Gold Slime in a Vacuum Chamber

Gold Slime in a Vacuum Chamber

Hey Everyone. Welcome To PressTube! In this video, I’m gonna put some Slime in the vacuum chamber! I didn’t make this myself, but you can easily make this. I got it from a Belgian YouTuber I’m also from Belgium, and we live about 20 minutes from each other, so she made this for me And, I went to pick it up at her house If you want to see how she made it, I will provide the links in the description below There’s an English version, and there’s a Dutch version. So just check the links in the description! Where you can see how she makes this. Now, I’m really curious how this slime will behave in the vacuum chamber It’s very fun to play with. As you can see. But I’m not sure what it will do in the vacuum chamber. Will it rise to the top? Will it stay in the same shape? Let’s find out guys! Okay, let’s put on the lid and Turn on the vacuum pump. Okay guys, are you ready? Here we go! Okay, so it reached all the way up to the top of the vacuum chamber it’s now clogging up the Vacuum line, so I don’t think the pump can pull any more vacuum. Now Let’s see what happens if we turn off the pump and let in the air again. Okay guys, are you ready? Here we go! Three, two, one Okay, it has definitely shrunk back to the normal size, but the walls are still sticky with the slime, so let’s take off the lid and See if we can remove it from the walls Okay now let’s see if I can remove it from this part of the vacuum chamber This is very sticky, I think it’s even more stickier than Before I put it in a vacuum chamber. I think that’s because all the air is out of it Yeah, it’s definitely very much Stickier shall I say it Yeah, it’s a lot more slimy now. Hey guys I will clean this after I Stopped the video It will be a lot of work to clean this so I hope you liked the video guys and if you did please consider to give this a thumbs up and also check in the description below for the links where this other Belgian YouTube channel, Just Jade Made the slime for me. Okay guys. See you later. Bye You


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