GOLD & SILVER in JEWELRY BAGS! unbox goodwill jewelry grab bags! HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

GOLD & SILVER in JEWELRY BAGS!  unbox goodwill jewelry grab bags! HOW TO MAKE MONEY!

so this already right here puts this
well into profit ladies and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages it is
pirate time we are here we did another one of those we went to Goodwill and we
bought some jewelry grab bags as you can see right here we got them a little
cheaper this time they let us get them for 59.99 love you goodwill sometimes
you’re nice sometimes you’re just goodwill
today you it’s nice that’s the way I must see how much we got right now it
looks like gold right there that one right there is pretty much I’m sure gold
oh we can call this profile whatever you want you know that to me looks gold it
really does we’re gonna find out soon because we’re gonna open this all up you
see things just like that you want to assess that but also be willing to his
swing the mat you don’t swing the bat you don’t hit homeruns this right here
looks like possibly gold field then was it the l5 up it’s gold field but
whatever gold field is like I said worth the same in silver contact anyway let’s
get going but say this all the time
pirates love three things gold silver and chips what we live for doesn’t look like silver but it is neat
oh yeah we got tools look tools tools and a scale we do not have a magnet but
I say this all the time when I look at jewelry I could see people don’t believe
me but I could see that it’s kind of cute
not gold sterling silver right off the bat there’s about eight grams of silver
you guys don’t believe me let somebody just go ahead and do this right now
because I want to make sure you all understand so let’s test this theory six
point one I suck got a piece new we may not nothing is simple but that is silver no is it no right there I always do
quicks giveaway to me is the loop the link you ask people fix them sometimes
that one caught my eye for a second but it’s not silver is this one new maybe it is I have to test that
nurse silver pile it’s a leafy bug that’s silver that’s costing some cute
little this this is exactly symbolic to what we’re doing here it’s a gamble see
all those dice everything is a gamble in this life nothing is a first sure bet I
always say that you could look at something you can guess you can
speculate but like buying a storage unit this is all a gamble that’s cute assortment look more hearts the universe
is like haha isn’t it ironic the way when you go through these look the
earrings just pop in there as pairs we got some perfume some product candy sterling silver popular costume costume
those are cute costume look at this belt right here almost cute
Wells Fargo stagecoach Merry Christmas from Payless Merry Christmas who
remembers that commercial I have this weird thing where I remember every
commercial I’ve ever seen now this is cool this is silver it’s
neat you could tell those are real stones because it’s cold I like that
that’s probably a 25 $30 piece easily will gently set that over there
cute gaudy fake no yeah this is iffy nine to five ladies and gentlemen good
thing I second-guessed myself there’s more of that weird looking piece of
costume jewelry that they’re gonna move it needs the other one to go on the
other side very Aztec iam somebody really in like their cost in to the
extent that they put a bandaid on it to make it fit better let’s see what’s
under the band-aid don’t get nervous ladies and gentleman I’m a trained
professional with connives trained professional we just uploaded a video so as I’m
filming this on this phone all my comments are coming through from the
video don’t forget if you are subscribed to my channel to double check your
notifications a lot of people can tell me their notifications are turned off
you want to double tap make sure you get them look at these hearts come on
universe stop it to practice letting go right now and your universe the hearts
hearts hearts comment below if you like my narration and a lot of people be like
pirate I don’t like your jokes I wish you would just shut up and unbox videos
and then I think to myself well you know what I do what I want
that’s pirate life but I’m just curious how many people actually appreciate my
commentary and how many people like please shut up pirates so go ahead and
tell me below Frosty the Snowman is that this tangled up here is just the worst
manner right now this is how I look to joy because
granted I know you want to see me sell costume jewelry I’m looking for gold
silver and gems it’s what I’m looking for I’m a pirate it’s almost kind of
cute those are almost cool these are similar all right we’re getting
somewhere 925 look at that let’s wear that one
throughout the rest of this video to manifest more silver gold gems
oh it’s a clasp what is this for Oh Dior right Dior yes Christian Dior christian
the christian – Christian Dior man they don’t make them like this no
more that is not silver and gold but Christian Dior is a very trendy brand
and it sells very well yes the pirate does know his ladies clothing believes
me or not nine to five there’s one that’s trying to make you it almost looks like gold will test that costume what are you are you silver new made with love there we go with the
l-word that is silver there’s a cute little pieces over there right there
sterling that’s an older piece I like that kind of neat something for a very
small wrist haha there you go this right here made it all worth it see
how it’s clearly marked 10 karat I’m gonna guess 5.4 grams let’s test me
again I didn’t get much sleep last night I am off on point today that is 3.7 I
think I’m gonna give up I’m giving up chasing gold silver gems they can’t even
guess things right nonetheless at $18 a grand which is what I’m getting at 90%
gold weight right now that is just that is $54 right if I do my math right that
this right here pretty much pays for the bag of jewelry there was $59.99
nonetheless you have to take off a tiny bit for this but you can also sell this
for more than scrap value but basic 90% scrap value you’re looking at $54 baby shark dududududu never pass up a
moment to sing that song those are kind of cute little hair thingies with leaves maybe it’s a Phoenix claw that looks
silver the necklace doesn’t in there’s hair that is gross there we go silver
not bad we’re getting a little bit of silver
here though we’re getting a little bit of silver here this is something let’s
look at her let’s look at a magnifying glass here okay it’s not very good my
glass where’s the other one I know it’s a necklace pendant look at that 10 karat
gold a little 10 karat gold you can see it right there let me see if I can get
you all to see it where’s the camera okay camera stop
playing anyway that’s a 10 karat gold right there it’s not a lot but now we
