Gold iPhone XS Max vs XS Unboxing + Comparison!

Gold iPhone XS Max vs XS Unboxing + Comparison!

(calm, rhythmic music) – [Jonathan] Hey guys, Jonathan here with an unboxing of the
iPhone XS and XS Max. (calm, rhythmic music) So, on the left is the iPhone XS Max which I still really badly
want to call the iPhone XS Plus hopefully I get used to that soon, and on the right is the iPhone XS. If this happens to be your first iPhone unboxing you’ve
ever watched on YouTube, before we get to the
phones, we’ve got to get to the boring stuff, the paperwork. But on the positive side,
with that paperwork comes those highly sought after Apple stickers. If you’re thinking to
yourself do I get max sized apple stickers with the iPhone XS Max? Nope. They are exactly the same. Pause for iPhone boxing ASMR. So no doubt in hand the
iPhone XS is a hefty boy, it’s a big phone. Personally, I’ve always
thought 5.8 inch form factor on the X, or in this case
the XS was the perfect size, but honestly, I’m a little
tempted with that XS Max. Now for some strange reason,
the location of the EarPods and the power brick in the XS
and XS Max box are reversed, and I have no idea why. If you have any guesses let me know with a comment down below. In the box, for whatever
reason, Apple does not include a USB-C to lightning
fast charging option with the iPhone, which is kind of crazy. I think last year we kind of accepted it and sucked it up with the iPhone X. But this year there’s
not really an excuse, especially with how
expensive these phones are, specifically the iPhone
XS Max which is insane. Also, what you’ll notice is
on the flip side are these EarPods used to be a
lightning to headphone adaptor but that is also missing
on this year’s iPhone. Now, what would an unboxing
be without a chance to win your own brand new
iPhone XS or XS Max, your choice, it will also
be wrapped in this beautiful skin from dbrand, which
just dropped like today. So for details on how to win, make sure you guys check
out the link below. And if you’re feeling extra awesome, make sure you guys drop a like
and turn on notifications. Now the set up process was pretty quick, especially if you’re
coming from another iPhone. It’s very similar to
setting up an Apple watch, definitely props to Apple for making this process super seamless. So here’s a closer look at that notchless wallpaper on the XS and XS Max. There’s 3 of these and
I guarantee you by now there’s going to be
download links everywhere so if you want to hide the
wallpaper on your X as well, but I think out of all
the wallpapers on iOS 12 this one here is definitely my favorite. Now, internally both the XS Max and XS are rocking the
same A12 Bionic chips. So the big difference here between these two is going to be
screen size and battery life. The iPhone XS features a 5.8 inch display, whereas the iPhone XS Max features a much larger 6.5 inch display, which is massive. With the iPhone XS Max
having a bigger display, naturally you get more resolution. But because of the size, the pixel density is exactly the same. Note with the iPhone XS Max
alongside the bigger screen, you’re also getting better battery life. Stacked side by side against the iPhone X, the iPhone XS Max is supposed to get you about an hour and half more battery life and based off these initial
tests, that’s pretty accurate. Now with these unboxings
and first impressions, one of the things you’re going
to see the most is obligatory Geekbench test, which might
be a little confusing. On the left is the iPhone X and on the right is the iPhone XS which really isn’t that
big of a difference. What’s going on here
is there’s really only about a 10 to 15% increase
in terms of CPU performance, where the big gains happen
are actually in the GPU. Now if you happen to run
a GPU based benchmark off the Computex Geekbench, that’s where you will
see the big difference with the XS compared to the iPhone X. The iPhone XS in this case scored 21,524, whereas the with the
iPhone X that is 14,964, so it’s a pretty substantial jump. Same thing with the N22
benchmark, which takes forever, like this was me, but
with the iPhone XS you can see we got a score of 318,838 compared to 241,428 on the iPhone X. So again more tests on the GPU, the iPhone XS is a pretty big jump. Now this is an S upgrade so aesthetically it looks identical to the iPhone X aside from the brand new gold color and also obviously the bigger XS Max. Now with the iPhone XS and XS Max, comes iOS 12 out of the box and honestly one of the
