Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

– We’ve got the brand new
iPhone 10S and 10S Max, this the gold 512 gigabyte model. It’s got a beautiful gold Apple logo here, gold iPhone on the side, before I open this I just wanna show you where we started from. This is the first iPhone box. Started from here, now we’re here. What a beautiful family you have here. Okay, now we can open. (upbeat dance music) So much like most other iPhone unboxings, we’ve got our paperwork right here. Here they are. (gasp) Look at you. Even though I just saw
these at the Apple event, having them here in my own
home and in my own two hands… Some people say I overreact, I’m trying really hard not to overreact, maybe I’m not the one overreacting, maybe you’re the ones underreacting. It’s not my problem, it’s your problem! Look at these beauties! This is such an incredible color, I just can’t get over
how perfect this gold is. I’ve been waiting for this gold since they started
introducing gold phones, because every time they
would introduce a gold phone I was like “Eh, I like it, it’s cool, but it’s not the gold that I want.” You guys remember I did have
a gold phone previously, I had the iPhone 8 which
was more of a blush tone, but then I did have, I
think it was the iPhone 6. I actually got that one, I waited in line. Well there’s nobody else here, surprise. The middle of nowhere in North Carolina. First in line for the phone. iPhone 6S. Line forms here. Oh this was the 6S that I got in gold. They are about the same size
and form factor overall. A glass back. So this gold, I felt, was
a little bit too yellow. So I feel like these
colors are pretty similar, so this is the 8, this is the 10S Max, and I’m hoping that I
can even give you guys a really good color demonstration. You can see that this 8
is a little more pinkish, whereas this has a really interesting, kind of like a holographic
reflectiveness to it. I don’t know if that’s the technical term but that’s what we’re gonna call it. If you guys need a size
comparison the 10S Max is about the same size
as the Plus model phones. Just the regular 10S
is about the same size as the iPhone 10. Let’s see what else we have in the box. Ear pods, standard issue lightning cables, and power bricks. Aw man, I forgot, I didn’t even actually
need to use my knife. I brought out a beautiful
gold knife for this unboxing. This knife looks to be a
little bit too yellow gold. I don’t wanna smudge this
up but we’ve gotta do it. (spacey electronic music) My precious. I’ve still never seen Lord of the Rings. How many iPhone unboxings
am I gonna make that joke, and not actually get the reference. (gasp) It’s turning on. Okay while this is starting
up, we’ve got another one. I just want to cradle
it like a small child. It’s so weird to have a huge phone again. Here we’ve got the Face
ID all ready to set up, We’ve also got some cases. Oooh, this is Jenna’s favorite color. Oh it’s a nice leather smell. Now you can’t even tell
that I have a gold phone. I like the blue though cause it is a good compliment to the gold. Here’s this brown leather case, I guess it’s more of a tan color, the official name is saddle brown. Look at that, super classy. So some of the differences
between the 10S and the 10 is obviously it comes
in a much larger size, so this is the 10S Max, and the 10S, which looks very similar
to the previous version. It has an A12 chip which
is a much faster processor, so everything that you do on your phone will be a little bit faster. The back facing cameras
have an all-new sensor, so this allows for faster auto-focus and improved low-light photos. The Super HDR feature is pretty cool. It captures a bunch of photos all at once, merges them together for the perfect shot. I also love the advanced portrait mode. You can adjust the aperture
after you take a photo, so that background blur
that everyone loves, you can set it to however much or however little you want. So essentially you should
just be able to go out, push a button, and take
an incredible picture. It’s really taking the art out of being a photographer isn’t it? Just push a button and voila, magic. Do I look like super…
– Stop talking. – This looks so good! This looks so good! Half the time I end up
taking iPhone pictures instead of using my expensive camera. It’s easier and they end up
looking just as good sometimes. I went a little more in-depth
in some of the things that were announced in
all of the new phones and the watches in my reaction
video from the Apple event. Okay I’m gonna stop talking because I wanna take this thing out, get some cool slow-mo
B-roll, cause you know, that’s what I like to do. God, I love, such a sucker for slow-mo. (triumphant dance music) So we’re now down here by the beach, I wanna test out some
more of the slow-mo video, and because the sun is super harsh, this is gonna be the perfect situation to test out the smart HDR, and the new extended
dynamic range in the video. Because it’s so bright, the
phone will automatically be able to adjust the
highlights and the contrast, and merge everything all into one photo. So the photos in the video
won’t be too overexposed. (staccato rock music) I need to show you what Jenna’s doing. – I’m making it work. – [Justine] This is great. – Someone else’s trash, I’ll
throw it away afterwards. Okay, let’s perform. – [Justine] Take some pictures! I just want to give you guys a quick demo of some of the apps using ARKit 2. I’m so excited for the future of AR, it’s probably one of my
most favorite things. So this app is called Night Sky, so basically it gives you an
entire view over the world, stars, constellations,
it will even show you the International Space Station. So, there it is, case you’re wondering where it’s at today. (gasp) There’s a giraffe! This is so cool! (ethereal music) Let’s see what other things we can do. Look at the solar system! “Generate a Live Sky Tour for
any location or time on Earth, simply choose a location.” Okay, let’s see what’s
happening in Cupertino. – [Computerized Male voice]
Welcome to the sky tour for Cupertino over the next night. The stargazing conditions
tonight will be good. Vulpecula constellation
in zenith at 8:28 PM. – I never knew this is
something that I needed. Ooh, listen to that bass. Alright, elemento. (beep) Elemen-tay-o? Tau, elemen-tau. (beep) So you can do multiple people in this, so if you click this
you can create a room, so a bunch of people can also join in, but I clearly don’t have any
friends in here right now. This green scenery looks
beautiful, let’s do that. Okay we’re gonna scan this surface. The whole table, yes! Here’s my world. So we can look up. I think augmented reality is probably one of my favorite things. I like VR but I feel like VR
takes you out of the element. I’m going inside now,
like I’m seeing things. (low atmospheric music) Look, there’s a ball over here. See the ball? – [Woman] Ooh, kick it! – [Justine] I don’t know if I can kick it. What I can do is look around
it, and look on top of it. I’m also screen-recording and
doing this at the same time, so that’s using up a lot of resources. (loud crack of thunder) Oh, what?! (loud crack of thunder) (deep gasp) No way! Look at this, there’s fire here now. The app that we’re gonna test
out now is called Memrise, and this is a language learning app, so using AR, it’ll identify
objects that it sees, and it’ll tell you how to
say them in whatever language you’re trying to learn. So, let’s learn some new words. The potted plant. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Die Topfpflanze. – Oh, come on now. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Die Topfpflanze. – Die topfpflanze. Well next time I go to Germany, I’m gonna be sure to use my new word. Die topfpflanzia! (chuckles) It also thought that this
potentially could be broccoli, which is incredible. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Der Brokkoli. – I can say that. Der Brokkoli. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Der Brokkoli. – This is freaking fun. – [Computerized Female Voice] Der Ofen. – Der ofen. What’s this? The sink. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Das Waschbecken. – Oh come on, das Washvicken? Oh, a refrigerator. Oh, it thinks it’s a bookcase. (laughing) Let me back up. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Der Kuhlschrank. – German is very, very difficult. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Der Kuhlschrank. – Der Kooh-shank? – [Computerized Female
Voice] Der Kuhlschrank. – I’m honestly trying. Ooh, let me take a picture of you. – What’s it gonna think I am? It says Jenna? – [Computerized Female Voice] Die Person. – (laughs) It says you’re a person. It’s telling, it says die person. (laughs) – [Jenna] No that’s there, that’s the. – Yes, but in English. – [Jenna and Computerized
Female Voice] Die Person. – [Jenna] That’s me I’m die Person. – Die Person. Okay, what else is around here? – [Jenna] (singing) Dee dee ala. – (singing) Dee amala,
dee amala, dee amala. It thinks it’s soap? – [Jenna] Soap? – [Justine] It thinks it’s a clock? – [Computerized Female Voice] Die Uhr. – [Jenna] Ooh let’s go to the toilet! – Oh yes let’s. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Die Toilette. Die Toilette. – Die Toilette. – [Computerized Female
Voice] Die Toilette. Die Toilette. – [Jenna] Alright, we’re done now. – And this is cool too
because you can go in here and so it kind of gives you
an entire library of items, so if you want to go back and okay, why does it think that’s a festival? – [Jenna] What does it think? Does it think– – [Computerized Female Voice] Das Becken. – It thinks it’s the remote control. Now it thinks it’s a cellphone. Do you know how to say cellphone? – [Computerized Female Voice] Das Handy. – I am so excited about all of the fun AR apps
that are coming out. Using ARKit 2, there’s so many more things that can be implemented into AR so if you guys have any favorite AR apps, please leave those in the comments below and I look forward to seeing
what you guys are into. How do you say new cellphone in German? – [Computerized Female Voice] Neues Handy. – Neues Handy. Neues Handy! They also said that the Face ID is faster because of the A12 chip,
so let’s test it out. So this notification, (chuckles) it’s telling me to water my
plants from 207 days ago. I don’t even know how you’re
gonna be able to capture this but, ready? – [Jenna] Yep. – Oh it’s definitely faster. (chill jazz music) Wow, wow it’s faster,
Jordan’s gonna be so happy. Everybody tweet
CaptainSparklez and tell him the iPhone 10S has faster Face ID. – [Jenna] He’s not gonna
get it, he just got the 10. – I know, but he wants faster Face ID. Thank you so much for
watching, hope you guys enjoyed this iPhone 10 video, this is
the first look and unboxing, and some of my favorite features. Of course, as you know, I will have plenty more
videos for you guys, so be sure to subscribe,
and of course hit the bell so you’ll be alerted
when I make new videos. If there’s anything
else that you would like to see me make videos about, whether it’s iPhone or not iPhone, leave those in the comments below and I look forward to seeing
what you guys have to say. So, I’ll see you later. I’m dancing but there’s
no music, it’s in my head. (chill jazz music)


