GOLD IN THEM THERE STORAGES! FOUND GOLD! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

GOLD IN THEM THERE STORAGES! FOUND GOLD! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

we got some doping up at the end girl jewelry darn it the safe is locked ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
parents of all ages this is your captain speaking we are here with this very
exciting unit $1,200 you’re gonna see right away how many you guys see right
away why I like this unit it’s like the big pink elephant in the room
you don’t let’s say what is the number one thing the pirate searches for
besides gold silver and gems comment below right now if you know what it is
before I open this door why I probably bought this and here we go shut up $1,200 ten-by-ten sweet-looking
boxes I like this little come over here miss de Bourgh here this table right
here was sweet I like this because look it’s got a chip there sucks this you
grow plants in here he put a plant in your coffee table I don’t know what kind
of plans you put that small but you pan over you see boxes boxes boxes right
then boom safe safe to say what I bought this unit
right there let’s get started what what’s your favorite car nice thing okay
and what is that nice tang okay that’s your quarter don’t you dare it’s
too hot doesn’t fit I would rock that I would party with it Oh what do you do with this horse is that
for a horse baby girl the only anyone wants to meddle in their
mouth mmm it’s like a gag right yeah but that’s metal it’s like straight on your
teeth oh okay maybe it goes for the body of a dog I thought this was like a a toy more brainy stuff whores
Nevada midseason stable blanket okay we got horse stuff you have the world work
remember how we had horse stuff the other day he wants you to become a
better you one of these for your phone all right I’m intrigued to see in this state but
about you what do you think whines yep coins cozy trunks sweet Julie’s family
jewelry I want the family jewels the feel that’s kind of cool send a
picture to Benjy that right there made in 24 kids go 24 karat Francis in the oh look at that
okay first off let’s get these out of here that was a unicorn huh I know you
did look at this snap a few photos this as
I’m doing this when I get to the bottom and stuff this right here then you look under here and you see
it’s signed mm-hmm you give me a good photo that nice what do you think this
is worth I don’t I’m gonna guess probably 100 to 200 bucks under the sea
darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me what about that
letter that’s like a front yard slice 601 okay
I think it’s you you see there say six don’t know I didn’t you protect I’m just
guessing you know I wear size 6 I guess you Chan
long maybe China equalness my pronunciation is way off holy s–t of
Bibles Roosevelt High School what is Roosevelt High School Roosevelt High
School personal somebody went to school one thing I’m liking is the quality this
stuff meditations for women who do two minutes we never hear like this mm-hmm look at that it’s a whole us almost said
the a word Shh it’s a whole outfit that’s kind of cute
this keeps it work do we take the Benjy matches back in something wet and cold something more basic binoculars defenders of wildlife nice candle
frosted cranberry no we’re not like threw away all the ones in those stores
over there yeah we just keep scented ones down oh
good it’s them for you this to like stick it on my arm next thing I know
you’ll be spinning in circles horses mister look at these Hey those
are kind of nice actually yeah they were called areata but you Jasmine like so I
would not let her wear them why don’t tell her what she can and
cannot wear do you want to be one of those controlling guys I’m not about to
have the lacy dresses all the way she just favorite thing to do to my friends someone has to rocket rule this is like
a motorcycle jacket for a chick get some cool stuff here dude so she wasn’t equality versus Juicy Luka
term let’s see solo he was like almost
touching the palm tree Debbie crow holy is me know you’re
looking the Crocodile Hunter I should put my hat back on sighs shake my head
I’m gonna get ya your whole head is gonna turn red there’s gonna load this right now in the
bank the truth yeah this how he does it guys there is one yellow sting a foot
high that’s what yellow stain is typically oh there’s a stay on the
bottom – I’m the bottom left oh there’s hecka stains top left almost
looks stealing huh very well could be it’s what’s a chip about it see how it’s
got you know what see right there don’t actually can you touch it the
thing and I’ll zoom into it yeah then you can round him and it doesn’t again
it looks silverish honest that would be a did a coffee table on our house I see officer Shawn’s we got something
to open up at the end girl will say that dibs that’s a new one I think
does it have a CD player right yes it does okay oh you like now you’re
learning ladies and gentlemen ten racks I’ll kiss you no but it is a nice coach dragon I’m keeping the dragon so oh it’s not a
dragon it’s a dragon just keep this – oh the unicorn unicorns and dragons you
guys we like difficult features we are mythical creatures you know you might
keep it that’s kind of buzz the whole time now there is gonna think it’s like
a female pleasurable device alright we got a bunch of CDs here go no
drama in my life timid girl what do you want my next 30
ish don’t what ok yeah I’m on the camera
down Jasmine really got here I don’t know it’s like possible jewelry yes more
jewelry get a little bit of silver more skill over look at that
that’s cute it’s cowboy shadow it’s a Gatorade thank you get rid of it I can’t
say it differently alright this is it I was gonna walk over
there but it was across the freeway bridge so I was like actually never mind my mommy onna would wear that
where is she Oh what is she my mother that birthed me you know bus town
thought you know my mom Jana I mean either just came up with it
there’s a kind of a cute purse with that no-good pile this is going on a good
pile girl you like a sewing suitcase Wow she was really into camping yep she’s
gonna be like I love knitting could you say that for me and it’s gonna be gone
by then guys gone Scala I feel like that’s a good one
would you rock that looks pretty cute I mean I’m not really the cowgirl type but
I will I don’t dance appropriate to say on camera I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to
offend you we had to watch everything we say
but I was referring to the books they like scary movies my type of people I
don’t watch anything okay you want to watch a binge watch all these chef I’ll
be having nightmares for months the fog I’m down the shining supposed to
be good jogs moves down I’m so down you saw they have it which ones having you
seen these but I know about that doing great color that’s your color
that’s a $68 this could go on the good pile luxury the lover infused with red
wine contour fine silicone bronzer it’s a tan you want Tim I’m gonna use that
