Gold Money – New Private Issue Gold Currency Revealed

Gold Money – New Private Issue Gold Currency Revealed

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Revealed After decades of working for your life savings
could it be at risk from the nature of the currency itself? Golden precious metals are
being used in trades are at the history of civilization many people are still protecting
their funds by purchasing gold. Paper currencies are being printed since soon after the invention
of paper itself among the Mongol leader Kublai Khan confiscate all gold and silver in his
kingdom forcing everyone to accept paper money paper currency is being printed in vast quantities
Persian economies and 1294 and China around 1450. The government in China banned the use
of paper money for hundreds of years after that event.
In the United States paper currencies have been around through our history first they
were printed by banks and states and later the bills became US Treasury Notes and in
1913 the Federal Reserve started printing the paper tender. Since that time the buying
power has decreased as inflation slowly eats away the buying power of the dollar.
Dan Girolomo is a Gold Director in Elite marketing globally utilizing the infrastructure of Karatbars
International a group that�s aimed at encouraging the return of precious metals as a preservation
in exchange resource. He�s an expert in gold bullion and in the history of paper currency.
Dan also known as Boomer was also asked to sit on the round table leadership council
for Karatbars for more information on an exciting opportunity take advantage of the website He�s our guest on the show today. He�s here to talk to us about
the US dollar and how precious metals could provide a haven from inflation, we�ll talk
about the devaluation of the dollar and how it affects American families and how ordinary
people like you can protect your life savings. Gary: Welcome to the program.
Dan: Thanks Gary I appreciate you having me on the show today.
Gary: Well it�s great to have you here. Gold is always a popular topic, people love
it, you go to the jewelry store and its shining in front of you, people have been using it
as a means of exchange for a number of years and as I mention but how does the real value
of precious metals compare to the US dollar. We see all these bailouts we see the inflations
affect us so how does gold tie in? Dan: Very good question. First of all many
people don�t realize that the dollar, this right here, that dollar was worth 1 � grams
of gold when it first came out. That wasn�t taught to me in schools, wasn�t taught to
anybody else. And so the dollar and this is the world�s exclusive reserve currency until
it isn�t anymore. Ok. There�s a shelf life with all money and this is supposed to
be a representation of your labor. But why is it worth less tomorrow than it is today?
And so paper money is merely a substitute for real gold money! And so its role in society
is back to the basics, whatever happens to the dollar happens to everything you�ve
kept in dollar. Ok. And so if there was a way that you could get back to real gold money
as the preservation of your labor, that is where we need to head because it is created
all the symptoms in society for it not doing what it used to do! It�s really just that
simple but many people haven�t paid attention to it because it�s so slow, it�s like
a mouse eating on a little piece of a cookie. And so overtime you see it but not directly
in a short sense. Gary: So the dollar you said, one dollar,
one US dollar used to be equal to how many grams?
Dan: 1.5 grams of gold. Gary: So then, what caused this shift to remove
the gold from the currency? Dan: Well number 1, the government could only
print enough money as they have enough gold in their vaults to back it up and when certain
policies, even with good intentions, whatever caused them to exceed that they had to make
a change and de-coupled it from gold and I believed that was August 15, 1971.
Gary: Now, we�ve had a number of guests on this program who have warned of an economic
collapse Gerald Celente has been a guest on this program a number of times, he�s warned
us of this for some time. We�ve also had Charles Goyette the author of �The Dollar
Meltdown� he�s been on the program, he�s warned of the pending collapse. In your view,
in your assessment of what you�ve seen as you travel the world and you witness different
economies, witness different means of exchange, are we as a nation here in the United States
under the threat of an economic collapse? Dan: Well I�m sure, nobody, I�m not a
sight-seer but I would say that we see all the symptoms in society today that there�s
going to be a change. We saw it in the mortgage, the BARCO, no real legislation has changed
from that, since then so there�s nothing to prevent that from happening again. There�s
all kinds of other indicators across the planet as we see in for instance, occupy Wall Street,
tea party movement, regime changes, bail ins, bail outs, private pension funds being swapped
out with public trust funds. We�ve seen Venezuela in early February actually devalue
their Bolivar, right? They did it without warning and I�m sure that caused some economic
turmoil. And so we are the worlds, this is the world�s exclusive reserve currency until
it isn�t anymore and it is only backed by a promised, Ok, that it�s good to pay the
taxes, right? And they can continue to leverage it as long as somebody wants to buy your debt,
what if somebody doesn�t want to buy your debt anymore? That is going to come a time
when there�s going to be some changes. I do not know what they are going to look like
here or in another country. But as the dollar goes, do many other currencies go.