biggest improvements was a fix to how you used to stupidly close apps on iOS 11 and the iPhone X. Now you simply swipe
away and they are gone. So on top of the unboxing,
this is kind of my first 24 to 48 hour impressions
with the iPhone XS and XS Max. Naturally from there I
wanted to set up Face ID, which is supposed to be faster this year. I kind of wanted to mix
it up a bit and go outside towards more of a darker environment, set up Face ID with the hat on, kind of give it a little
bit of a challenge to see how it would react and honestly, and it was super fast, seamless,
and I was done in no time. Now is it faster, yeah,
but I’m not gonna say it makes your iPhone X feel slow, but without a doubt it
is noticeably zippy. In this case you can see where it’s not really well lit,
it is working perfectly. Now while we’re on the front facing camera in iOS 12 in Memeoji and Animoji, you can now of course detect your tongue. What I was most excited for though was to test out those rear facing cameras and the newer portrait mode. So with the iPhone XS and XS Max, they have the exact same
dual 12 megapixel camera, what I see a lot in the comments is a wish for a true night time or low
light test of these phones. So we were out there,
it was dark, I figured this would be the perfect time to test it. In this case here, it was
just regular low light shot, no portrait mode, and I
got to say, based off these lighting conditions it was
a really impressive shot. Now from there, one of the
things I was most excited to check out was the
improved portrait mode and the ability to adjust
that blur after the fact. Now yeah, it’s not new, we’ve
seen it on smartphones before but the way Apple’s doing it
is a little bit different. Now, what you got to pay attention to, it’s not just the blur that’s changing, we’re not just increasing the
overall blur in the image, it’s actually how the image
reacts to that aperture change. The bokeh in the background
actually behaves more like it would on a real lens, so as we open up the lens the bokeh balls actually get bigger which
is really impressive. This shot here in particular even though there’s a little bit of grain because of the lighting
situation, really impressed me. I think this is where most
phones tend to fall apart, but it held up really
pretty well altogether. Now from there, what I
was also really excited to check out was the portrait
selfie on the iPhone XS. Because last year, one, it hated my ears and two, overall it just
really wasn’t that good. Now right away, even in
this low light situation, it is already miles
better than the iPhone X. You can see one, it doesn’t hate my ears and two, the adjustable aperture even on the front facing
camera works really well. Like I mentioned with
the rear facing camera, as we kind of virtually
open up the aperture, the way the bokeh reacts
is really impressive. Now, I’m not gonna say the
iPhone XS camera is reason enough to upgrade over the X, but based off these initial impressions,
there’s a pretty big difference specifically
just on selfie mode alone. Aside from that, I’ve really enjoyed using the iPhone XS Max. It’s screen size is awesome. I think that’s what I’ll
be using for my full review which is dropping very soon. Thank you guys so much for watching. And again, for your a chance to win your own iPhone XS or XS Max
with that sweet dbrand skin, check out the details down below and I’ll catch you guys later.


  1. Thanks for this giveaway. The best thing which I like in this new iPhone is the xtra large OLED display!!! That display is humongous!!! I mean it is pretty sure that Steve Jobs would not have allowed such a big screen IPhone… but as of now, people are really enjoying this big screen!! My only reason to like this big screen iPhone is because of the better battery backup with addition to OLED display over the previous LCD displays! ( although iPhone xs is also damn bad good )Apart this , iPhone is obviously great in every section. Camera- great! Display- great! Performance- top notch!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Build – great! The only thing which I wish to see ( which is not going to happen ) is the small sized flagship smartphones ( words from MKBHD )!! But right now, I wish to have the iPhone XS!!!😬
    Twitter – @Its_AkKy
    Instagran – a_k_k_i_iiπŸ™ˆπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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