ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages it is I your captain speaking we are here with another great video on
how to make money as you saw in my previous video I went to the flea market
I did a vlog showed you about shopping because when I don’t have storages I go
and try to find other things to do like you see I got all my ebay stuff right
here it needs to get on eBay that is one of your ways to outsource the stuff you
find in storage units now with that being said trust and believe storage
units are not a solidified thing oh yes we are you understand people like
me we go on you know we tell you how to buy storage units that you can make
money but much like everything in life nothing is a guarantee I don’t care my
greatest looking storage in I ever bought in my eyes or the one that I
thought have the instant profit I’ll off $5,600 on so trust and believe it’s not
always a guarantee and you need to find other ways to make money like they say
if you don’t swing the bat you will not hit a homerun and that’s where I am
today we hit the good wheel on the way after the flea market and we did a
little bit of bat swinging right here now go to Goodwill and you can buy these
lovely jewelry bags I think there’s roughly 16 pounds of
jewelry here you can see dated today right 9 27 1979 dollars a back now this
is a huge gamble because it is costume jewelry not saying costume jewelry
doesn’t have a lot of value but there is some costume jewelry that does make
money but the fact is when you look at these bags you’ll fancy things like that
looks like silver you see more it looks like possible silver I saw one or two
pieces that right there looks like possible gold you can’t see what’s in
them you look at this one you see the same thing possible sooner looks like possible silver looks like
possible silver there’s one that I saw them look like positive gold this one
right here you just never know so swung the bat 160 dollars let’s see if we made
some money all right let’s start here with this bag they do a really good job
of taping it up you know I’m very anal a lot of it like
trying to do it all nice and okay I’m just gonna cut open all right look at
that it just floods out now the one part is you’re gonna have to sit here and
come up with your pieces right like the necklace is obviously a piece
by itself you got a nice see show etc Center but an earring like this you got
to find them eights in order to sell nice stones in here they look real eyes
even almost got wood on there these they take a lot of bracelets that
I sent to Mary recently shoutout to Mary Harris sent her a bunch of jewelry nice
pieces are we looking at here at least two to four dollars a piece in my world
not the eBay world or the perfect world but my quick sale world once again
that’s where I live in that world that almost looks like silver there
no buts not had me for a second there neat little bangle bracelet I think they
call those bangles it could be wrong student council now those I like how they came out of
the bag just like right next to each other that was the easy one to find or
the odds of that happening probably seven thousand to one Gryffindor I don’t
know what that is that’s uh interesting what is Gryffindor prize a movie thing
and I don’t know about cuz I’m not cool looks like a potential soon and the bracelet I think I saw this this
is silver one piece of silver for sure let’s say on there that says something
not so a little bit this says Italy so that was most likely
silver right there it’s nice I think that’s religious to butterfly who don’t love butterflies oh
my and we got to watch
I’ll do the tits on I wonder if those take a lickin and keep on tickin mmm
almost silver silver can potentially be inside lots of cost
look at that made of France another religious piece made of silver rosary about one of the most inspirational
things you could do in this world is laugh through the dark times and the
good times that makes these bags prices just just to be able to remind myself
that I need to laugh that makes these paid for my we got a feather hearts love
hearts whoo this might be cold like legit might be gold
I can’t tell and it’s definitely worth testing the one thing that’s important
to see that makes it potential go to my eyes more than just a look is this end
piece here is not cut it’s welded solid that is usually a definitive sign that
something is real or fake I can’t see the marking on it but I think that is
real gold over there a Gentile and continued on and that was the piece that
I said looked like potential gold there’s lots of stuff you it’s a
seashell no kylo hearing if we find the other ash edge we’re on the edge of our
seat waiting to finally find gold some big blue big old earrings Shambu hearings at least two pair fake
gold plate it but it’s nice beautiful look at that something here that says they want to think but dice
could be deceiving Italy another religious piece sterling
silver I thought those were silver for a minute but then you see the green after
definitive sign that something isn’t real
when you see the green but they sure do look close and another in there just
piece we got here
oh so much look like it the cute little like leafy black leafy earrings and
there’s another one of the east it looks potential gold not quite almost they believe that’s
kind of cool I love it you like elephants I wonder how many pounds of
