GOLD PRICE: Cartel Catch 22

GOLD PRICE: Cartel Catch 22

Friday October 11th, gold trading was shut
down for 10 seconds according to the CME. Why, because someone sold 2 million ounces
of gold at one time. Who does this? Who sells nearly 2 and half percent of annual gold production
in a single minute? The gold valued at over $2.5 billion could not have been sold by a
small trader, and certainly not the smart money, institutional investors know that you
don’t exit a large trade like this… So who could it be? Try the dumb money, The
Western Central Banks. As noted by organizations like GATA, TF Metals
Report, ZeroHedge, and Shtfplan, gold manipulation is out in the open. Friday October 11th is
just one of the daily examples. With the western central banks suppressing
the price, the eastern central banks have been happy buyers. However, believes this gold
price suppression scheme is nearing its end. With the Federal Reserve on a fiat currency
suicide mission with QE forever, and the U.S. federal government bankrupt, the days of dollar
supremacy are in its last days. For gold though, the central banks have really
screwed themselves. At a price of $1,250, gold mining companies
can no longer make a profit. Recent studies show their all in cash cost anywhere from
$1,400 to as high as $1,700. Liquid fuels, human energy, and new exploration are costly
in the mining process, so it is unlikely these costs can be cut to accommodate the low gold
price. Since gold’s peak in 2011, the TSX Venture
exchange, home to the worlds gold exploration companies, is down more than 59% The gold juniors index, the GDXJ, is down
83% And the large cap gold companies, despite
seeing a 400% increase in the price of gold over the past 12 years, are trading at lower
valuations then they did even 20 years ago. As noted in our video Peak Gold, no major
gold discoveries have been found in more than 10 years! Gold production as a whole has plateaued. Remember, all mines have a limited supply
of gold, at some point in time they either deplete themselves or become uneconomical.
Uneconomical meaning companies can’t mine for profit, which is exactly the case for
nearly all gold mines today! Consider a very famous gold mining region,
South Africa In 1971 South Africa produced 47.5 million
ounces of gold, accounting for 68% of global mine production. In 2011, South Africa accounted for only 7%
of gold production with about 8 million ounces of mine production. Despite all the technological advances and
billions in exploration and development, South African gold production is down 82%. South Africa isn’t an anomaly either, here
in the U.S. production in the past 20 years is down 30%. Current discoveries are small, in remote areas,
and are lower grade deposits. recently attended a gold
mining event in London, what we learned was that exploration budgets were being slashed!
No development, no exploration, and a scaling back of projects. What this all leads to is a price spike in
gold, just as gold rose rose from $35 to $850 in the 70s, The Dow Jones from 2,000 to 11,000
in the 1990, and Bitcoin from a penny to $1,200 more recently, so to can gold have a parabolic
spike. The perfect storm is coming for gold… Due to western central bank price manipulation
the mining sector is in critical condition, the supply line is all but halted, and the
physical supply is being swallowed up by Asia. The last shoe to drop is for major mining
companies to start closing down production at major mines. Though this would be perceived
as the end for gold, speculators will be happy to know that this would be the beginning of
the biggest Fed induced bubble in history! But unlike previous Fed bubbles where they
support the price increase, the gold bubble will be a result of western central planners
mis-managing the gold price for the past 3 decades and finally losing control. With fiat currency being pumped into the system
daily and the gold sector in shambles, the central banks are in for a big surprise because
sooner or later supply and demand economics will crush the very people who are behind
the devastation we have seen in the gold mining and precious metal industry. For more information on how you can receive
our free report on Gold, visit


  1. This is the best, most concise video on gold price manipulation I've seen. But the question remains: Will they lose control? Or can they continue the great hoodwink despite the colossal financial paradigm shift which is obviously coming and necessary?

  2. How much gold is left? Not so much. The by product mining will be continued, no matter the cash cost, the primary mines will be bought by gov. But ultimately it won't help the supply cuz the game is very clear at this point, brics will continue to accumulate.

  3. Kind of an unrelated comment but I couldn't help but notice the guy at 1:38 is clearly snorting something off of his hand.

  4. THIS IS A LIE "gold price for the past 3 decades and finally losing control."… "the central banks are in for a big surprise because sooner or later supply and demand economics will crush the very people", THIS is EXACTLY what they wanted. nothing is by coincidence or mistake but BY DESIGN. Once the crash the current banking system, they will be gaining control NOT losing control, STUPID commentator. DO you THINK they don't know what they are doing, only short term thinkers believe that. Once they crash the system and the Petro-dollar reserve currency using the suppression of gold. THEN they WILL GAIN control and thus introduce their new world currency and the NWO. Stupid,

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