yeah you sir you and I’m going for blows nice was it Ariat denim and Polly
is good shiny Calvin Klein Jeans riding jeans yeah get him bus down we got blankets this is
weird those are blanket yeah but it’s a nice
little jewelry we will look at that at the end our jewelry pile is getting big yeah if you have the best place to find
joy more jewelry make sure you guys go comment under this video and do hash tag
ice princess out ice princess out nobody ice jazz not know mm-hmm Jeff and I not
even like the ice though I’m not to be spoiled
you’re not know she I want to be spoiled because you know I didn’t say I don’t
want to I’m just not the type to be she says you don’t spoil her I’ll use these
I’m appreciative yes who’s cute your daddy oh that’s expensive mascara I’ve
had my mom’s case like that she bought nice makeup yeah you talk that’s like
your expensive no stairs oh that’s exactly what goes in there so
Maxim might have to scrounge through this
this year makeups kind of achy you want I wouldn’t I would say you could use
that yeah the unopened items okay this man’s
dripping sweat for you guys I do this for you guys comment below if you want
to see his back covered in sweat and moisture what wait a minute
Chinese they got more effective not even
collectible dislike someone Japanese that but I don’t know if it’s if I go
this weekend I have a few sewing kits Oh a spider just got out of there darn it
the safe is locked that’s no good
it’s pretty strong listen close oh nice no because you know what that could be
right there hey just speculate just guess right now
I know but 200 where’s the camera what’s the camera brand Nikon 7×3 handle meter
DX that’s why we look through clothes this is brand new why my she did that’s kind of cute wraps it up
again this lady really like to a horse yeah Under Armour stuff they look cute
in here mm-hmm go get my shirt today yeah yeah nope all right that’s not good sideways she was really feeling herself
with these mirrors too got a lot of clothes I’m not going to sit here and go
through clothes individually some of its new some of its use nothing a major
consequence but it is nice what we got here New Orlean Super Bowl that’s kind of a
cool shirt we’re gonna wrap this up get it out of our way nice got a brand new
nano silver that’s some wool that’s pretty cool we got something we gotta get ourselves
in Texas see what it is it’s pretty paint all around it to the UH all the
way to the autograph and then go all up and around abstract film that thing just bit
autographing everything filming yeah hand all around
that’s a watercolor I’m liking it the japanese-style signature there’s that
one did catch my eye a law see what it said on Gucci you’renot don’t know if it’s real find
out nice that’s a little bit of money right there alright yeah we’re gonna uh
go through this jewelry real quick here back at the lab the end of this video
since I promised you that and then we will make another video with the rest of
this storage unit so you have to stay tuned to see the rest of the storage
unit right here and of course the safe will be safe right that’s a safe safe to
say we got a lot of things popping up in the storage unit like trunks cool things
they say Trancas boxes Komodo I’m interested in that so real quick I’m
going to spread all this jewelry out back at my lab and we will see if we
have any gold silver and gems in that little pile there alright we are back
here at the Pirates Cove cave lair whatever you call this place my storage
unit and we’re gonna spread this jewelry all out we’re gonna take a look and see
what we got inside of all this don’t forget the wood box and there sounded
like something was in the costume laid out this is basically all just costume
costume costume costume it’s a nice costume don’t get me wrong I’m not
overlooking costume but trust me I sell a lot of stuff and this stuff doesn’t
just fly off the shelves like everyone thinks it may I sell in bulk and then
others piece it out it’s my general way of thumb on stuff
like this yes unity love yes DKNY DKNY DKNY I want almost looks like
so if not almost though I think that made me silver him actually
like this let’s talk from their costume costume they’re pretty cool said sisters
this is pretty cool as a horse got a snake get another horse not bad you need me mighty moe catch a
tiger by its toe if he hollers let him go my mama told me to pick the very best
one and you are not educated you can’t do that first let’s start here let’s
starting here ok ok the universe wants us to start here what do we go that’s
correct tripod out right here no we went here because yes I didn’t open uh hmm silver hearts this silver costume costume pinky gold ring oh it is
it’s gold with the ladybug their baby bugs foolish couple pieces go here I think takes a while to untangle all these
things by the best photo this or something and 14 karat and the bumblebee no a
ladybug 14 karat nice we’re getting somewhere a little bit of gold
I like 14k I love Mercedes – I miss my Mercedes I think the sweetest thing ever
got in my life feature of silver
probably say make it does like their posture this looks silver that was
almost funny who’ll take 1000 sharks – alright last but not least the top I
think I see some phone I think I see some gold silver this is made in Australia Rico this is
silver on it that’s kind of cool chain with that shit that’s cute my mom be rolling that’s kind of dope
right the excellent I call those stones 14 karat oh it was almost cool thank you five I think this is 14 karat it’s weird it’s like it’d be
cool to wear but you wouldn’t want to wear it anywhere he’s so fragile that is
neat it’s like hollow it’s not solid but that is kind of like bling-bling whoo
look at that I like that bow 14-karat hmm Mexico thank you five that’s can you that’s pretty sick
she got opal no like a cat’s I know I don’t know where the fact amethyst
silver 95 Hong Kong been all my life look at that it has a dope ring at 14
karat it says right there clearly 14585 the Hat is sick right there I don’t fit
me look at all of those in there wow that is nice right there look at those little wings little toe
rings are something are they just a little little rings nice not bad oh no I
would say that’s a good haul I’m bad this this stuff sure you get close to up
I don’t know there’s got to be half of my 1200 back right there at least that’s
got to be over half my 1200 right there then we have all of that silver there
which that in itself has to be a large chunk of money not large but that’s a
few bucks well this costume and silver the Watts
costume silver Gucci watch let’s on animate the gucci watch I’m glad you’re not watching and that’s the raft you have to stay
tuned to the next video in this unboxing in this unit we will do the rest of the
contents and as well the two trunks and the safe you have to stay tuned to see
if there’s anything and then we found gold and silver so the chance of there
being some of the safe makes it a lot more intriguing to find out I love you
all blessings don’t forget the like button share button subscribe


