Gold Storage and Silver Storage

Gold Storage and Silver Storage

Gainesville Coins now offers precious metal
investors with an industry leading storage option, Gainesville Coins Storage. Gainesville
Coins Storage provides precious metals investors with full segregation of assets, comprehensive
insurance, ease of access, instant liquidity, and low cost. Full Segregation of Assets. Unlike most other
vaults and depositories, Gainesville Coins Storage fully segregates account assets. Investors
that store with Gainesville Coins Storage can rest assured that the assets stored will
be exactly what they received on delivery. Comprehensive Insurance. Gold and Silver stored
with Gainesville Coins Storage is fully insured for their replacement value. Currently many
investors in physical gold and silver choose home storage or a safety deposit box at their
local bank. Neither of these options provide the level of insurance coverage that is standard
with Gainesville Coins Storage. Ease of Access. Access to gold or silver stored
with Gainesville Coins Storage is fast and easy. Upon written notification, you can have
all or part of your stored assets shipped that same day. Notifications received late
in the day will ship the next day. Alternatively, with just one hour written notice during normal
business hours you can have all or part of your stored assets available for pickup at
our showroom. Most, if not all other vaults and depositories cannot match this level of
access. Instant Liquidity. With just a phone call
you can liquidate or add to your gold and silver holdings held at Gainesville Coins
Storage. Cash raised by selling precious metals can be held on account, mailed via a business
check or wired to an account. The ease with which your assets can be sold and the flexibility
this provides precious metals investors cannot be matched by most, if not all, other vaults
and depositories. Low Cost. Cost of storage is an important
consideration and Gainesville Coins Storage provides industry-leading prices. A good rule
of thumb to calculate costs, is five dollars per month for every ten thousand dollars stored.
There’s a monthly minimum of five dollars per month. A full fee schedule can be viewed
in the storage section of our website. Precious metals investors are encouraged to
review all the Gainesville Coins Storage information on our website, including the storage agreement.
We are confident that when you evaluate the many storage options available today, Gainesville
Coins Storage will stand above the rest in providing a lever of benefits that’s unmatched
by any alternatives.

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  1. If somebody purchases 12 oz of silver per month online and would like for it to be stored in the storage, is there a fee for it to be placed into the storage? How can one select at the time of checkout online "place into storage" ?


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