Gold Wing vs F6B Comparison

Gold Wing vs F6B Comparison

We’re back and we’re taking another look at the amazing 2018 Gold Wing. Now last time we focused primarily on the Gold Wing Tour, and we’ve had some questions about that since our first video. The Gold Wing Tour is what most of you historically knew as just the “Gold Wing” The ultimate Touring bike with all the bells and whistles, most notably incredibly comfortable passenger seat and the trunk. Now, for 2018, what we call the Gold Wing is the model without the trunk, and that’s probably what most of you knew previously as the Gold Wing F6B. Much like the F6B, the 2018 Gold Wing comes standard with things like ABS & combine braking, USB and iPod integration, cruise control and rear pre-load adjustment Now, let’s take a look at where the engineers went beyond for the 2018 Gold Wing. Let’s start with Navigation. Getting to new places can sometimes be challenging when you’re riding. Whether it’s keeping watch for that upcoming turn or stopping to check a map on your phone. With an Embedded Harman Navigation 7″ TFT screen on the new Gold Wing, you’ll always know exactly where you are and when that next turn is coming up. Another great addition to the 2018 Gold Wing is the electric windshield. With the touch of a button, you can choose to have your windshield up or down and everywhere in between allowing you to find that “sweet spot” for those long highway rides. Plus for those late season rides, you’ll love the addition of standard 5 stage heated grips. And for those rides after dark the 2018 Gold Wing now has a full suite of LED headlights – if you’ve never ridden with those, you’ll be amazed at the visibility it creates! As with most bikes, the reverse walking speed on the FB6 is, well, as fast as you can walk backwards with a touring bike under you. New for 2018, simply choose the reverse walking speed function for an effortless walking speed of 1.2 km/hr. This brilliant piece of engineering actually uses an electric motor to assist you as you glide your bike back into that parking spot. Starting your bike with a key on the FB6 is simple and easy, but we’ve all had those times where we’ve had to take a glove off to see what pocket we left your key in (FYI – it’s always the last one you check). For 2018, you now have this, new Smart Key FOB, which works with proximity sensor, so you can start your bike with a push of a button and leave that key safely in your pocket. Now let’s take a quick look at some of the new tech upgrades that have been added. The 2018 Gold Wing comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can now easily connect your Bluetooth enabled devices, like your phone, and headset. And if you’ve connected your iPhone, you can use Apple CarPlay with Siri eyes-free, and get all the same great features offered on most new Honda cars. Plus, for that perfect play list, the Gold Wing now has optional rear speakers – making the audio experience amazing. Also new for the 2018 Gold Wing is the tire pressure monitoring system. This safety feature alerts you when the pressure on one of your tires starts to drop, so you can catch the issue before it becomes a problem. And speaking of your connection to the road, the 2018 Gold Wing now offers 4 Electronic pre-set Riding Modes You can choose from Tour, Rain, Sport or Eco.. Finally, let’s talk about storage. The integrated bags on the F6B offered great storage for your one or two night trips, but if you wanted to add to that, it was either a backpack or strapping down an external bag. With the 2018 Gold Wing, you now have the option to add the trunk section, giving you the same great passenger seat and extra storage you’ll find on the Gold Wing Tour! These are just some of the ways the Honda Engineers stepped up to the challenge of making a great bike, even greater. To find out more about the new 2018 Gold Wing, check out, or better yet, stop by your local Honda dealer and see for yourself what going beyond truly looks like.


  1. Everything I have seen on the '18 states that it does NOT have reverse. (only on the tour model) Also the rear suspension adjustments are manual. This video to me is misleading.

  2. Good inclusive video. My only issue is the weight of this bike. The DCT is one engineering marvel but I think Honda should have kept the new Goldwing's weight in the 700 range. As is my BMW K 1600 GT bike.

  3. GREAT VIDEO = A HUGE THANK YOU!! Being a Honda Rep, could you tell me whether or not the Gold Wing utilizes CAN-Bus? I have heard that, similar to the newer Beemers, that Honda is now following this modern technology and that by doing so over 10 pounds of weight loss from less copper wiring has been aquired.. Is this true and could you elablorate? THANK YOU!

  4. Been tossing up between a H-D or a Goldwing. I am in the market for a nice touring bike. Man! This new Honda is NICE. Which to choose…which to choose.

  5. Test drove a new one couple of years ago and it was governed at 105, no thank you, so the title interested me. Did I miss it or did it never mention top speed. K1600gt does 144mph, so for a similarly size bike and engine I was hoping for similar numbers

  6. When will these be in Canadian dealerships? Has Honda addressed the annoying droning noise at highway speed? Are the storage boxes still difficult to close?

  7. Remote start?! The 'wing's security just took a big step backwards.

    Gotta say I'm quite disappointed with the now 'optional extras' which have been features of even the most basic model since their introduction, and the insecure (spoofable) remote start system. I like the idea of heated grips as standard but never needed them on the GL1500 because the mirrors were great deflectors. The LED headlights are cool though, but I think it'll take a little while longer to get used to the new shape again (the 1800 took a while to grow on me)

  8. Questions…? How difficult is it to add or remove the trunk package and how much does it cost?
    Do you have to pay a monthly fee for the navigation system?
    What is the difference in the two bikes in the video?
    Why would I not want to buy this model over the GW Tour? If I buy the trunk package to go along with it.

