Gold The Curse of Bhrambhatt – Chhota Bheem in English

Gold The Curse of Bhrambhatt – Chhota Bheem in English

I request you kindly let me in .It’s very important, I need to Meet the king let you inside! Sure but what is so important ? Is it for your stupid grandson who ignored all warnings and wandered away into the caves For his stupid,silly mistake we cannot risk the lives of our innocent people listen old woman! No one has ever returned alive from these caves, In fact I would say no one will ever return alive from the caves what kind of guard are you? if you guards cannot help an old woman find her grandson,then who will Dholakpur is no longer safe for old people like me Mam your king is still alive,do not loose hope. I will send my entire army to look for your grandson, I the king of dholakpur give you my word for it. get the army ready. Select the bravest of the warriors and send them immediately to the golden caves. long live the king! Long live the king! any news from the caves no my majesty! We have no news as yet! its 2 days since raghu left home long live the king! With your permission can i go to the golden caves and…. keep your mouth shut kaalia,this is no time to fool around. my entire army has disappeared there in the caves my king you have always given bheem the freedom to do whatever he wanted to do! I feel I am more powerful and intelligent than bheem. All i need is just one chance….. one chance! That could be your last chance kaalia! You are not fit to compare yourself to bheem, have you not heard of the saying “intelligence succeeds where the powerful fail” you are intelligent you can go,but i refuse to go with kaalia no no not me either…Let him prove he is an idiot alone okay kaalia if you insist you can go to the caves.If you think you can find raghu, then please go and get him. You have my permission to go that’s it kaalia this is how far we can go with you. Take care Kaalia, may god be with you and kaalia please do forgive us for all our stupid mistakes if possible.. whats wrong with you my friends. You are talking as if I am not going to return alive! whatever you say..if you are going inside you go alone,i am not going there with you neither am i going in there idiot’s! Alright! If you do not want to go inside fine but you can at least guard the cave from outside of course…but the danger is inside not outside kaalia has not yet returned! What should we do now! is there no one who can help us some one definitely can help us …..come let’s look for bheem bheem bheem help us bheem…kaalia has disappeared very good he has disappeared. He always puts us in trouble and when he is in trouble he sends you both to us for help. why don’t you both help him out wait, wait… tell me, what is the matter! hmmm first we must try and get all the information we can about the golden caves but who will give us information about the golden caves we must not enter the caves like the others. We three shouldn’t make the same mistake again lets go and meet baba bol bachchan. He has the answers to all questions. but we will need to be careful.they say when he starts talking he just does not stop,so he is called baba bol bachchan oh so you want information on the golden caves? yes, everything please tell us everything,you know about the golden caves everything! hmmm this very interesting! After very long someone is asking about the mystery behind the golden caves, i thought there were many other much safer ways to earn quick money than the golden caves…. we are not interested in the gold in the caves but just want to savethe lives of all the people who have disappeared in the caves . Kindly tell us oh…that’s fine….i will tell you everything i know…please sit down the story of the caves is full of greed and jealousy along with honesty and kindness. long time back there was a man called Bramhabhatt…he was a sailor from some village far away…. He had no friends,he was always lonely lost in thoughts . May be because he was a stranger and knew that people did not like him….. but he was friendly with the kids,they liked him a lot here play with this! I will get more for you all tomorrow i wish i was rich and had lots of money, then i could have bought gifts for all of you. i would have build schools for you to study and play grounds to play games. bramhabhatt was a trader and used to trade with many nearby villages. One day there was a huge storm, so dangerous that nobody dared to go out. But as always the brave bramhabhatt decided to carry on and went his usual way but.. To avoid the storm he decided to take an unknown route, a path he was not aware off, a path that everyone used to avoid not knowing what danger could lie before them and this path changed his life totally. what was so dangerous about that new route he had taken that was a cursed path and anyone who dared to travel on this path would disappear. yes baba ,please tell us more about it yes yes….where was I, don’t you dare try and interrupt me again! i am very sorry… the moment he took the unknown path, the storm stopped and it was all calm again