Gold Mining Show MINER or BUST 2016 Gold Mining Documentary

Gold Mining Show MINER or BUST 2016 Gold Mining Documentary

Well here we are again at the end of another season. Could snow any day now. But this is the end and every ending has a beginning. Theres the site we’re going to start working on. There she goes. Nothing to her. Well good morning. Finally ready to give this cut another try after yesterdays tragedy. Blew a hydraulic line there. The tree hung up in that big spruce behind us. Broke the hydraulic line pretty good. But know worries it’s all environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids. So it’s not going to hurt anything out here… Other then my pride. Yeah we’ve done a pretty big section here. Nice big cut. A little bit more over burden on this side then over here. Everything seems to be dipping into the hill. The heart of the channel should be more on this side. Yeah I got some material in the bucket there… we’ll take a quick pan here and see if we can find a trace of gold. Going to get some dirt for me Brutus. Hmm can you smell the gold. Can you smell the gold in there. Not bad. Four small peaces. Now we’re getting somewhere now. We’re down on the false bedrock. Looks like a clay. Getting quit the pay pile here. Almost starting to run out of room. Digging these rocks out sure jars a guys bones around. Yeah as you can see we literally have a mountain of pay gravel. It’s going to take awhile to wash this. Iv’e never washed this much gravel before. Well good morning. Finally did our first clean up there last night. Ran maybe eight or ten yards in that pit to do a test run. Make sure we’re on the gold channel. But a did pretty good for a small test. But it sure didn’t come easy. I tell yeah this last week just been a week from hell. Thunderstorms heavy rain showers roads washing out. Fighting the mud. Yeah we had a hose blown on the excavator. Split the track ended up with the track laid right out. That was quit stressful. Don’t have quit the proper tools for that job. We managed to do a jimmy rig bush fix on that. After all that work and all that misery… Things are looking up we’re on some decent gold. Got the channel stripped out. A good section of pay gravel there stacked up. Just going to enjoy my coffee here and figure out what I’m going to the rest of the day. Like I always said there’s nothing better then coffee and gold first thing in the morning. Good thing I brought my road clearing crew. What do you think Brutus. Make sure there on tight. With my permits being all so late. Just getting my water permit… and a we won’t have enough time. Especially that deep channel… it’s such a heavy deposit. We’re going to chase down this one here. It’s a lot shallower of ground and a seemed fairly rich in gold. We got about a ten yard test from this side here… and a we’ll wash that and see what kind of gold sitting in there. Here’s hoping it’s good… cause I’m running out of season that’s for sure. Can’t keep waisting time like this. Good thing I’m just down here sampling. Well…. time to do a clean up on the old sluice. Hah stubborn. Yeah I like this ribbed carpet holds the gold nice little gold traps in it. Yeah Iv’e always liked the carpet has a nice backing to it. You don’t have to worry about the fine gold migrating out of the sluice. Leave a lot less in the bottom of the sluice to wash out rinse out. This is the one you have to worry about…. little more careful with this one. Ah silly squirrels… dropping the cones from the top of the trees all day here just driving poor Brutus insane. It’s good entertainment for me though. Squirrels better not get to cocky…. I don’t think Brutus is playing games. Yeah your suppose to classify it down to eighth of a inch. I had this old screen laying around. I figure I’d just do it this way. If it works it works. To think it would of took me half a day to pan that out. Defiantly liking that. Gotta get every last little bit out of here. Let it run for a minute here and we’ll break this down clean it up and see what kinda golds sitting in here. I know I’m curios after all that hard work. Well there’s what we managed to pan out. Some nice corse peaces in there…. So I’d say the Cubes doing a pretty good job on the clean up the sampling projects