  9. the new bike has ugly mirrors and a ugly console go for a aggresive judge dredd look not a sports bike look? and whats with those mirrors they are ugly from the driver view side. screw it i will keep the st1300

  10. This 2018 goldwing is a nice motorcycle but all the electronics on it this will be problem. And speaking for myself i don't need all those bells and whistles on a motorcycle.

    I test road one on the the 7th of April I'm almost 6"6 225 pounds this new model is not for me!! I'll keep my 2016 F6B it fits me a solid reliable motorcycle easily maintained.

    But this new goldwing is nice and i hope Honda has great success with it.

  11. love the redesign!! Currently own a 2015 F6B..which has been cross country twice 🙂 My only concern would be that I am a shorter rider at 5 foot 5 inches…I have to wear Engineer boots to flat foot on my F6B…it looks like the new model has a higher seat height(?)…that could affect my decision to upgrade, but is there a way to lower the seat height on the new model ?

  12. What about highway pegs?? I'm sorry but this is my first Honda and so far I've been disappointed with how Honda rolled out this bike. Very limited accessories available. A bike of this stature who most put highway pegs on, is non-existent. I ordered bag inserts and the carpet, OVER a month to get them is friggin ridiculous. Great bike, but if you are trying to keep new Honda buyers, some forward thinking might help.

  13. So, your saying, the only difference between the Tour and the F6B is the trunk? I thought there were more differences than that.

  14. Subtitles? Really? They get in the way and you don't really need them since you are already speaking English. Wierd.

  15. Staying with the F6B! Larger gas tank, less useless farkles, larger twin trunks, time tested as Honda had a lot of small problems with the Honda Goldwing -last recall being the rear brake. Nothing exciting to make me want to buy the new Goldwing. If I wanted a rear trunk I wouldn't have bought the F6B.

  16. hahaha..'This is the Goldwing that the market has been clamoring for, and Honda took a chance and built it.' Goldwing is a tourer, should have all luggage as standard, seems to be heading in line with BMW, where you have to start with a base then pay for all additions!! as for all the electronic wonders that even cooks your breakfast!! expensive when it all starts to go wrong, no doubt over here in good old blighty the MoT will be a bugger to pass too………..

  17. Was in the market for a Bagger and got the F6B… Never want anything else than a Goldwing anymore… If I will buy a new one it will be the new standard Wing… and the F6B will be turned into a sidecar bike… Great bike

  18. There is no comparison, the F6B looks much better then the new Goldwing. There is no substitute for the smooth and flowing form of the F6B. I don't like the "Edgy" styling of the newly designed Goldwing, it's just not my thing. This is not a comparison video, as I hoping for a non-biased ride, handling and performance comparison of the two, not a WHY I SHOULD BUY A NEW GOLDWING VIDEO. I'll stick with my '13 F6B.

  19. The back-lit handlebar switches is always a nice touch at night. No mention about that. But Gold Wing’s got it. Good looking bike.

  20. In some ways Honda has totally screwed up on these two. The F6B is a recent bike with no ABS? Unforgivable! The Gold Wing tail section will take a rack that carries like 6 pounds- that is insane! And the GW only has 5.55 gallons which is just barely enough! If touring I would have to have the top box and carry a Rotopax with 1.25 gallons of fuel to feel safe fuel wise!
    And he said the F6B has ABS and it does not- it has CBS which is just a linked system and that is not nearly as safe.

  21. Talking about ABS but 'forget' to mention that there is not traction control available for the standard-model. Ok, it's 'only' ~25k, so why bother, right? It's not like you can get a fully loaded K1600GT BMW with all the bells and whistles (way more than the GoldWing offers) for the same money. Oopps!
    And talking about the navigation.. The satnav on the GoldWing is the absolute worst satnav I've ever used on a motorcycle! A 5 year-old Garmin or TomTom is way better than this one. So you'll have to install an aftermarket satnav.
    I really fell in love with the looks of the new GoldWing but stuff like that really stops me from buying it. It is as overpriced as a Harley but at least Harley is honest and doesn't praise their bikes with being 'high-tech' (while, in fact, you get more high-tech on a Harley Tourer than on a standard GoldWing…).

  22. Honda Canada where were you before I bought my 2019 GoldWing with a bunch of hesitation because the Honda America offers very little information at least that I can find, even the dealers here have super generic information. Thank you for posting! I think that is probably a big downfall of goldwing sales is the lack of information for the price. Also here in the US dealers with demo bikes are few and far between so people go with like BMW because they basically throw you the keys and say go have fun. Where I called 5 Honda dealers and they all said no test rides, one finally said, if you submit a credit app and we get approval you can test ride this $25,000 motorcycle before you buy it!

  23. Those seats on both of those bikes look to high and wide for the Host to comfortably reach the ground.. He didn't mention any differences in that department

  24. Is the TPMS actually accurate? I've seen other high end motorcycle with that feature, and they read higher than actual tire pressure when it was hot, and colder than actual tire pressure when it was cold. It was not a trustworthy feature because of that.

  25. To me a Goldwing meant the most comfortable touring bike …now it's a bagger. The appearance of the touring model is nice and sporty, but you give up too much storage for a couple.
    From what I've read the optional 7 speed DCT works flawlessly, but if I didn't want to be bothered with a clutch I'd buy a Vespa.
    Think I'll just keep my 2014 murdered out black level II.

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