Gold Retreat 2016

Gold Retreat 2016

[Music] – Gold retreat is a celebration
for all the people that have achieved
the rank of Gold. They’ve brought us to
Spokane, Washington. We have just been loved on
so much by Young Living. We’ve got all this great stuff, and are staying in
a beautiful hotel. – It’s been really fun.
It’s really energizing. – It’s gotten better and better
every time I come to an event. – This event has been fantastic. You know, Young Living
treats you like the leaders that you are when
you come to these things. The dinner was amazing,
they provide for you. The education, hearing
from the leadership in Young Living has
all been inspiring. – Hearing the speakers
that first day, hearing people’s stories,
hearing their passion, their why, and how it
changed their lives. That blew me away, and I
recorded everything for my team. – Yeah, I feel most
prepared about is making sure my team knows
about Seed to Seal. – Getting to see the farms
and experience first-hand what that means, not just reading
about it, but seeing it. – I’ve just been so
impressed just to see first-hand the details and
the extensive measures that Young Living
takes just to bring quality oils into our home. – Absolutely beautiful. – Oh, it was beautiful, yeah. The water was absolutely clear, and the scenic route
with the trees, and just everyone
having a good time, it was absolutely amazing. – And the scenery, it’s
absolutely beautiful here. There’s amazing
birds flying over, fish in the water, it’s
just, it’s gorgeous. – I’m at a place in my
business that I’m really ready to kick it up to the next
level, and I wanted to be able to learn from people
that are different from me. – I love learning how
other people are growing their businesses and
giving me new ideas and perspectives and
how to grow my own. – And the opportunity
to go to the retreats is actually a lot about
networking and building relationships with
other leaders. These ladies have become
my accountability, my support, the shoulders
that I cry on. – And just being here
in this atmosphere, feeling this, you get a
fire in your stomach, you get so excited, and
you just want to go back and share it with
everybody that you know. [Music] [Young Living Gold Retreat 2016]

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