doing better. Can’t go wrong with that. Well we’ll dig a little more pay gravel out of here. Yeah we’re sampling a new pit. The top corner there. A lot more pockets of black sands. All the way through here was pretty black with heavies. Hopefully that’s a good sign. Good things to come maybe. Huh measured that exact quit the tight fit. That’s what you want though.You don’t want anything migrating underneath. As you can see it’s pretty clean underneath here. That’s exactly what your looking for. Do the same thing. Just look for any little nuggets stuck in there. Usually you’ll spot them right away. Huh no surprise!! Well there you go. After all that digging and washing it comes down to two really heavy buckets. Well it’s looking like a nice little clean up. Looks like it only made it a third of the way through. Most of your golds going to be down here in the little boil box trap. Well it’s time to head into the claim. Of corse we’ve had nothing but rain again. Boy it would be nice to come in here one time and not have to chain up. Well at least it’ll be nice and cool for working anyway. Well let’s go and make it down that hill. Always and enjoyable trip Slipping and Sliding. Well we made her in. Barely!! I tell yeah that roads a nightmare coming down on that clay is wet. Just about slide of the edge there a couple times. Well time to get started on another day. I tell yeah it sure was a lot easier when Josh was here. Oh well. We’ll get this sampling project finished. Sure rained a lot last night. We might be stuck down here for awhile if things don’t start drying up. We’re never going to make that hill. Keep that!! Well now to go back up top. (ha ha) Run Run Run!! Huh!! Well I tell yeah I’m having a lot harder time running that wash plant by myself. Working up a little bit of a sweat even though it’s pretty chilly today. Yeah that’s probably the worst thing about my permits coming in late for the water permit. Cause I ah lost my slave for half the season. You know. That’s pretty valubel out here to have a second set of hands. Yeah I’m just going to enjoy my coffee here. Dry off a little bit. Have a snack and then we’ll go wash some more gravels. Holly gees!! Starting to get cold out already. It was almost freezing this morning. Had a little bit of excitement this morning as well. Put the run on a bear he was pawing up my truck there. A little bit of fun this morning. A bear out here poking around my truck. I don’t know what he was after there’s nothing in here. You defiantly don’t keep any food or anything in your vehicle. The diesel tank maybe been of interest to him. Maybe he was after my gold bucket (ha ha) Went all the way around it. Put his muddy paws everywhere. He’s back up in here now. Hopefully making his way out of here. Old Brutus isn’t liking it to much. Where is he? Where is he!! Huh is he there? (ha ha) He’s gone. You don’t like that guy? Yeah we’ve done quit a bit of damage in here. But a.. If you look at the material in here. There’s a lot more granule sandy type of material. Then there is gravels. A lot of big rock and that in here. Just looking at this structure it defiantly kinda suets why there’s more finer flatter gold in here. Like I’m thinking further up to that hill is probably where the heavier gold runs going to be. Yeah this a… Defiantly a different material. Could have a lot to do with running up high along this hill to… More of the glacial material from the hill entering the river system Yeah…it’s my favorite time of the day again. Clean up time!! Looking not bad. Can already see one nice picker up top here. It’s always nice to see. Lot’s of pockets of nice black heavies in here. Looking good!! It’s always the funnest part of the day. Huh It means a hard days over. Nothing hopefully went wrong through out the day. Collect your gold. Go enjoy the rest of the night by a fire. Call the day a success. Nothing wrong with that. Well after several days. Sitting out here by the fire and washing gravel. It’s time for us to do a clean out and see what we’re on. What types of gold are sitting in that old channel. Yeah we also gotta head back into town here and a re-supply. That’s if we can make it up that hill. (ha ha) Well there’s what we managed to pan out. Some nice corse peaces in