Gold Price Reaches 5-Year High (Here’s Why)

Gold Price Reaches 5-Year High (Here’s Why)

– The price of gold has just broken through a really important
resistance level. It’s just reached a five year high of $1400 US per ounce. Now is this the start
of a bull market forming in the gold space and maybe even the precious metals as an overall commodity space? The reason that it’s been
pushed as high as it has is that China’s government
has been buying a ton of gold. Now the only thing
that’s been keeping gold in this resistance level
has been the strength of the US economy, and in more particular, the strength of the US dollar, but we’re even showing some
signs of weakness in that now. Follow us as we’re trying to find out what’s gonna happen next in gold, and will we see $2000 an ounce again? Keep in tune and we’ll
keep you up to date.

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