jewelry I’ve touched in my career so far how many times piles like this in every
storage I’ve sorted – I wish I could just know the answer to that I’m working
here god grant me the serenity to accept the
things I cannot change it’s all about how you react the Lord
between that’s the best friend thing here somewhere the other half of this is
looking forward to a friend not silver see what I mean
see how it’s cut a lot of religious pieces in this very much so a lot of
religious pieces is ironic as a gold-tone but no words looks like
gold filled in my eyes Holyfield is good she can scrap for
about the same as silver on average don’t anybody ever tell you that gold
field is not obscene if it can value there’s the other one that looks like
sulfur see the way it’s doing its ting there it’s actually almost stamped there
and it is a religious piece again this is just like oh it even said nine to
five look at that makes it easy come on gold this looks like 120th Goldfield little
cross the heart love hearts that’s silver there no it got me see how I
almost thought it was eyes can be deceiving sometimes take that into
consideration sterling another religious piece all of
the religious pieces seem to be some form of silver or gold that’s
interesting to say the least that says 18 karat on it but I highly doubt that
that is 18 karat that’s interesting this e says 18 K it’s a little bit odd
relation to the right 925 pink ring who don’t love pink that is silver right there and it’s
religious again an ironic yeah almost look like silver all right it looks like
we have one bag down and we’ve got all the potential gold and silver set aside
this one has some markings on it apakah don’t underestimate our pop
people want to Amata automatically assume our pocket is not silver but it’s
not necessarily sterling or aka ninety two point five percent silver it’s often
five hundred six hundred silver lesser value lesser grade but doesn’t make it
not silver bugs me when gold and silver buyers try that crap it’s acapulco it’s
not that much get out of your guy you just lost my business that’s a cute butterfly almost looks
real maybe it’s a dragonfly give another one of them all right let’s see if we we
like right off the bat I said that one looks silver and not only it says J em
see silver Thailand nice cute little costume piece Friday
the 29th at 12:56 p.m. that is not today on gold and silver we like gold and
silver that’s silver not bad nice little stone nice and chain but that over here
in the gold and silver pile and we got a heart that says mother that is precious
a cat my eyes are automatically drawn like I
want to look at certain things but I want to go and touch what I think is
gold and silver because my mind sees it those are marked if you see right there
barely on the little tiny thing probably can’t see let’s see if my phone although
nope it’s mark right there pair of silver earrings be a Rolex no it’s a
been Russ the next best thing costume Fiji costumes of costumes of costumes
costumes that’s a silver piece that Mexico sterling taxco onto a Britannia
and I like the Encyclopedia Britannica and the armitron whoo look at that
ladies gentlemen it is a pirate and what am I almost that was just enough got a tooth
how’s this soon no real close master that is silver not bad nine-to-five silver
whop it seems that the ladies and gentlemen got a good will or not as good
as spotting out silver as they are gold because we haven’t found much gold yet
but I’m always hopeful man there we go there’s the mate to that other silver
hearing we were looking for diggin it oh and another butterfly and that just
poked the hell out of my finger Thank You butterfly and I used to think you
guys were beautiful and I must reconvene and think about my feelings toward you
after you poked me nothing it’s kind of cute got some stars
and some swords and a little drinking chalice or something of that nature
almost looks peyote did my eyes deceive me or do I see
something right here look at that sterling Mexico filigree filigree
jewelry that is beautiful I like that it’s roses see every time in life you
got to stop and smell the roses okay maybe it’s not a rose but it’s a pretty
beautiful flower nonetheless I like imagination I’m offending leave your
imagination no give her some flower I think you’ll never be too much ooh look
at that now right here we got another piece of that filigree set look see how
it’s agreed and you’re gonna probably think oh it’s green pirate that means
it’s fake know if you actually look close that is toothpaste somebody used
to clean their jewelry or toothpaste a very common way to get things clean
imagine that and you use it on your teeth I remember when I worked to Taco
Bell and the employees that used to work there with me they used to clean the
copper pipes with mild hot sauce the craziest thing ever see maybe you don’t
want to eat my own hot sauce anymore from Taco Bell butter to really clean
your copper and brass pipes though that might be silver very unique very
different and there’s a mate we’ll put it with it 14 karat nice some go with lady and
gentlemen and it is religious on top of that that’s just I don’t know what what
is the universe saying today about religion oh it’s a butterfly I didn’t
like the piece I was holding and this screamed out to me sterling silver
