corner or I see a guy I might take cover for a second reload my gun then jump in
there as fast as I can and try to kill him as soon as possible
it’s kind of difficult to do but if you’re really paying attention to it
it’s it’ll go by pretty quick and it’s not that bad because you only have to do
about 50 kills while doing this next up is the no attachment kills pretty much
self-explanatory as well just remove all your attachments and perks from your
weapon and you will be able to get that finished lastly we have the challenge we
have to go in a three streak about 25 or 30 times honestly I
finished this one just by doing the other challenges as well I found the
most success in ground war because most people aren’t even paying attention
especially if you’re holding down like a little window or a line of sight you
could camp a little bit if you’re not that good of a player and you want to
get this 3-gun streaks out of the way anyways guys that’s gonna be it for this
gold gun guide for the m4a1 I will mention that you should probably put on
the sleight of hand perk weapon perk that is for the reload kills as that
will help out as well I forgot to mention that but anyways guys hopefully
you guys enjoyed and found this useful if you did be sure to drop a like and
subscribe for more gun guides in the future and I’ll catch you guys next time
peace out


  1. My reload kills for my kilo wont register, ive gotten probably 25 or so kills immediatly after reloading too and restarted the game and no luck FeelsBadMan

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