his wheels were stuck in the wet mad Brahmabhatt tried his best but he could not get them out from the wet mud. but then at last he managed to drag his bullock cart out of the wet mud… hurray….i have done it.. Look at my hands….they are dirty with the mud and these rains too had to stop now itself….ho ho ho brahmabhatt then suddenly saw a stream flowing from behind the hillocks and when he went there to clean his hands he realized the stream had golden sand in it. what is this? could this be pure gold? i think i should go up the stream and check it. brahmabhatt managed to reach the top of the hillock from where the stream was flowing…and he was surprised what he saw what did he see ? what he had seen was the biggest gold mine in the world. who are you ? My name is brahmabhatt and i am a trader oh…brahmabhatt i am the guardian of this have come to the right place. I have been waiting for you. have been waiting for you. All this Gold that you see belongs to u. Please come and take it and use it intelligently but remember never ever use it for your own benefit and do not ever let greed overcome your good deeds. May god always keep you happy. but but i do not understand what great work or good deed have i done to be rewarded with this big gold mine son, this is a magical cave and is visible to only those people who have a heart which is as pure and shining like this gold here But please let me warm you, do not let greed in the form of gold overcome you if will loose the charm of a kind hearted simple man and your life would be a waste like the… like who ? let it be,let it be son! hey where did he disappear?hmmm he looked like a prisoner to me….i must now go home and tell everyone about this incident please take us all to the golden caves brahmabhatt but there is no gold there it is only a magical cave that’s fine don’t worry brahmabhatt we are also very nice and kind hearted soon brahmabhatt and all the villagers left for the golden caves there it is! with all that gold we will make a school and a hospital i hope you are not taking the old man’s advice too seriously. I will take as much gold as i can to home for family ha ha ha.. please understand we must use this gold for the good of humanity to serve poor people stop! I had found this gold it is mine! You cannot take it with you We are not talking it brahmabhatt..but we are stealing it i wonder why this happening to me always This gold belongs to the children. I Brahmabhatt curse you all whether good or bad, whomsoever comes to these caves hunting for gold with lust in him shall be trapped as a prisoner in these caves forever. The most dangerous and ferocious animal of this world will be the guardian of these caves. Only a kind hearted honest and brave man with noble intentions who come to these caves will not be affected by this curse Till date nobody knows what happens in the caves nor does one know the fate of all the people who went in there and nobody has returned from those caves till date. Whatever Baba said is very well known to all of us even he did not say anything new to us. No no Raju, you don’t understand, he has said a lot of important things like Brahmabhatt loved children a lot, we will not be harmed at all as we too are children….. Hey look here what is this Hey there is Kalia. Why is he not recognizing us? ome on let’s follow him, let’s see where he is going Hey they all look under some magical spell hey see that gold hey stop don’t go there We should also have an equal share in it Bheem, can I too take some gold ! There is so much here that no one will know if I take some Oh so this is the magical spell ! I do not need any gold ! I have come here to free Raghu and all my friends. Oh Guardian of the cave. I am Bheem. I have come here to free all my friends trapped here. I am not interested in your gold. You can keep it for yourself I do not need it Bheem ! I am the cave speaking! I admire your guts and honesty and your love for your friends. I am very happy with you. You may take all the gold in this cave with you and use it to help the poor and the needy people. The moment you take this gold out of the cave your friends will be free of the curse. But let me warn you, because of the curse a ferocious snake is guarding the only exit of the cave. You will have to be careful. Snake….. Oh God ! This gold is so heavy ! How will I carry it ! Don’t you know you stupid boy, however strong and powerful you may be nobody can leave this cave alive. Go back inside from where you have come. Never. You return back from wherever you have come. Go back or I will kill you I have to save my friends lives so get out of my way I will kill you Bheem! You have once again proved that you are the best in Dholkapur. Now since the curse is over please tell me what to do with this gold. My king if you agree with me then we should build homes, schools and hospitals for all the poor and needy people of Dholalpur., Bhramabhatt too wanted to do. So be it as you say Bheem Long live the King ! God bless our Bheem !


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