Gold Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Matthew McConaughey Movie

Gold Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Matthew McConaughey Movie

So if you take a second and look at the plan You will see what I see And that’s money Not our money Baby, where are you going? This gold business, broke me off years ago, but it’s amazing how a little gold dust could just change everything. Damn it, Kenny Mike Acasa I had a dream right heree Indonesia That’s where we’ll find the gold Wait! We found nothing and the workers are leaving Wait wait wait Kenny! Look, we got a gold mine For better or worse the ride had begun And what a ride I never doubted you for a second This is Ryan Walt in New York They were coming at me from all sides We believe you are sitting on the largest gold find of the decade yeah They’re talking over thirty billion dollars Yeah baby! Washoe Mighty turned into a rocket ship Wells cut a deal Who cut a deal with him? This isn’t a deal No balls….no deal Open it I’m touching a tiger! A lot of very powerful people are very angry The military is taking over the mine These people are using you I need to steal him away This is the F.B.I. The gold mine. I found it. And the only question I’m left with is How did 17 billion dollars disappear over night?


  1. This is a very good film guys, don't worry, the so-called spoiler in the trailer, isn't… So you can go watch it knowing that there's a lot you don't know yet…

  2. Glad they changed his look up a bit, everybody worth anything knows the real players and rich do not look like celebrities. Their wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, or play toys may, but not the other way around. True reality.

  3. Thanks to the trailer, I feel like I've watched this movie, I just didn't have to sit through the entire "hugging a sweaty guy in the jungle while he's in his underwear" scene.

  4. At first I didn't know who was in this movie but now that I see Matthew McConaughey is in it all I have to say is

    Alright Alright Alright

  5. i thought this was going to be about the bre-x scandal, which i lost all my savings on. but i was like 7 years old so i only lost about $500 lol

  6. Hi! Does anyone know what the title of the song that starts at 1:01 is? Thanks a lot! By the way, I´ve watched the movie and, except its soundtrack, I don´t find it too bad.

  7. To me… this story is a massive lie. No spoilers here but!! He said He Loves Gold More Than Money, therefor he had psychical gold but the plot never points this out. It's a Con -man story told by con-men in hollywood

  8. Un film de toata cacaoa. O realitate masluita. Pt. analfabetii in ale realitatii, care NU stiu, in romanica noastra este aur cat sa colapseze "piata" mondiala de AUR. Acest film este de toata CACAOUA……

  9. Just saw it and it was genius, probably one of the best movies I saw in recent memory. But this trailer is shit…

  10. I saw this movie weeks ago on my device and i couldn't finish it. It was interesting but then i got bored of the plot. And honestly, i stopped watching it and didn't have a care in the world returning to finish this movie. I find that surprising because usually i would stop watching the movie, but i would always be interested to continue it later. In this case, i wasn't.

    Matthew is a great actor. I suggest watching Free State of Jones if you want a good film. If you like this film, ok.

  11. This is the movie where Matthew shows his bare backside. I thought he looked pretty good in this and sexy without his clothes on.

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  13. Wait, where is his hair from the top of the head? In Interstellar movie (2014) he looked cool. Was it purpose for this movie to let it cut?

  14. Film ini menceritakan banyaknya perampok2 kekayaan alam indonesia dari negara luar,,indonesia memiliki kekayaan alam paling besar dan paling banyak,dan negara diluar sana memantau dan mengincar harta kekayaan negara indonesia,,negara ini sudah sangat maju dan sudah bisa mengolah sendiri kekayaan nya tanpa harus campur tangan dari negara asing yang hanya ingin merampas kekayaan indonesia..salam indonesia,,

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