Gold Plating Solution – 24K Brush Gold Solution – Quarter

Gold Plating Solution – 24K Brush Gold Solution – Quarter

the coin in this video was brush plated
on one side for a total of 30 seconds using gold plating services PCB
Repair Kit and our standard 24 Karat brushed gold solution in this time 3.3
milligrams of hardened 24 Karat gold was deposited this equals an average gold thickness of
approximately fifteen micro inches the thickness of normal decorative gold


  1. @YouHaveMetYourMaker Yes you can gold plate virtually anything metal. It is very cost efficient process, no gold is wasted, only what makes it on the part. The solution varies in price depending on quantity purchased. For example a 8oz jar of the solution is $235.00, which could potentially bring you profits of 10x that cost. Some of our customers can turn a 8oz jar of solution in to $2,500 to $3,000!

  2. @YouHaveMetYourMaker Most car emblems are plastic, however during manufacturing they had a nickel plate applied to the plastic, under the chrome. So in order to gold plate with one of our kits, the plastic would first have to have a metal finish. As far as the aluminum, it definitely can be plated, it just requires a nickel plate before the gold plate is applied, but the end result would never reflect the nickel under-plate, only the beautiful gold.

  3. @TeamC00L It is 100% REAL 24karat gold, no paint here. The best part about it is, to plate that quarter cost us 19 cents. Yet when people see it, they think "wow that must be expensive". It adds a feeling of great value, and as gold is very valuable, it doesn't cost much to you once you have the equipment and supplies.

  4. @jesperjesper123 This process involves no paint. The uses of electroplating go far beyond the want to change the look of something. There are many applications that need a true, 24karat gold plate just so that the machinery, or electronic component etc, will function properly.

  5. @VJSkratch As long as what ever you cover the plastic with has a suitable conductive surface, then you should be able to gold plate to it. However, the gold plating will have exactly the same texture as the finish you're already plating onto. Alot of sprays are a fairly "matte" finish, which will translate to the gold's look.

  6. @okpapereat It depends on how think you plate it, and what you're using to rub it off with. Regular handling with hands will start to show wear after a few months of handling. WIth jewelry and things you handle much you do a thicker plate, and people who wear their item daily need it retouched about every year. Touching up a item with gold is very simple, and only takes about 3-5 minutes with a kit. Gold is softer than most metals, so it does wear naturally.

  7. @megaspikedude1 Well if you need gold paint we don't supply that. But if you want real 24k gold we supply the electroplating equipment and chemicals needed to do so. Watch the rest of our videos or give us a call at 8015466200

  8. @nicklkjhgf With the amount of gold that is in our 8oz jar of 24k Gold, you can effectively plate 750-1000 quarters. In this video we applied about 25 cents worth of gold. That sleeve alone could plate another 2 or 3 quarters without being dipped in the solution again.

  9. @FRANC1300 We can easily send this kit to europe. The PCB Gold Plating Kit is $599USD. It includes enough to gold solution to do a large amount of gold plating. It also includes many accessories, and everything you need to do plating. E-mail us, call us, or visit our website to order online.

  10. do you need electrics for plating or only the chemical shown in the video?
    Could I theoretically spread some of that chemical on any metal, wash it off and it will be plated forever?

  11. @leoisforevercool This video is strictly a close-up, short, demonstration of electro-plating a quarter using our PCB Repair Kit, and our 24k Brush Gold Solution. All our gold plating solutions require electroplating equipment. Any "electroless" gold plating solutions apply such a thin layer of gold it's not even legal to sell the piece (say jewelry) as "Gold Plated".

  12. Question: If 1.4 grams of gold is worth around 30 dollars, why is your pen solution that contains 1.4 grams of gold $165? Not being rude, i really am curious.

  13. @cincinatus90 Gold bullion is $1,620 per oz. 1 troy oz is 31.1 grams. So gram price per oz, bullion is $52. The gold must then be made into a salt, and made into a solution with multiple other items to create a top quality 24k solution. After all shipping, fabrication, and everything involved, the pricing of our solution is at price we feel is fair.

  14. I am confused… ok here is my question, I need to do this to 80 bolts for a set of rims. is it as easy as just buying the PCB solution with the brush or do I have to buy any other equipment?

  15. @FunKiiC Apologies for the confusion, this particular video is just a demonstration of close up view of plating. To do plating you will need a kit. See our other videos, or our website to get a better idea of the process. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email us. It is an electrical process, the solution & brush are not all you need. The kits vary depending on what you need them for, so we'll be glad to help you find the best kit for you.

  16. will this work on automovive parts? I want to gold plate an intake manifold, water pump, and an alternator. would this system work on these?

  17. You can buy as much as you need. We have many customers who buy gallons at a time. Although, 4 gallons would do a massive amount of plating. If you are serious about getting any amount, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We can help you figure out what is best for your needs.

  18. for all of you plating products, can you increase the thickness of gold by reapplying the solution? Question pertains to brush on, dip and pen plating.

  19. Yes, reapplying will add thickness. The thickness achieved from the plating process is directly related to the time you spend in a given area. The longer you spend, the thicker it gets. It's not necessary to apply in layers like you would with paint.

  20. Electroplating firearms with gold is very popular, and absolutely possible. Give us a call, or e-mail us and we would be happy to help you get going on your project.

  21. Electroplating does work on automotive parts. However, chrome plated items require some extra steps to prepare the surface for gold plating. We have a kit specifically designed for automotive plating. Visit our website and look at our "Gold Star" kit in the products section. Call or e-mail if you have any questions or would like to order. Thanks

  22. ok you said the longer you brush over it the thicker the gold layer is, but how far we could reach? and will this increase the durability of this layers?years? thx for the video

  23. With gold plating a lot of the cost is associated with labor and surface preparation. We typically charge around $3/square inch for our plating services, however their are lot size minimums and the gold thickness to be considered.

  24. So you just buy the solution. brush it on a quarter like in the video and it becomes gold plated? or do you have to have an electrical charge to it?

  25. Thank you for your question. Our 24K Brush Gold solution is an electroplating solution which is meant to be used with our electroplating kits (which apply the electrical charge). There are more details in the video description on this topic.

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