Gold Price and Stock Market Manipulation Exposed

Gold Price and Stock Market Manipulation Exposed

Again, ignore the background,
we’re doing a bunch of renovations here before
we sell this place. Is there manipulation in
stock markets right now and in commodity prices? Hell yeah there is. And I’ll tell you all about it right now. So we’re seeing all kinds
of manipulation going on, there’s various aspects to it. So, for example, in one degree
they are trying to control precious metals prices by
pushing them down when they have a good day or when the
American dollar is getting weaker and days when the
dollar is getting stronger they are backing away and
letting it trade freely. But then when it’s going
against what they want they’re gonna push it down, they’re
gonna put a whole bunch of sell contracts into the
market and that drives down the price. If you have an overload of
sellers against the buyers, it’s gonna push it all over
to like a tide or a bunch of dominoes. That’s one way that they’re
doing it with paper assets, basically. They’re not actually buying
and selling the actual physical metals, they’re just
making a bunch of options contracts, they’re derivative,
so each contractor’s gonna cover 100 units or
shares or whatever commodity you’re trading and that’s
gonna result in it seeming like there’s a ton of selling
going on and it pushes the prices down. That’s what’s happening
with precious metals. What’s happening with the
stock market is that between having ultra low interest
rates, so it’s very easy to borrow a ton of money without
having to pay back a lot for the carrying costs. If you take the money that
is so freely and easily available right now, especially
with all the quantitative using, all the money creation,
there’s a ton of money in the markets right now, the
liquidity is over the roof, we’re all drowning in it. And what’s going to happen,
then, is that there’s a lot of buying in the stock market,
American stock market, coming from central banks,
other countries in Europe. They’re buying stocks in
the stock market here in New York stock exchange,
the NASDAQ, to the tune of trillions. Not millions, not billions,
trillions of dollars. If that doesn’t push up the price, combined with the easy access
to money, then nothing will. This is why the stock market
does go up a little bit each day. It doesn’t go up a percent and a half, it doesn’t go up three
quarters of a percent. A lot of times it goes up
a fraction of a fraction of a percentage. But it just goes up. And that’s why, too, a lot
of times the stock market will be down for the day,
but by the end of the day there’s enough buying coming
in from other locations other than here in America
that’s gonna push the prices a little bit higher. And they have just enough
push to get it to go into positive territory so therefore, “Look everyone, it’s a new record today, “this is the stock market’s highest ever.” And so what if it goes
up two points tomorrow? Then again it’s a new record. But does that really matter at all? If there’s a new record
every day by very minimal amounts, anyone who’s seen
my video about drip torture stock markets right now,
you need to watch that, I’ll put a link to it below this video. But this is another way that
they’re manipulating things. And another way that things
are being manipulated, especially with the share buybacks. A lot of companies are
buying back their own stock, which is easy to do again
because the low interest rates on money that they borrow. And they’re buying back the
stock so that there’s fewer shares of their company available. So even if they made the
exact same amount of money that they made the previous
year or the previous quarter, but they do it on a
smaller base of shares. Say, for example, they got
rid of 5% of the shareholder base, or of the total
shares that are outstanding, it’ll look like earnings
have increased by 5%. But that would happen even
if the company is not making greater sales then they
dad in the last period. So you can make it look like
a company’s earnings are increasing even when they’re not. And sometimes the earnings
are increasing by five, 10%, they can make that look like
the earnings are going up by 15, 20% just by buying
back a bunch of their shares and canceling their shares
and putting in a situation that they’re always casting
stock market earnings in the best light, the stock
market itself in the best light, they’re casting a lot of
precious metals to be in a negative light when they
start having a little bit of momentum or steam, silver or gold. A lot of times speculators
are coming over and just dumping huge amounts of
trading money into selling or buying (mumbles) or going
against the price of the commodity to this tune of,
and such an out balance or over balance one side of
sellers compared to the buyers, that what happens is that
the stock or the commodity decreases in price, it
doesn’t have a choice. There’s so much selling,
theoretical selling, on these paper contracts
that are leveraged compared to how much actual real buying there is. And this is something that
can be temporary to push a price down in short term timeframes. But having said all this,
with all this manipulation, anyone can get fooled by it
for a short amount of time. Maybe even a medium amount of time. But it’s hard to get fooled
by this kind of thing for the longer term timeframe. And generally what happens is
when there is manipulation, when that artificial
influence is broken or leaves the resulting snapback or
bounce back can be extreme, it can be pretty serious. So if they’re holding down
precious metals prices or they’re making the earnings
look like they’re increasing by buying back a bunch of
shares, even when the company is actually doing worse, or
central banks from Sweden are coming in and buying a
few trillion dollars worth of American stocks, but then
that lets up eventually, as it always will. When this artificial influence
or all these artificial influencing factors vacate
the premises, so to speak, then a lot of times the
responsive rebound or return to normalization will be
more significant than it otherwise would have been. So if they’re holding down
prices of gold and they’re squeezing them down,
squeezing them down and when that finally breaks, when
they don’t have the money to back up that manipulation
anymore or people start losing faith in currencies so then
the power of that manipulation gets decreased then what
happens is that, a lot of times, the price of gold in this
example would snap much higher. It wouldn’t go slowly
a little bit at a time, it will have that influence
leave and then the response would be dramatic. Kind of like somebody
hanging off of your back and you’re feeling the weight
and you’re walking along with them and then they
jump off you’re gonna find that it’s a lot easier to
walk and you’ll just be flying along. So that’s why you see guys in
NFL, they train for running, they do it with a parachute
dragging behind them. It’s because it makes
them stronger, faster, so that then when they
don’t have that artificial influence then they have
the benefit that they gained from training in that way. Weird analogy, I don’t know where– I’m just maybe using it
because it is football Sunday and kickoff is in like two
hours and I’m losing my mind. I’ve gone seven and O now,
this’ll be my eighth game, if I win this one eight in
a row for Fantasy Football, none of your business,
none of you don’t care, it doesn’t matter, I just
feel like talking about it ’cause it’s awesome. Alright, thanks you guys,
I think you’re awesome and I’m sorry to joke around a lot. And again, I apologize for the background. Soon you’ll be seeing nice
lake views across the lake, beautiful scenery, I just
have to do that a few months from now once we move into
the new office location. Take care.


  1. So, in your opinion, precious metals, physical and stock are set to jump soon and when this happens, do you anticipate a shift in the market from discretionary and the market in general to drop and the price of physical and precious metal stock to rise? Also, there was an article I read that on Dec. 13 our government is going to change what we can and can't do with precious metals. Sounds to me like they are going to manipulate the precious metals market. Do you suppose this could be true?

  2. QUESTION, I see that when buying stock sometime your order doesn't get filled….does that happen on the other side when selling stock? If I wanted to sell at 1.45 can this order not be filled and it actually sells for even less?

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