Gold IRA Investment – Shocking Facts About A Gold IRA Rollover!

Gold IRA Investment – Shocking Facts About A Gold IRA Rollover!

“Hi, my name is David Fowler and this is my
Gold IRA investment review. With the state of the economy, the future
strength of the U.S dollar is extremely concerning. I realized that I would not be prepared if
the value of the dollar completely vanished. So I did some research and I found out some
very interesting information. Your dollars are worth 97% less than they
once were. And in 10 years they may not even be worth the paper they’re printed on. Here are some facts to consider.
You cannot rely on a 9 to 5. You cannot rely on a 401K.
You cannot rely on real estate. You cannot rely on the stock market.
You cannot rely on a savings account. You cannot rely on social security.
You cannot rely on your government. And you cannot rely on the dollars in your
wallet. I started to wonder, if I can not depend on
the dollar, then what could I rely on as a financial investment for my future? Gold. You see, the value of gold is continually
increasing, and will always be a secure financial assets.
“For over 6,000 years gold has never been worth zero”. So why invest in gold? Gold will continue
to hit record highs over the next several years, if ANY of the following occurs.
Stock market failure. More foreclosures.
Currencies fail (including foreign currencies). Record unemployment rates continue.
Or, inflation and the national debt continue to spiral out of control. Here are some powerful statements I found
about the value of gold. “Gold can easily pass $2,400 per ounce, reaching
up to $4,000 an ounce within 2012” -John Paulson (worth $12 billion dollars.
Of which over $4.6 billion is invested in gold). “Gold will be the great investment of the
next decade” -Jim Rogers said this in March 2011 (his net
worth is $300 million dollars). So is your future as good as gold?
On August 22nd 2011 gold reached a new record high of $1,908 and continues to be an effective
way to hedge against global financial stress. Even as the value of the dollar decreases,
gold stays strong. After doing some research on how to safely
invest in gold, I found a reputable company called Regal Assets. Regal Assets will help
convert your 401k to a gold IRA investment (and even buy or sell gold to you). Regal Assets goal is to help us secure our
financial futures. Converting your IRA or 401K to physical gold is easy. They walk you
through every step of transferring or rolling over your retirement plan, with:
No hassles. No stacks of paperwork.
No endless phone calls or questions. No worries. Regal Assets is in fact a reliable company.
I was pleased to see all the great professional ratings awarded to Regal Assets. So who recommends Regal Assets? Take a look
at these recommendations. “Regal Assets is one of the most trusted precious
metal dealers in America” – Alan Thicke “Do your research and request your free investment
kit from Regal Assets” -Laura Ingraham “The only company I trust with the process
is Regal Assets” – Dennis Miller “With an A + rating from the BBB, Regal Assets
is the company you can trust” – Lars Larson “Do yourself a favor do it today call Regal
Assets” -Jerry Doyle Regal Assets was also featured in this excellent
edition of Smart Money magazine. I decided I wanted to feel more confident
in my financial future, and make a sound investment in Gold IRA with Regal Assets. I had a great
experience, their customer service was friendly and professional, and they sent me a complimentary
gold investing kit to help get me started. There are 3 simple steps to getting started
with Regal Assets. 1. They help you open a new self-directed
IRA. 2. They show you how to safely fund your new
gold IRA. 3. You choose the right precious metals that
fit with your personal retirement plan. It’s as easy as that. I suggest you request your complimentary gold
investing kit like I did, and see for yourself! Just go to, or click
the link below.


  1. I've looked into this already for a friend of mine. Vanguard will transfer over just fine. It may take a little time but it will be worth it once you have your gold backed IRA setup.

  2. Good point. You're right about this economy being shaky and the dollar is too weak to bring any wise investor confidence. Gold does seem to be the best route and those that have invested in a gold IRA have made a very smart choice.

  3. Glad to hear it Edward and yes that is a wise decision. I have yet to hear of anyone who's transferred their 401k to a gold backed IRA and has any regret. Definitely the way to go, especially in these times.

  4. The idea is to get a gold backed IRA which you can purchase with your funds or rollover an existing 401k retirement plan.

    It will then be backed by physical gold. The best company I've found that will do this is Regal Assets.

  5. Hi David I really enjoyed your video. I also have had some serious concerns about the state of the economy now even in 2014. Currencies failing is highly likely and who knows how well our unemployment rate will improve. Since I've found a solid gold IRA company I've had a lot more confidence about my financial future. I've created a few videos to help educate people as well. 🙂

  6. You're still on time, the window hasn't closed. In fact, it may just be opening…, can't explain check out the details on that website…, GoldStratz!

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