butterfly look at that alright we’re getting something what is this oh is
that an Ewok no that’s not eat you up that’s pretty dang cool that is pretty
dang cool if you ask me clearly marked Mexico nine to five but that is tight
look at that it screams Ewok to me it looks like it he walk how nice is it the
bracelet to this set wow we got a whole set in there look they’re clearly marked filigree white out pronouncing that word
right but I have Tennessee to do that if you watch my videos you know I am NOT
the best at enunciated things but I just let it roll because I’m here and I do
what I want as we always as I say if you obey all the rules you miss all of the
fun mmm almost real chain no think he was
almost real this right here intrigues me look at
that no not just no but he’ll know it’s like
that look at that ring right there that is a big ring it’s my middle finger
that’s not often a ring fits my middle finger nice bracelets so sweet this is intriguing what is this
ooh and there we have it there the nine two of the five that is a heavy piece of
silver that’s got to be like 80 grams of silver right there
73 to 80 grams right there do you want to test me come over there scale and
bring a dollar a little bet I love that game that is a nice piece there jackpot
that is gold we have a yak potters cheeseburger would say if you guys have
seen cheeseburger in my videos he has a nice heavy accent and he says oh yeah
but shout out to cheeseburger he does my intro better than anybody out there he
claims he watches lots of my videos and my intro gets stuck in his head and he
does a beautiful impersonation of my intro also you can see you don’t want to
Jax leave you a shout-out to Locker nuts he was on his video the other day is
this yes it is and it says M on it it looks like it’s broken though but still
silver silver there’s the other one a little more
closer together so we’re not just staring off in his face because we try
to be accommodating I try to film these things I’ll be good I like this Mexico
silver some form of black onyx and a mood ring to give that to the salt
princess it’ll probably always be blue if your watches all princess Ella swank look at that heart right there
looks like a basket or reminds me of my Nikes with The Wizard of Oz pattern but
that is obviously not Wizard of Oz but looks like a basket nonetheless and uh 9
to 5 can’t say it up in their hearts I know this is right here the back of the
earring that’s what my other self first who’s that Rudolph the red-nosed
reindeer who had a very shiny nose that’s intriguing all right we’re getting down to the
brass tacks and speaking of brass that is press a palm tree this is tell ye
this is telling me to go to Hawaii you see it laws of attraction ladies and
gentlemen Hawaii I’m the girl surfer Tiki God palm tree I take that as a sign
that I need to go to Hawaii ooh look at a diamond ring a little baby maybe a
diamond ring 14 of carat right there huh nice it’s not quite as big as this
sterling silver ring I have a my finger down here but nonetheless still pretty
and still gold I’m using my movie announcer voice that looks like silver
there little birdies a little birdie told me to do it all right no all right now we have sorted all this
out quick recap of everything that we got here in these 279 $99 Goodwill
jewelry grab bags we got a lot of silver look a little religious trinkets
religious stuff we got filigree jewelry this is beautiful work right here kind
of thin but still silver we got the Ewok head we’ve got assortment of different
necklace pieces and earrings this is all sterling silver more religious pieces we
got this beautiful butterfly this is not the one that bit us still beautiful more
earrings and the rest of the set of the filigree Center here very nice work
looks gold but it’s silver another one of these type of pieces here definitely
silver very neat I wonder if that glows in the dark would you like to wear that
to a rave and just see if it glows in the dark this is a nice piece here it’s
clearly marked sterling sterling always represents older be actual the word
sterling it represents usually vintage to antique whereas 925 is more of a
common up-to-date way of marking it and it has an L on it so that is neat right
there very heavy that’s probably 25 grams or than 20 25 grams then we got
this hardened heart in my hands got this nice little stoned pendant here 925 then
we come on down here and we got this gold and silver piece here we got these
possible gold here this 14 karat this 14 karat this nice 14 carat diamond ring
right here let’s get back up to big decieve got to get closer to farther
away not bad three for sure piece of gold I’m
pretty confident these are gold here I have to have them tested but I’m pretty
sure that those are gold so look at five pieces of gold and one gold filled piece
and all of this silver and to grab bags from the goodwill pins now if that ain’t
hitting a homerun then I don’t know where it is
I am the storage auction pirate for a reason the fact is I love them but
they’re not always there there’s days where there’s no auctions
there’s days where they’re not worth buying so sometimes you got to take that
bat and go to a different ball field and still swing the bat and play a different
game and that’s what we did just here and we actually hit a home run I’m
loving it gold silver and gems who can ask for anything more I love y’all