Gary: Now in the great depression the collapse took place there, if you look at a chart you
can see the stock market is a little pimple compared to where we are today. Do you believe
we�re on the edge of a super bubble? Dan: In my opinion, yes. And I think, I think
honestly in common sense and the stewards of this ever tell you that it�s in trouble.
Logically in common sense they can�t because the confidence in it has to stay high. But
we�re seen different things like MIRAS and you know all the different aspects event in
different cities in California they�re taking the city�s pension funds and they�re swapping
them out with public trust funds. Hard assets swapped out with public trust funds, IOU�s
to extend it and so we�re witnessing some things we haven�t seen before mainly because
they�ve occurred before but nobody is old enough to have lived through many of those
changes maybe in some countries but not here. Gary: Now you�re constantly referencing
the US dollar, let�s talk about the gold, let�s talk about real tangible gold. Could
a metal like gold lose its value if a sizable mine perhaps is discovered or large investors
decide they�re going to sell off their assets? Dan: Well that�s a good point. You see one
thing that�s unique about gold is that its attributes that come with that particular
metal, it doesn�t rust, it doesn�t rot, its always equal to the test that it take
to extract it even if a sizeable amount is found you still have to extract it. And so
the market determines what that�s worth but many times its manipulated by price of
paper gold, not the same as physical metal price of gold may go up and down but the physical
buying power of the metal has never changed its always been that stable, what an ounce
of gold would buy today, would buy a hundred years ago, Ok. It still translate, you could
still buy those things in society. The dollar now for instance, $100,000.00 in cash in 1932
is only worth the buying power of $2000.00 today. A hundred thousand dollars in gold
in 1932 is worth almost 4 � million dollars in buying power today. Which one would you
rather have backing up your savings? Right. Gary: So, who�s profiting? Who�s profiting
when the purchasing power of the dollar declines or the gold markets are benefiting?
Dan: Well those that, all you have to do is follow the money, follow the money. You can
do your own research, I encourage you to do your own research and find out yourself anytime
interest is collected Ok, who�s getting the interest? Realize this, 3 years ago the
government was collecting $3 to figure out what to do with $1, last year they were collecting
$4 to figure out what to do with $1. This year they are collecting $5 to figure out
what to do with $1. Where�s this go? Yeah, I can add, alright. You just imagine if that�s
happening in your own home and I believe we have good intentions but I�m not so sure
about the results. And so you can do things to protect your self.
Gary: So then, how can using gold in trade work for ordinary people when clothes stores
are not prepared to accept precious metals in exchange for good? I understand your company
is actually working on that solution? Dan: Yes, we, the Karatbars International
Company has a unique premise as gold as money. Gold as money in inflation insurance not gold
as a commodity, not gold for specula investment, not a program for the Wall Street trader mentality,
Ok, not that. But you see if the kind of gold that they use which is currency grade, 999.9
purity stamped by an LB made certified refinery, and the London good delivery list.
Gary: Now you have one of those Dan: Yes, as a matter of fact this is a karat
bar right there. Gary: And that has 1 gram of gold.
Dan: Yes, this is a measured weight, pure 24 karat gold. Most people have never seen
that and it�s surrounded in a certificate of authenticity. When ever gold leaves the
vault and you have to have something that shows where it came from etc. This surrounds
the inget like a mini vault, its heat sealed in there that can withstand extreme temperatures,
including UV radiation and it�s got holograms and other features that make it gold as money.
And gold is a non-compete, real gold money not as a, we�re not competing with any other
currency; we�re not here to replace anything. This in it simply is a real form of the kind
of gold that all banks and all governments used themselves to settle debts between themselves.
Gary: So this in essence is rather historic because it is, it is a global gold currency
that people can use in daily life as a means of exchange. Is that a fair assessment?
Dan: Yes, that�s a fair assessment. Now part of that is very simple. This here is
100% gold backed, isn�t it? When we will see, we�ll probably see new currencies coming
out, maybe China coming out and it might be 20% gold backed, Ok. Understand a karat bar
is a 100% gold backed. It�s only real physical 24 karat gold in there, Ok. So it makes it�s
unique in the world and its private issue which means it doesn�t belong to any one
country. And it could be used in some form of exchange. Look at the shape of it, its
recognizable by many people. Gary: Now Kairos in Ron Paul quite often refer
to honest money and there�s a lot of people who are firm with honest money as we�ve
already reveal the US dollar is in dramatic decline since the creation of the Federal
Reserve System. Would you classify the karatbar as a perfected form of sound money?
