1. Gold IRA Investments are one of the best things to do and Regal Assets is clearly the best place to go for it. They also do Rollovers of course, but they'll help everyone who wants to invest in gold for their retirement. 

  2. I'm going to have to grab that Gold IRA Rollover kit from Regal gold investments. I've been wanting to invest in gold for a while now and I have a feeling this will be the way to go. 

  3. Very helpful video.  Thanks John for doing your home work and putting your research findings into this video and posting it.  I learned a lot here.

  4. You have given a lot to consider here when choosing a gold ira company.  I appreciate you taking the time to share your information via this video.

  5. I have a gold IRA rollover and have not known what to do with it.  I will give these people at Regal Assets a call.  Helpful review.

  6. Having a gold IRA investment  is very smart.  I have learned over the years it DOES help  protect against inflation.  

  7. Just wanted to say I really do appreciate an honest and credible review video like this.  I actually have spoken to the people at Regal Assets recently and I was very impressed.  I am now doing due diligence and finding I am liking everything I learn about them.

  8. I have decided it is time to make gold a part of my IRA, Regal Investments sounds like a good company to help me with this.

  9. I agree "don't just go with any company" when doing your gold IRA rollover. Their 1 flat admin fee is a huge savings. Too many of the popular precious metals companies have those scaling fees which end up charging you an arm and a leg.

  10. Hi John I agree with you 100% – do your research first! I didn't know that gold investment companies will have those hidden fees. Especially scaling admin fees, man what a joke!

    I'll do more research before doing my gold IRA rollover but I greatly appreciate you sharing your research about the #1 rated company. Certainly sounds like the best option.

  11. Great video on doing a gold IRA rollover. I love hearing about the real facts you must consider before investing your hard earned retirement. Very critical that people understand this information for a much larger nest egg.

  12. I did some research on gold IRA rollover companies as well. It's surprising how they're rated on reputable business rating sites like the BBB and Trust Link. Not to mention some of these well known companies have horrible feedback on the Rip Off Report. To my surprise there are only a few who I'd trust to handle my 401k to gold IRA rollover. Regal Assets happens to be the best because of their 1 flat fee and usage of Brinks security to store your physical gold.

  13. I the words of Ian McAvity "Those who fret the decline of the gold price, don't really understand gold." I think this words hold a lot of truth and should be remembered when doing a 401k to gold IRA rollover or any gold investment for that matter.

  14. brilliant !!! Very helpful video.  Thanks John for doing your home work and putting your research findings into this video and posting it.  I learned a lot here. "Gold IRA Rollover"

  15. after doing some research on gold IRA rollover companies, I came across this video, and was surprised to find out about the hidden fees.  I will definitely check out Regal 

  16. I've been researching various gold IRA rollover company and this is the first time I've heard of Regal. I will definitely look into them. Thank you.

  17. This guy really knows his stuff. I've worked for two insurance agencies now. I actually just used gold IRA rollover after watching this video, I was sold.

  18. I have been looking into a 401k to gold IRA rollover and I'm so glad I found this video.  I am going to order his kit and go from there.  Thank you for taking time to do post this video.

  19. Very informative info regarding gold IRA rollover…I always only trust reputable companies that are screened by the BBB

  20. Hi I'm Emily and it's good to know
    That we learn something new
    Everyday and I've learned about
    401k to gold IRA rollover

  21. This is good info on the best company for gold IRA rollovers. Researching such opportunities in advance does help avoid hidden fees, storage fees, scaling admin fees, etc. These Regal Assets opportunities appear to warrant further study.

  22. Hi John, very interesting what you said about the gold ira rollovers. Your video was so helpful I created a playlist and added your video to it. You can see the playlist here if you are interested – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_HVl6mqbDCKCL-XOTfGKS-rJuYtXMuUT

  23. Great review John. I also found that to be true as well when setting up my gold IRA account. They've been the best and their representatives are highly professional AND respectful (unlike their competitors).

  24. This is really helpful, actually. I'm glad I finally found a video worth watching about how to move 401k to gold without penalty. Thanks so much for this!

  25. Great video! I really appreciate all the valuable information on gold IRA investement. Best gold IRA rollover video i've seen so far, keep it up!

  26. I have a question…. why are people or why should people row their IRA's / 401k into this gold thing????? I never read on here of WHY it's should be done… CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS Question Please. What's the reason to leave your IRA's / 401k's where there at or row it into gold.. Thanks

  27. Had trouble finding Regal Assets using the BBB's search function. Found it through another source here; https://www.bbb.org/losangelessiliconvalley/business-reviews/gold-silver-and-platinum-dealers/regal-assets-in-los-angeles-ca-100088403#bbbseal
    They have an A+ rating and have been listed with the BBB since 2009. Seems legit. Thanks John. You likely saved me from making a $X mistake of going with the wrong company!

  28. you really hit on some great points here. There are many companies that do have those sneaky admin fees and find ways to upsell numismatic coins. If you're wanting gold as in investment then: DON'T DO THIS. Sure, if you're a hobbyist that's fine, just don't buy into the hype that numismatic coins are more of an investment or will stand the test of time longer than pure gold and silver.

  29. great video on the factors to be aware of. Stay away from those sneaky admin fees that scale as your account grows! I learned that the hard way. My wife and I have been searching for a quality gold investment company for bullion. Thanks for your recommendation, will check them out.

  30. Very informative video! Uncertain times demands a well research choice on which gold company to invest on. Keep up the good work!

  31. Tax issues aside, financial experts say there is a much more cost-effective way to add gold to your retirement portfolio: invest in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks the price of the metal.

  32. Regal looks legit but made this observation while looking through their site. I found that they're backed by Sterling Trust (Trustee) who is not accredited with the BBB. I would have some reservations about this and explore this further.

  33. In a rollover, the money being moved is paid to you and you then deposit the funds in the other account. In a funds transfer, the original custodian of the IRA transfers the funds directly to the new IRA custodian you designated to receive the funds. You basically never see the money.

  34. While simply transferring funds from an IRA to a Gold IRA is an option, a rollover is a much safer and tax-advantaged strategy of moving your retirement savings.

  35. Solid advice. As Gold is rising now seems like the best time to hop on the band wagon before it takes off and really shows the world to TRUE value of this precious metal! "for over 6000 years gold has never been worth 0".

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