  1. Gryffandor is from Harry Potter–the students were sorted into four "houses," of which Gryffandor is where most of the "good guys" in the Harry Potter series went. The colors for that house are maroon and gold. (I'm such a geek)

  2. GM Pirate! Nice find! I ❀ going through lots like that until I bought close to 200 pounds at one time…found some jewels but no gold at all and a little silver..Lesson learned on my part, but it was still fun and I tripled my money + , but I will never do that much at one time again! lol Thanks so much for sharing, enjoyed it! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜πŸ™Œ

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  7. Great tip, Captain! πŸ‘πŸ‘ I had no idea you could get gold or silver in a grab bag. Please don't tell me you haven't watched the Harry Potter movies, as much as you love entertainment. Harry Potter was sorted into Gryffindor House. Tyfs.

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  11. Tissot, pronounced "Tisso" is a Swiss luxury watch maker so check out the one you found. Good luck and laugh.

  12. Pirate, (Mike), I have been watching you for a few months now. I am a chronic pain patient who's had 7 spinal surgeries and basically a shut in. You are one of the most inspirational people I have found. I thank you for brightening my day. I will remember to laugh today and will think of you. I don't care if you pronounce everything correctly, or know the correct words, I just love you for not allowing anything to bring you down. I appreciated your pink hair as I lost my mother to breast cancer 11 months ago. I love you for being you. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your inspirational video tomorrow and every day after that. Thank you for being you. Sending love to your children too.

  13. Thank you for always keeping it real. You’re one of my favorite YouTubers because you show the good, bad, and stay positive through it all!

  14. This last time I spend $70 I have tiffany chain necklace, and large 86gr sterling chocker,and 5 gr scrap gold, severeal smaller piece of sterling bracelets ,necklacess.

  15. I used to buy a lot of cheap jewellery from flea markets, take it apart, bag up all the beads, repurpose some to making new bracelets, some I wired and wrapped around candles and some I just sold on as bagged bead lots. I was broke at the time so it paid for xmas! just a tip in case any you tubers want to try it. You can get necklace stringing and clasps quite cheap on Amazon. nowadays I make my own salves and lip balms, mosquito repellants etc. Before all that me and hub had our own doll house accessory making business here in the UK. We had some of our stuff in a doll house museum in California. Pirate, you make me want to get trading again! Right now I am making beanie hats for charity shops for winter.

  16. Very nice!! You should think about refining any of the gold that's broken or can't sell and get it to 24 karat gold!! There's a guy I've been watching for a long time on YouTube that takes gold pieces and refines them to 24k and melts them into a bar of GOLD, he's very reasonable and VERY honest which isn't that common these days! He's old school, like me!!
    Have a GREAT Day!!!

  17. It will save you a bunch of time if you use a magnet when doing this . I say this 4 minutes in so maybe you do use one later .

  18. Mike, get you a magnet and everything that sticks to it is fake. Save yourself a lot of time. However if only the clasp of a necklace sticks that is called a false negative and it could still be gold or silver. Next invest from Amazon a gold testing kit. You can test silver with the 18kt acid and it will turn blue. Many buyers will not buy Mexican silver because it's not worth much. At all. Here in the east you would be hard pressed to find a buyer. Start selling your jewelry (high end) on eBay and make 4/5 times what you are with a middle man.

  19. Blue bus dave channel saves those victorian items and sells on ebay…some beads are real and valuable… bbd do rub gold if it has potential

  20. 4:20 – probably legit. Lava glass looked like. 26:45 – probably Portuguese or Turkish silver. Alpaca is a nickel alloy. Sorry dude, but the buyers are right. I've acid tested a lot of it.

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  28. Sweet haul!
    just…. consider not turning in the religious medals and charms to be melted. They may have more value as being a religious charm than the metal value.
    I like such items, anyway.
    As for those big metal earrings, try selling them in Stockton or Modesto — those are coming back into fashion here in the Central Valley.
    Keep on keeping on!

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  35. I am surprised that you are not into Harry Potter. I think you would love the magical animals. It is straight up magic. Watch the first movie or even better read the first book for a small taster. I actually waited outside a book shop which opened at midnight on the day book 4 or 5 was published and went home and read the whole thing. You have to have an imagination to like these books. I think you qualify. Give it a go if you don’t enjoy it, you lose a few hours. If you do enjoy it you gain a whole series. I have read them all at least 3 times. I was born on 31 October and always believed in my imagination that I was a witch. My fantasy came true in these books. I am now 63 and as you can tell I am still loving them as much now as I did when I got over the child’s cover and bought my first copy. I think you may be a wizard, I just watched you turn a bag of costume jewellery into Gold and Silver. πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ πŸŽƒ

  36. Hello pirate nice bags of jewelry first test on any metal use a strong magnet not the pen type lots of companies are plating over steel and junk metal then stamp 925 i know I make and repurpose jewelry and then do acid test I pour out my jewelry bags then take magnet over pile a few times then test again I've been disappointed on my finds love watching all videos from the group jebus locker nuts Alex and lizzie Jeremy and george find an hon3st gold specialist silver in canada you don't get much for it take care

  37. I loved that green ring the one u wondered if it glows in the dark. Glad u got some good stuff Mike. Im glad u gave a shout out to Jack (locker nuts) because he always does that for u telling people u r the legend and to subscribe to your channel i think thats neat that u guys do that for each other!

  38. You should have a magnet with you when going through those bags. Then you would really know if something was "almost silver"….
    I read once that quite a bit of Italian custom silver is unmarked.

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