Hello this is Billy Rioux. Today i’m gonna get gold in Beauce. This is pretty interresting this place because in Beauce, Quebec, in 1863 there was a small goldrush here. So i’m very happy to follow the step of the goldseekers back in the 19th century. I am with Mike, special guest, with me today. So we gonna find gold! Right now we are heading to the waterfall, it’s a nice waterfall there is not a lot of people who go there. It’s pretty exciting, kind of in a middle of no where. Going down the river towards the waterfall. So we just got here on the waterfall. There was a nice spot, a nice beach. I don’t like to be too much on the beach
because of the sand. It get everywhere just sticking everywhere. But sometime i feel like in Malibu beach, so i like to lie down on my sleeping bag on the beach in front of the fire pit. Mike is gonna sleep in a hammock. For example, a tiny flake just crawling there (on high water) and got stock just right here. This is bedrock so it couldn’t go further down. The heaviest stuff is just right here. So (the gold) is with black sand normally. This is nothing, nothing at all. That was a nice try. So I got a rock, with a kind fo fool’s gold or maybe gold. We don’t know yet. The best way to do it is to pan it. It’s been raining for about 2 hours. Mike is getting tire. If haven’t found anything yet. We’ve been working quite a lot…. We are using a tripod. Because the heat goes up and follow the tarp and dry our cloths. Have you ever seen a guy in a bush with sleepers in his feet? Hey guys, I just found some gold! Very good day, tire too. Starting to rain. Thunders are coming I’m pretty sure. That will be awesome! So good night, see you tomorrow We got some gold Mike! Tiny one but still we did. Thanks for watching a lot guys. Hope you enjoyed the video. See you next time.


  1. Good to see you, two guys, together again.
    I try to pan occasionally, but my luck is about the same as yours.
    Good luck!

  2. Great video. Looked like a lot of fun and beautiful spot. I worked for a gold mine in Alaska when I was younger and remember the gold fever. Take care

  3. Very nice! nothing like a good hike and panning, I used to fish with an old timer in the high country of southern Colorado and New Mexico and he always took his gold pan. After watching him for a summer I bought my own pan! Needless to say I got a lot more adventure than I did gold but it is always fun to try. Good luck Billy 

  4. I enjoyed this video very much. I own two mining claims in Idaho, both with rivers traversing them. One is very much like the spot you guys chose. Both claims have been active since the 1860s because they have gold bearing lands and mountains upstream that are constantly giving up their gold to the river. My wife and I love spending time out there. Grizzlies are a constant threat though. The occasional flake of gold keeps a person's spirits up. We use the claims as base camps to roam the mountains. We have access to hundreds of claims belonging to others across the U.S. to try our luck, as members of a gold miner's association. We're planning a trip out west in a few months. Six months or forever. One suggestion for accessing gold in crevices of river rocks. After removing the vegetation and the soil attached to it. Put water in the crevice, probe, break up, and stir the remaining debris, then suck that soup out with one of the hand-held suction devices made for drawing oil from a vehicle oil pan, These look much like a metal grease gun. They can also be used to draw up sand from under water, The site you worked is a prime spot for that, especially at the base of the falls. Wear a good wet-suit to ward off the cold. Never do this without a partner and never get in a position where you could be pinned under water by moving rock or current. I can't wait to see you guys showing off your handfuls of gold nuggets.   

  5. Love the slippers great fun.  My dream trip is canoeing the Yukon river fishing for salmon and panning for gold

  6. Great video, glad you found Gold, even if it didn't pay for the trip, the time spent with friends is always worth it 🙂 OH BTW nice slippers lmbo

  7. You have a really good channel Billy! I've seen you with Mike/BushcraftBartons in a couple of his videos and I don't know what took me so long to come to your channel because I like my bushcraft mixed with history, but I finally did! …And I sub'd!! Cant wait to peruse your videos…ATB   Tim

  8. Of course you went gold panning, isn't that what Historian Adventures do? Looks like you two had a great time, and I was happy to see you found a flake! Thank you for taking us along

  9. Ah man, you guys are both very lucky!! 
    Billy getting to share a new skill with a guy like Mike is priceless! 
    Thanks for taking us along, loved it!!

  10. Looks like you guys had a blast. The rain sucks but finding a piece of gold is really cool. That must be a very impressive river in spring the roar of the water must be deafening.

  11. Salut Billy, another great vid and good things often come in small packages no? hope to see more soon! au revoir!

  12. Bonjour Billy.  Je pratique aussi ce hobby de chercheur d'or.  As-tu essayer de construire une sluice box pour préconcentré avant de panné ?  J'en ai fait une avec un drain Français non percé (tuyaux agricole) et ça semble donner de bons résultats a date.  Pas d'or où j'étais, mais ça concentre beaucoup le black sand riche en magnétite.  J'obtiens de très forte concentration de magnétite aisément montrable avec un aimant.  Bonne continuation, et je continu a suivre tes vidéos.

  13. hey hows it going i live in ottawa would you be intrested in workin some gold this summer i just bought a sluice so we could run alot of material 🙂 mssg me back plz and would it be worth for me to prospect for gold in the ottawa river

  14. Millionaire on Mike's Mike's Channel bushcraftbartons I've watched it two or three times I enjoyed it that's why I asked if you have anymore you should do a lot more than those are really good I had fun but course I wasn't getting wet well let me know if you do any more camping gold panning ones I love those

  15. super vidéo bravo!! petite question ou as tu été prospecter si ce n'est pas indiscret !!en tout cas continues tes vidéos !!!

  16. hi Billy ,,i was born in Beauce and i never hear about gold rush,,that look like Beauceville falls,,,good to hear about that ,,the next time i go for a visit i will bring my gold pan,and mayby i will run across you,,,good luck panning

  17. Just so everyone knows . I'm bilingual from Quebec and trust me when I say that those 2 guys ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE TO SPEAK ENGLISH!!! only for the views because otherwise they would never devolge the fact that they speak english

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