Dan: I would say it�s as close as possible to that, why? It�s nothing fake, its nothing
printed out of thin air, there�s no credit involved with it, right. And there�s no
fraction lending like when you give a dollar to the bank, they can loan out nine more and
they collect nine times the interest, Ok. And so for this it is only real value exchange,
which the term exchange value become extremely apparent as we watch in different places changes
in the global money, you see its not opinion, its it�s math, just do the math and follow
the money. Gary: So people can use those to trade their
fiat paper for gold but they can also use them as the meaning of exchange and we were
just about to get into that, explain how that whole structure works.
Dan: Well you see, paper money is just a representation of the labor that you gave to somebody else,
credit is money you haven�t earned yet, you haven�t given the labor yet, right.
And some of that is being used s a tool, but as you use credit or you use digital fractional
lending what the banks do, what happens is that it causes inflation and what you when
actuality the paper money was designed to be a means of exchange anywhere. You want
this, this guy wants to sell that to you, how do you get that exchange? We are familiar
with paper money. One thing was very interesting when I went into Toronto Canada, and most
people have experienced this: I went to go buy something from a hotel gift shop, the
owner said, how would you like to pay for that? Canadian dollars, American dollars,
pounds, Euros, or Yuan which one? WOW! I never I have never experienced that before that
now it�s got me thinking, they might say or karat bar.
Gary: So how would then a retailer when this is fully implemented accept it. Is there a
smart phone system in place almost like a digit bit coin backed by gold, that sort of
thing? Dan: Well you know bit coins are a totally
different phenomenon because there�s nothing tangible. We only deals, the company only
deals with real physical metals nothing else except that. We only use the same kind of
gold that all banks and governments already use to settle debt, Ok.
Gary: So for example if a retailer had a karat bar account, and a, karat bars account holder
decide to go to that retailer it could in essence transfer gold between each other simply
because they are both account holders with the same company using the digital medium.
Dan: That is a project that the company is working on we�re not quite there yet but
there�s nothing to preclude anybody from exchanging what they want to somebody who
is willing to take this. I think the big picture of our company in the future is that.
Gary: K Exchange? Dan: Yes, where you see the exchange value,
Ok where somebody who has something is willing to exchange it for karat bar gold which is
unique. See this is gold as money looks the same in any country. It�s uniform, and so
karat bars also has a plan that creates an honest money system free of inflation and
so you could exchange this in a physical form for somebody that is willing to take this.
And so you�ll see these on windows of cash registers and in the windows of merchants,
Ok. And for exchange, now you still would pay the same sales tax on exchange. We�re
not here to take the tax base on a sale from any government. We want to be good for government;
we want to be an alternative economic commerce mechanism to a lot of the movement of goods
and services to society when the paper money obviously it�s going to have times when
it�s going to have trouble. As long as the tax base can be collected from the exchange
we�re good for countries, we�re good for governments because if the go up and the bottom
line goes down for merchant he has to decide, is he going to close the doors or is he going
to borrow more money to try and go through it and so as long as the commerce can be collected
its good for him to continue to move goods and services and the country collects the
sale tax base the country is going to like us, we�re going to be the pressure release
valve in times when the paper money logically and mathematically is going to have some challenges.
We want to be good for countries. Gary: Let�s talk about families now. We�ve
established that merchants can take advantage of this and as I mentioned, if a karat bar
account holder has gold in their vault then they can go to that merchant. So if a family
or individual would like to get their gold they want to start trading their paper for
gold, for karat bars so that they can either save for themselves or use it in a retail
K Exchange, how would someone go about doing that?
Dan: Well number 1, you can get more details at, I think that�s a logical
place to start. Number 2, they can set up an account for no cost, no maintenance fees
and get a self manage protected software website with no website fees. There�s no obligatory
commitment to them other that you have your own account Ok and you follow the terms and
conditions of the company. And so they can save as little bit, they can save periodically,
they can set up �set it and forget it� dollar cost averaging accounts and the more
I honestly believe that every family should save. We need to teach our children to save
again. One significant thing this company is doing is offering us to teach by example
our children to save again. They spend every penny that they get and so we need two generations
ago we didn�t do that, we need to bring back common sense about saving and you cannot
save in paper. How do you save money? You make sure it�s not made out of paper.
Gary: So with Karatbars International, you, your company is offering the ability to establish
first a gold bullion savings plan? Dan: That�s exactly correct.
Gary: So when people are putting money into the banks they are putting paper into the
bank, what happens there as opposed to when you�re creating a gold bullion savings account?
