Gold plating a stainless steel phone cover with our Flat Platinum Electrode

Hello and welcome to Spa Plating training
videos. My name’s Denise Palmer and I’m going to show you
how easy gold plating a mobile phone cover can be with Spa Plating’s solutions and
equipment. Because our products are rigorously tested for efficiency and competitiveness,
you can rest assured that your gold plating job will be done in a fraction of the time
and with the minimum of hassle. Innovation is central to our business and
our new cleaning formulation, MetaPrep Ultra, or MPU is a prime example of our on-going
commitment to research and development. Quite simply, it cuts out the need
for the activation and electrocleaning stage. All you have to do is give your work a thorough
rub with MPU, and you can get straight on with the plating. It not only prepares the
surface of your work just as efficiently, but does it in a fraction of the time it would
take to set up the equipment for activation and electrocleaning. There, you can see just
how effective MPU is. All that needs to be done now is to buff up the surface with a
clean piece of paper towel and it’s ready for plating.
Measure out the amount of gold solution you’ll need, pour it into the beaker and we’re
ready to plate. Again, our specially designed flat platinum
swab and electrode dramatically speeds up the plating rate – you can see how quickly
our gold solution is going on. This is because the flat swab and electrode considerably increases
the surface contact with your work, and allows our solutions to work at their maximum efficiency.
Notice how I’m concentrating on the corners and edges of the mobile phone cover – I’m
doing this to build up a thicker layer, as these are the areas that get the most wear.
I’m also regularly dipping the swab in the solution, to make sure all the gold ends up
on the work and not in the tray. To make it easy to calculate how much gold
solution you’ll need for a particular thickness of plate, we’ve developed a gold solution
calculator – just go to our website and tap in the dimensions of your work and it’ll
do the calculations for you. To make a really professional job of it, we
recommend you buff up the work with MetaSeal – another unique Spa Plating product. It’ll
bring out the absolute best in your work by helping to preserve its high shine and lustre.

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