We require yellow colored workers to work in gold mines. We will come back after two days and take away the workers. Those who give us these yellow workers we will give them whatever price they ask for. Thank god it’s good no worker in Furfuri town is yellow in color. Or else it would have been difficult to escape from the aliens. Long live! We all are safe, tea vendor brother serve some more samosas. A thunderous idea is getting coked in the kitchen of my devilish mind. Now you are my property, I will sell you all to the aliens, remember you are my property. You are also my property, you also and you also and you also. What happened brothers why are you all cluttering so much? Why are you all colored in yellow? Are you all playing Holi? We are not playing Holi; John is forcibly coloring everyone in yellow color. He is saying that he will sell us all to the golden aliens, we are his property, save us. How will he sell you all? I will teach him a lesson now, show me where he is now? Greetings Motu sir, I was just passing by and I thought let me have some snacks with you both. He has not come to have snacks, he is here to color us yellow run! Chingam sir, John is coloring everyone in yellow color, stop him. The name is Chingam, inspector Chingam, why fear when Chingum is here? I am coming right now but why is he coloring everyone in yellow color? Hello Chingam sir! I will tell you, I am coloring everyone in yellow color and making them my property. And then tomorrow morning I will sell all the yellow workers to the aliens. And take gold worth billions from them. Now you are also my property, happy Holi. Oh my god! Motu Patlu run! Quickly sit on the bike. Big brother give some gadget, do anything but find out a way to stop John. Hello everybody! How are u all? Happy Holi My property! Oh my lord! John! Run! Motu in this moment of trouble also you are eating samosas, run from here. Or else you will never ever be able to eat the samosas among the aliens. Idea! Motu now as such you have eaten the samosas than show John the power of the samosas. Look John is coming, lift up his tanker and throw it away. You are saying right, If there would be no color than what would John spray? Hello Motu! My property. John not me now you will be my property. Long live! I have done! Hey brother have you seen Patlu somewhere? Patlu is only standing in front of you. You colored me yellow, now John will sell me to aliens, bye friend now I will have to leave you and go. This is called without make up the color is fair. Had come to stop me from coloring. No Patlu, I will not allow you to go, what will I do without you? Motu I can understand your sadness, you are a true friend. This is the right time to prove your friendship, look there at the yellow color besides the tanker. Pick it up and color yourself than you can also go with Patlu. And nobody can keep you both apart. John you are saying right, Motu and Patlu cannot stay without each other. I will also go with Patlu. No Motu stop, don’t color yourself, you are the only one who is not colored yellow. And you only can save everyone, this John is fooling you. First teach him a lesson than we will think about the aliens, Motu think. I thought it! Sorry Patlu, you are saying right, John! Why are you looking at me so angrily? I was just giving an example of your true friendship. Motu and Patlu’s friendship is true and genuine, John but now your condition will not remain good. Enough! Sorry very sorry! I will not color you. Boss, you colored everyone yellow but Motu colored you all red. Motu there is a little bit remaining near John’s eyes. Ok Patlu, I will make it red right now. All those are my property, they are my property, take them and give me gold. Yellow workers! Motu these aliens have come to take us. No, you cannot take my friends in my presence. Hold on! I respect you, you are a brave person but why are you fighting? So that you cannot take away my yellow friends. But where are they yellow? In this place, I can see only one man in yellow color. The one who is standing here. He is yellow? Yes this only the yellow color, we call this color as yellow. Then quickly tell me what the color of these people is? This is red color on our planet, red we call it red color. Long live! Patlu all of you are saved. Alien brother let me know whether his yellow color is ok, or shall I make it more dark yellow? This is also ok. Help me, I do not want to become anyone’s property. No save me, when will this red color leave me. It will surely send me up. Chingam sir Help, Motu Patlu someone help.


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