  1. Lots of good items for horse people. Maybe the owner was into competition horse events. Looks like all English tack and good quality. Think you have a winner in this unit.

  2. Captain, loving the hair! At 1:02 is it webs, turds, and dust? Oh, wrong again. I guess it was safes. #IcePrincessOut. #JasmineWantsToBeSpoiled. I want to see his back covered in sweat and moisture. Nice unit. Tyfs.

  3. 32:54 that is a Brighton bracelet. I deal in jewelry. Brighton sells well and fast. It’s sought after. I sell pieces for about $30-$50 on eBay. Probably for more on Etsy. Brighton jewelry has hearts. The hang tag is a heart with a B. Rub cornstarch or baby powder on the tangled chains and they untangle easy.

  4. Ariat is a major western brand in Texas and the south. Which I have much of. Not an inexpensive brand. Juicy Couture is an expensive perfume. Which I have 3 bottles on the cabinet. They give away purses and bags with purchase of large gift sets. Next to Chanel #5 it’s my favorite. Let me know when you’re in Dallas next cause you just slammed my winter boots, one of my favorite perfume makers and my purse!!!! Them’s fightin’words!!!!

  5. Dude lice eggs can get caught up in hats yhen transfer to your head get warm and hatch my boys got lice from stuffed animal pillows some one gave them. So be careful.

  6. Love the haircut Mike…Its growing out fast. Take horse leather to a specialist. That stuff is ex pensive. Shame your not here in Texsas

  7. hey pirate, if you don't do anything besides maybe just sell them at the flea market can you possibly just throw in a bag or a bucket all your little diecast cars like Matchbox Hot Wheels anything like that? If you do I will buy them from you and I will pay shipping I'm in Northern California. If that's something you might do I would appreciate it. You insult princess are doing fantastic keep it up.

  8. Hi Mike πŸ‘‹ I would love to buy those little rings like look like pinky rings I really want them. and it's Nick bring will you please let me know if you're selling them???


  10. It's called a bridal, you put the metal bit in it's mouth and the leather goes under and over the head and the long rope looking leather is what you steer the horse with. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ“½οΈπŸ€ πŸŽπŸŽ―β›΅πŸ–οΈβšΎπŸˆπŸ€πŸˆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’™β™₯οΈπŸ’œβ™₯οΈπŸ’œ

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  12. I just got this feelin that alot of those cloths are worth good money and horse stuff ain't cheap, i feel its going to be a really good earner oriental figurines can be worth good money as my dear Mom has some and they cost an arm and a leg,also the costume jewelry with in the asian(indian/pakastani /likes of) community sells well at the moment here in the UK , Come on all ready Captain, i need video number two ;-)))

  13. I know here in the North Horse supplies can be money especially saddle which is of course a given but I’m sure the other leads and such you have are also money

  14. If you ever see David Yurman on a piece of silver or gold it’s worth a whole ton more especially on eBay another good maker is James Avery one silver ring you have looked very similar to Yurmans style learn those two and the different makers marks they use because one small Yurman or Avery piece can be 100 bucks and up from there depending on the piece and the size

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