  1. I’ve been begging my mom for one. Her answer: YOU ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH ELECTRONICS.
    My reaction: Mom, you literally bring 5 iphones with you when you go over-seas for three months. Like 4 of them, you DON’T even use!
    Her: DonKt talk back!

  2. Justine: Maybe you're underreacting?
    Everyone: No we're pretty sure you are overreacting 😉
    You think german is hard to learn try polish 😉

  3. Okay did everyone skip over the fact that she’s never seen the lord of the rings ?! Because I sure didn’t ! 😱

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  5. The camera is INSANE on this phone. I loved the one on my X, but this one is even better. Fun unboxing and review!

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  9. I used to have a Vodafone phone for 4 years and 3 months ago I got iPhone 6s (second hand) from my dad from a man and I really wanted iPhone XR but before I knew it was second hand and you may wonder how I found out well the phone had a little crack at the side and the back was scratched and the battery wasn’t good at all so I am making my own money ($750) to buy the iPhone XR I am not sure what colour but my parents do know other wise the will be saying like why do you need a new phone if I just bought you one 3 months ago and it’s just so annoying when that happens to me anyway thanks for reading this

  10. This is the epitome of western consumerism religion and vulgar excess and privilege. You can almost see the dopamine sizzling behind her eyes as she kneels at the altar. Meanwhile, the child slaves who assembled the phone live on less than a dollar a day…

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