have two pieces of 10 karat gold phenomenal who says this one 20th gold
field okay almost gold almost gold is still cool sells better than not almost
gold we got the other silver earring I was
looking for right here gonna make for that I’m getting stabbed by the baby
sharp to do to do to do no and right there with the religious entity clip um
we’ll come back to this cuz I don’t have time to sit here and do this we want to
get this why are you just mocking me with all the hearts today nice like I
said before often people think acapulco is fake silver I believe it’s more to be
something like sixty percent versus sterling 925 it’s not 100 percent
sterling silver like most sterling silver jewelry is but that’s just the
way the cookie crumbles sometimes I’d rather have sixty percent than no
percent you know 60% of the time it works all the time
my favorite movie lines who remembers what movie that’s from one of my other
favorite movies 14-karat gold filled Bulova not bad not bad let’s see oh we
got an egg number two remember bag number two has the ring that I was
banking on being gold where to go right there I’m hoping that that is gold
please make my $59.99 we’re gonna go right to it you know why that’s the week
whatever we want and of course it’s gotta be hearts not bad though 14-karat
let’s guess let’s see if we can get to some point three point two let’s see if
we warmed up it’s been a long morning already shout out to the horrible family
to stay at the hotel and kept their kids running around till midnight last night
didn’t have any respect for anybody else two point nine we’re getting warmed up
we’re getting there not bad that exactly right there right now at 95% I’m getting
$25 a gram for gold that is just under $75 this paid for that whole bag of
jewelry and it’s got a pretty little heart for those who believe in hearts
that’s kind of cute and silver can’t you bingo but you could see the way it’s painted
see right off the bat if I first glimpse my eyes says gold but then when I look
in the back I see the way it’s roughly painted and I already know it’s not gold guess guess if there’s any more gold in
here right now do you think we will find another piece of gold also as well let
me know if you would you feel about these videos shout-out to Alex and Annie
love 2017 y’all love that’s cute let me know if
you like these type of videos look at that there again Alex and Annie it must
be a good brain it’s not my normal stuff but I like to do different things I am a
treasure hunter doesn’t necessarily need to be a storage unit I just like to hunt
I like to gamble I’d rather do this all day then put a hundred dollars on a
poker table if it feels oh shut up California love California
reading reading rain okay go anywhere take a look it’s in a book Reading
Rainbow Reading Rainbow house one of my favorite shows when I was a kid love
yeah that’s for all y’all out there okay we did you get we need to get some
more cool stuff here BFFL like best friends forever life bound Seiko I see
things I want to look at we got courts my eyes like I want to go for this then
my eyes like boom check that first ten dollars whatever that is was that’s kind of cool little suet
that is silver on here on this amethyst rock nine to five Geneva another one same ring nine to five
that’s nice somebody had similar taste could have
been from the same class you never know how good will gets these things it’s all
donation is so probably coincidental is somebody had the same ring or maybe
somebody bought the same ring twice enough is all there was a person’s
collection that looks annoying to wear that is silver on the wrong necklace okay that is silver nice a couple pieces
of silver there but I don’t like the necklace on nine-to-five look at that that’s kind of
cool size seven says yeah nice little almost
emerald and some fake looking diamonds no the cross costume costume costume look at those hearts just so cute
it isn’t that cute not oh what a tangled web we weave
hearts hearts hearts costume costume costume another heart this is just
ridiculous that was silver what’s the key to
y’all’s heart anybody out they want to come below what is the key to your heart guess what the key to my heart is let’s
see who can guess that right okay it’s not Katherine
if your name is Katherine no offense I need little turquoise pieces there’s
another one of those that we’re almost silver here but they weren’t theirs must
be like a joke somebody must have made this one way but
I’ll bet a whole bunch of parts in here and we’re just gonna tease pirate that’s
a clothespin everyone used to do your laundry at this lady’s gym and you go
put this on your you’d hang your laundry like that from a clothes pinger I’m sure
some people do still I used to do that when I was a kid that is gold it’s not a lot it’s like a
heart and a button that turns into a butterfly and that this turning and that
is nada okay okay M is for monkey or Mike Mike the monkey
and that’s a wrap on this okay let’s see what we got here let’s do a quick recap
we already weighed this ring and we know that this ring right here paid for this
whole bag of costume jewelry then we have several pieces of silver we’re just
gonna weigh it not to diminish can’t really weigh these but we’ll try and put
those on the engine 31 grams of what looks like silver a
little piece here then all this costume jewelry is all profit nice
we weighed this one but let’s add this one on there see it went up another grim
so this already right here puts this well into profit on this set of costume
and then we take all of our silver and we do things like this we’re gonna add
it all here with the stakes we did good today I’m gonna add this on there and
this and we have okay come on work with me here we’re
gonna play games all right this is getting frustrating this is where a
basic black might put some on there 44 grams of silver jewelry making that all
profit then there’s this beautiful piece right here which you can’t really major
way because it’s half stone but it is silver you got this gold field Watch
which equals silver scrap value my eyes but it’s gold filled and you got a
little bit more pieces of silver here one more piece of potentially test with
its gold possibly and a Christian Christian to Christian Dior bracelet all
that is profit money to be made already right here instant in the profit on that
with that being said I say with that being said I said with that being said I
think it’s safe to say that we once again swung the bat and we hit a homerun
which is the most essential part of doing this yes it’s a gamble and you
could strike out and you can go back to the bench but you’re never gonna know if
you don’t swing the bat thanks for tuning in don’t forget to the
like button subscribe button and share button to check your notifications cause
like I said they might be off and you might be not getting these I love y’all