there. All the way down to your flake… and all your flour golds. Well it’s time to head into the claim. Picked myself up a new set of chains. Well there old chains but there good ones. Defiantly have some teeth on these ones. Use the heavy set in the back and if it starts raining out we’ll through the other ones on the front. Pretty much nothings going to stop this. Yeah. It’s looking good. Should have no problems with that hill anymore. Of corse!! This is why we always bring a chainsaw. Well hopefully there’s not to many more of them. Well we made her down that hill. I’m defiantly liking the new chains. A lot more bite to them. Supposed to be pretty sunny the next two three days here so that road will dry up. I probably won’t need the chains on the front. Yeah it’s defiantly nice to a at least have the options. To chain up all the way around and still be able to get out of here during the wet weather. Yeah we’re not down here sampling or anything. We’re down here to clean up the site. Gotta pull that wash plant out of the way. Clean everything up reclaim the land according to the permits. And a just make it safe for the animals for the rest of the season and the winter. Well here comes the fun part. Nothing to her. Yeah this is why it’s nice to have Josh around. Yeah we’ll just get the next section out of the way finish cleaning up this site. Make it safe for the rest of the season. I’m not going to get to carried away cleaning this site up. I only washed maybe twenty percent of the gravel. Well good morning. Little bit chilly there last night not to bad. Yeah we finished cleaning up that site. The lands re claimed other then the a organic over burden. But I’ll be opening that again next year as well as another cut. But a… finished up early. still got a little bit of time. I’m thinking we’ll punch a little trail up in tight to that hill and a… see if that river is running up along that hill. I know if I don’t do it. It’ll be killing me all winter thinking about it. (ha ha) Yeah we’ll just punch a small trail in there. Drop a hole see if we can a locate the old river structure. If it carries on through there and a… Do a little panning and see if we can trace up some golds. Yeah we’re right in tight to this hill here. We’ll drop a hole right along the face down here and … see if this old channels up along this hill or not. Defiantly isn’t going to take long with the excavator. Would of took me days to figure out if there was anything here by hand. I could just do this all day long. Just walk this machine threw the forest dropping holes as I go. Think that’s the funnest part is prospecting and finding. After that it’s just mining. Defiantly like the exploring part of everything. Well that last bucket there at the bottom. You just start seeing a bit of a sandy material with the clay on top. Generally the old rivers just under that sandy layer. Well there you go. There’s some gravel that haven’t seen the light of day for a few thousand years. Looking good. We’ll get a little more of that. Let’s take a bucket of this back for panning. Should be a sign of colour in there if it’s the gold channel. Well for a surface sample off the old channel. I managed to trace up some gold from the top layers. It’s defiantly the old channel. Well so far… I’m liking what I’m seeing in this top area along the hill. It’s defiantly proving true in gold. The a…heavier gold run very well could be up along that hill or it could be down in the belly. Regardless it will usually lean to one side or the other of the belly. Gold doesn’t like to move to much. But we found enough gold to warrant a… that area to be machined mined. Doing a larger volumes of gravel per day should defiantly add up. Well the season was a good one. It had it’s ups and downs but… the old channel is defiantly a holding some nice golds and it has a nice structure. And it even runs further into that hill and all the way down through this valley. But…I’m liking what I’m seeing… and I can’t wait till next season and really open this up and a start washing some serious gravels. Well I don’t even know if we’re even going to get out of here. Everything so wet and muddy here in the fall. It rained really good last night. Well with the worst behind us now. Let’s go home!!