Dan: Well understand we only deal with physical metal. You go to your bank and you put money
in it, go try and get the money out. Its not there, they use it and loan, lend it out somewhere
else that�s how they make money. That�s why banks are all the biggest buildings in
every city. Ok. And so they utilize the money to make money. But they utilize it in a way
that you and I don�t get to partake in that. That�s privilege and private to their knowledge
in the background. And so what we do is very simple. We take paper money, we turn it into
physical gold money and we save it. We put it in our piggy bank and as you, the paper
money that is supposed to represent your labor, it loses value, you need to get two jobs there
jobs, kids stay home until they are 25 or 26. You see different ways that they are trying
to access to get the money. And so the simplicity of everything is just to take some of your
paper money, exchange it to gold money and save it. Ok. As the value of the paper money
goes down the value of the gold account preserves your labor and value in physical gold metal.
And so it balances out your loses from all the decisions made by bankers, politicians
and governments even with good intentions that didn�t work out the way they thought
it was going to work out. I can�t control that. What I can do is, what I can control
is what I do myself. Gary: Now, in my research I�ve also discovered
that with Karatbars International there�s a way that families could also achieve an
additional income stream through an affiliate program.
Dan: That�s exactly right. Karatbars is an e-commerce company and I want you to think
of the premise in the future where anything that can be bought in paper money could also
be bought in fractions of a gram of real gold money. If the gold money were uniformed, easily
recognizable in the hands of a lot of people there lies the brilliance, look at the shape,
look at the metal and it�s the only kind of metal that all banks and governments used
for settling debts. That�s why we don�t, that�s why this company doesn�t do coins,
that�s why it doesn�t do silver, are they good forms to save? Yes. But are they universally
accepted worldwide? Is good for settlement of debt? And so we will see the advent of
more and more of these K Exchanges come as the exchange value of the paper money becomes
apparent of what it wasn�t, isn�t doing. When people recognize that the economic light
bulb would come on. Gary: But what is the affiliate program? How
does it work and how can a family benefit from that? Aside from simply setting up a
gold bullion account? Dan: The simplicity is that your own actions
to set one up and use one, Karatbars doesn�t advertise, they give you the ability to refer
others to us to open their own account. I don�t sell gold; I don�t give tax or financial
advice. I offer people the, look at this is what I�m doing, this is my result, if you
like that you can get your own account too. And if you like it, you can refer other people
if you want to. If you want to and in turns they give a substantial robust rewards program
back to you and they�ve been in existence for over 4 � years its been over 5th year
now and paying out regularly and on time as need Ok.
Gary: Now what are some of the differences for small investors between holding on to
certificates, certificates for gold and possessing the metals per say?
Dan: Well, first you need to know that physical metal is insurance. Ok. Paper stocks and certificates
are an investment. Investments go to zero? Yes. Physical metal go to zero? No, it�s
tangible. You put a dollar in a fire what you got when it get done? Ashes! You put this
in the fire, what you got? You still got the metal. It takes 1954 degrees to melt it. So
you can�t take the paper certificate and they�re going to give you physical gold
bullion for it. They take this much amount of physical metal and they fractionalize it,
even a hundred times so that the stock that they create that from could be as much as
a hundred times more than the actual physical metal that backs it up. Ok.
Gary: So Dan we�re almost out of time and if there�s one thing you want our viewers
to take away from your experience working with Karatbars, your experience in the global
economy, and things you�ve witnessed over time, if there�s one thing you want the
American people to take away from your experience, what would that be?
Dan: Number 1, evaluate where you�re at and assess, is what you�re getting what
you want? Have you entrusted everybody else to take care of the things that you maybe
need to start taking care of yourself. What is the message that you�re sending to your
children on top of that and if you never worked another day in your life how much money you
have coming in? This life�s a series of tests, some test pays you 30,000 years some
pay you 100,000 years, some pay you $500,000.00 a year but as long as you can perform the
task we have a logical universal solution to the worldwide debt savings and currency
crisis and you don�t need anybody else to do it except you. The person you look at when
you�re brushing your teeth in the mirror and so we offer anybody that wants to do that
they have the opportunity to either enslave themselves from the decisions made by the
people we trust that didn�t work out quite the way they thought it was going to work
out, Ok. Gary: All right Dan, thanks for joining us
on NNGT. Dan: Appreciate that, thank you.
Gary: Alright, that was Dan Giromo he�s an expert on gold bullion and the history
of paper currencies. You can find get more on him at
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Entry�������� �FP������o�1Table��������K4WordDocument��������4�SummaryInformation(����[DocumentSummaryInformation8������������cCompObj������������r������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���� �F Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document


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