  1. Vengo de parte de teroso enterrado 💎👑.. Like si piensa que tesoro enterrado. Te mando a que siga a su amigo americano 👑🌴

  2. My Husband is the key to my Heart. In fact, that was the first piece of jewlery he ever bought me, a silver key, attached to a heart.

  3. Hi bro, vengo de parte del paísa de tesorreishon enterradeishon, la neta ahorita casi no te ando manejando el inglis, pero igual te recomendó mi compa chucheison

  4. Hola, vengo de tesoros enterrados. 👍👍👍 ya soy suscriptor vuestro, soy Argentina, vivo en España, costa del sol. Mucha Suerte.

  5. I know you love gold & silver, but for me I love the beads on the costume jewellery! I’d break them down & reuse them in something else. Although, I have a thing for silver as I’m allergic to gold Jewellery. My wedding ring & engagement ring had to be silver as I itch like mad if I wear gold. ☹️

  6. I would never buy a goodwill jewelry bag for that amount. Junk and costume an entanglement of are very lucky if you get a few pieces, but you did,,,lucky..Beauty is in the beholder…Margaret n Iceland

  7. Love love your commentaries during the videos.  You're always on point Pirate!!  The key to my heart is in Southern Arizona!!  Oh Yeah!!!!    Hugs

  8. Hey pirate I know that they are off the air, but I want you to know. From the bottom of my heart I keep you in my prayers all the time and I love all your positive feedback it makes me feel good every day. And salt princess you're awesome always remember to follow your dreams listen to your dad he knows what he's talking about he's a good man. And at some point next year I'll be going out to California with my wife and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys. Not only you guys Locker nuts Chivas and family storage soccer in the rest of the gang I can't wait to see all you guys

  9. So if you took all that jewelry to the flea market & sold each piece for $1.00, you would make your money back plus‼️‼️👍🏻

  10. You my Friend are addicting!!!
    I take it that you were married to a Catherine? And after many years of devotion from you she took off? Mine is Melanie, a year ago after 20 years of being together and 16 years of marriage, I woke up with a note on the couch! She left me and my 16 year old daughter behind without looking back!!
    My daughter and I are doing well, except on the financial side it's been a major struggle to just pay the basic bills, we had to get rid of every luxury including TV and I'm a huge movie buff!! I grew up in the 80's and I'm even named after a movie. So getting rid off that was hard, but we have kept our phones which is why I've been able to binje watch your channel!!!! 👍✌😎
    A year later I'm not looking at the past I'm looking at the here and now and the future!! I see an Amazing Bright Light ahead!!! My daughter is doing really well too!!!
    Have a GREAT Day My Friend!!!

  11. Hey Pirate… You're making all of us who knew that you were singing the theme to Reading Rainbow and singing along feel old… Lol!! JK! Love it!! But the Alex & Ani (Ah-nEE) are a very good and trendy brand right now. Don't scrap them 😊

  12. You can make your money back plus some just on the costume jewelry. The real silver, gold and gems are just a bonus! I wish my closest goodwill sold jewelry like this!

  13. If people don’t like what you say they can mute or just not watch. It’s your channel, you do and say what you want. Be you!

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