Gold Retreat 2017

Gold Retreat 2017

– Gold Retreat! [Laugh] [Upbeat Music] – We are in Spokane, Washington. – My experience here in Gold
Retreat is just awesome. – For me it’s like a whole
‘nother level of retreat. – The hotel is absolutely
first-class, world-class really. – The treatment from
corporate staff, it’s like your brother
or your sister. – You already feel
like you know them. – Yeah, they’re very friendly, they treat you like
you’re special. – All the swag that you
get, it’s amazing. – I got a bottle of Melissa.
I’m good. – Surprise everywhere.
Free oils. We got watches made
of sandalwood. – You’re going to get
everything that you need for exactly what you’re
going to do the next day. – The networking experience
here is amazing. – There is all walks
of life here. – And it’s so cool
because you create this whole network of just amazing
people from all over the world. – The speakers were amazing. – I loved Jen Jordan’s talk, I
loved Lindsay Moreno’s talk. – And they were both
completely different. – And just exactly what
we needed to hear. – Being here and seeing
Seed to Seal in action is one of the main
selling points for me. – You, you know, my
favorite part of these retreats is coming to the farms. – It’s more remote. So it just feels really special,
like you’re tucked away. – Actually planting the
lavender plants was amazing. I didn’t expect to do that. – You have to be there to
understand and it’s so true. When you get there, you feel it. – The rafting
experience was amazing. – We’re like splashing
water here and there, like wow, let’s go forward! – We went live a couple
times on the river. – Splashing,
splashing, splashing! And I’m laughing everywhere! – Just being out there
with you know, nature and talking to each other, and encouraging one
another was amazing. – The experience that
I get as being a Gold is that I know that I’ve
helped more people. The more people I help
takes me to another rank. – Everyone can do this. Young Living gives us
all the tools to do it, and you’re capable of it.

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