Gold jewellery || How to make || Gold jewelry || gold Butterfly pendent set

Gold jewellery || How to make || Gold jewelry || gold Butterfly pendent set

What we will show today is how to make gold butterfly The golden butterfly will show you how to make part by part Take part in small pieces and see how Part Bite Butterfly is Finnish, be patient The pieces of this piece that you see are Part Bay Part Finish, after which it will form a whole butterfly See how our artisans are slowly filling it with patience Please comment in the comment box about how this video is being played, and then make another video which is the bangle The butterflies have been arranged slowly and this time the Plaster Paris is being made If Plaster Paris is dry, then by raising it we will be ready to burn If I like this video to make videos on YouTube then I will subscribe my video once. This video of this jewelery picture will be presented in front of you this time Each part of the butterfly has been welded, the butterfly form will be given at this time The welding did not show you completely because the video would be long Notice that the butterfly is almost over Now see this picture that butterflies have become completely Finnish, it seems like a butterfly This time you will show how welding is The butterfly has become FINISH. Now we will do the chain fitting with bricks Hope you like the video if you like, my channel please subscribe please If you want to see the next video, then click the bell icon The whole thing has happened in Finnish. Now look how it looks

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