Gold, Silver and News update October 2015 – Illuminati Silver

Gold, Silver and News update October 2015 –  Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 29th October 2015 and we
are sending a message to our subscribers to briefly update you on the current news headlines.
We have seen this week that the FED has kept interest rates on hold and has just given
a cursory suggestion that it may raise them in December subject to economic conditions,
which, the majority of commentators believe will not happen until well into 2016.
Gold and silver have moved within its recent trading range, however fell a little today
whereupon at the time of this video, gold is down $20 over the past week at $1146 and
silver down 22c at $15.62 We are beginning to see premiums decline slowly
for the physical and dealers are starting to send out offers again to their customers.
We still maintain that we are now in a bear market for gold and silver and do not see
any reason to change our minds at present, especially as it was announced by the US Department
of Commerce only a few hours ago that US Gross domestic product grew at an annualised rate
of 1.5% between July and September, down from a rate of 3.9% in the second quarter. The
slowdown was partly due to companies running down stockpiles of goods in their warehouses
it was announced. Those who hate the banks, will be pleased
to hear that Barclays have forecast a 10% fall in profits and Deutsche Bank which has
just announced a 6bn Euro loss and is going to cut 15,000 jobs and this is on top of Morgan
Stanley announcing a 42% profits fall a little over a week ago.
The top 1% are clearly making a difference to some companies as Ferrari Sales rose 21%
in the third quarter giving the company €723m (£522m) in revenue, a 9% rise from last year.
Its good to see at least someone benefitting in this economy.
The doom and gloom merchants in the UK will be disappointed by Nationwide Bank’s announcement
that UK house prices are up 3.9% since last year.
For those who cherish the economic growth which China has achieved to date, will be
further impressed by the news that China has decided to end its decades-long one-child
policy, this is according to the state-run Xinhua news agency which adds that this 1
child quota has now increased to 2. This is clearly great news for the US and UK, as this,
in a generation, will create an ever larger Chinese market to buy up our prime real estate
and utilities and will no doubt enable the Chinese population to fill all of those empty
houses and apartments which it has built over recent years.
The World War III soothsayers were excited earlier today and then disappointed when they
heard that The US Navy scrambled four F/A-18 jets to intercept Russian warplanes which
flew near a US aircraft carrier off the Korean peninsula.
A spokesman for the White House said the Russian planes flew close to the USS Ronald Reagan
during a joint military exercise with South Korea. However, Josh Earnest said the incident
“did not result in a significant confrontation”. And finally, Western allies demanding President
Bashar al-Assad stand down as Syrian leader have agreed they can support him remaining
in a transitional government as long as there is a “precise timetable” for his ultimate
departure, France said on Wednesday. So there we have it, the news in short. By
the way, we are well on the way in developing our website and it will be up and running
before the end of November and we have a raft of new videos coming out next week, so please
stay tuned. We hope you have found this video helpful
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its owners.

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