  1. Thanks Darcy, that was a true documentary of what it takes to do a thorough job of testing. Nothing fancy just hard work.
    The video was also a true picture of being in the bush, every time i heard those mosquitoes i was already swatting them away.
    Gold prospecting,testing and possibly mining is a journey that test the character of a person, i will be tested this year as i have
    acquired a claim in the caribou which i know little about. Apparently there is gold all around and on this claim. But this spring
    i will see for myself. With little to no money just some hand equipment i will test this year, nothing more.
    Hope 2017 was a good year for you and anxious to see the video of your en devours. I know it takes a lot to video and edit but
    us new guys really appreciate your efforts to show the true efforts of a gold miner. Thanks again your doing a mans job.

  2. I watch all videos dealing with gold on every you tube channel and I must say, yours is by far the best. Too bad the Discovery channel doesn't do a new show with your set-up. It would be a heck of a lot better than "Gold Rush" or "Bearing Sea Gold" because you don't have all the drama and act like a cry baby like those two shows do. Most of all, you make it look real and fun. Keep them videos coming and I'll keep on watching them.

  3. I’m enjoying catching up on all of your videos. Are you going to be posting any new ones maybe showing you machine mining the little nugget mine ? I really want to see that . Thanks a big Fan

  4. Great video series and high quality edits. Well done I've watched all of your YouTube videos. I hope you will continue your work and document with more videos for the 2018 season. Best of luck!

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  6. Hello you say it's hard to find the good gold spots, could you use help from a couple young explorers doing it very cheaply basicly for the expedition cost?

  7. Here is my idea for an awesome TV SHOW………..A small group of guys decide they want to go Gold mining ( Similar to Gold Rush, Discoveries most popular show ever ) But not Placer Gold they decide to go underground and mine Lode Gold ( Where most of the Gold is anyway ) So they go and explore a few abandoned mines looking for a good one. They find an awesome abandoned mine buy it, then form a mining company to raise funds to restore and operate this old mine. The stock is publicly traded on the stock market so the viewers or anyone for that matter can buy or sell shares at anytime. The show would be about the acquisition, development and operation of this old mine. The fact that viewers can own stock in this mine would be revolutionary because it would be the first show ever where viewers actually had a stake in the show they are watching!

    Lode mining is far more interesting and exciting than placer mining. You have explosives, history, terminology sights and sounds that most people have never seen plus all kinds of interesting minerals and rock formations as well as some danger.

  8. Enjoyed every minute. You are livin the dream my friend.
    5 years till retirement for me then we just bump into each other out there.

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  10. Hi I’m not on face book but can you tell me how I can possibly order your cleanup sluice, also whats the process in acquiring a water license, My NOW is in final referral and they say I’ll need a water license for 2019 even though I’m only using 2- 1.5” water pumps, thanks

  11. Ahhh found ya! After scouring YouTube for the last month, as I have been offline for 3 years. You are my favourite YouTube miner. Now I must settle in and watch the vid.

  12. Hey D’arcy been going back and re watching some of your videos. Looking forward to your new project. If you have a chance would you mind checking out a few of my videos and tell me what you think may be going on? I’m on so serious decomposed ore and not sure if the gold is part of the ore or is it deposited there. Anyway hope all is well. Take care.

    Terrance Hannon

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  15. So…does this mean no mining company is paying a steady income for scouting? And there's no scientific strategy or hypothesis to find this stuff? That's too much financial risk in this situation. I'd run away kicking and screaming.

    The machined mining part…is a colossal undertaking of vast proportions. The loan from a bank has an interest rate. More money bleeds away just from the mine getting deeper. How much planning is enough to accurately assess the financial risk?

  16. Dude, you are a miner who is REAL. You don't have discovery channel pay you to make a tv show. You don't have some guy who's drilled the ground and says "you owe me 10 percent". You do it all. Much respect given your way. YOU are the miner I strive to be like. My dream is to find a remote claim in which helicopters have to bring in equipment because there is no road. If there's a road, miners have already been there done that. The old timers went for the ground which payed very well,

  17. This may be a claim worth mining. To me, it'd have to be 7 grams/yard or more. The Hoffmans mine ground that is 30 grams per 100 yards. That's a gram every 3 yards give or take. That means for every 80 cubic feet of dirt, 40 dollars is earned. Yea, you MUST have rock trucks and shit carrying gravels. Parker, Todd, Rick, etc.. they're all dumbasses. They think "oh, there'
    s gold here, we just need to run as much material as possible to get the gold. No, you hunt around, find a high dollar claim, get 2 other guys to help you, and keep costs to a minimum. If you have ground that is 7 grams/yard, that's 280 dollars/yard. You could throw that in the sluice by hand and make a killing. The goal is to hunt down the most valuable ground, and mine it at the minimal cost. FUCK driving into a claim and meeting with the claim owner while he tells you the value of the ground based on drill results. The claim owner is going to want his cut. Much better to hike around known gold producing valleys and check out the ground above them. Benches above the valleys probably hold mad gold.

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