Golden Butterfly – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Golden Butterfly – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Patlu, look at this golden caterpillar. This is the first time I am seeing this type of caterpillar, it looks like it is made of real gold. Stop the car, this caterpillar will be crushed. Hey, where are you guys? I will not let you go. Motu, look at this caterpillar, It has turned into a golden cocoon. Wow! It looks so beautiful!! Patlu, look at this beautiful butterfly, I think this is also made of gold. Come, let us catch this butterfly and take it to Dr Jhatka. He will be able to tell us whether it is made of gold or it is only a golden color. Let us take this cocoon also to show it to Dr Jhatka. Chingam sir, sorry. You know what. No sorry, I am used to this. You both are standing there, come next to me, please. Haha!! I have learned to deal with you both, see you, bye bye. Where did the golden butterfly go? Come, let us show this golden cocoon to Dr Jhatka and ask whether it is real gold or a fake one. Golden cocoon, golden butterfly? What is the matter? Oh my lord! This is real gold!! Golden butterfly flew away, no problem, we have to find out from where did this caterpillar come? There will be many more, if we get to know that place. Then we will have lots of gold and we will become millionaire dear. No, that place belongs to Furfuri nagar and if we get gold, then it will go to Furfuri nagar. So that we can develop this city. Patlu is right, we don’t have any right on that gold. Ok Motu, my brother, my friend, take this caterpillar track tracking device. Caterpillar track tracking device? Yes, you wear this on your eyes, go to the place from where you got this caterpillar And follow the caterpillar’s track. In this way, we will come to know from where it had come. This track leads to the cave, lets go inside. Years ago, there was a gold mine over here which was shut down. May be that is the reason they have all turned into golden color. Oh my lord! I have not seen anything like this in my twenty years of experience, we have become millionaire. Hurray!!! The gold and this place belongs to Furfuri nagar. We have to inform this to Chingam sir, let us give this place to the Mayor of the city. Yes, Motu is right, we don’t have any right on this gold. John will become the don!! Think and tell me, who will become the owner of this place? Motu Patlu have discovered this place, so they are the owners. You dumb, I own this place, go and tie them up, and until we remove all the gold, they will be here tied up. Prepare for the party, sweets, tea and snacks, get everything quickly, I want to enjoy!! Hello, should I bring all the sweets but where where to bring? What? In the cave of the jungle, but tell me whether you will pay me or not? Hey tea vendor, you are a poor man, you will talk like a poor person. Our boss has got a gold mine, now we are millionaire. Gold mine in the jungle and that too in the cave. Why did you call the tea vendor here? Why didn’t you go there? Now we are millionaires boss, we won’t work ourselves, we will make others work. You both are born to destroy me. Hey, all these are gold that means everything is mine. Hurray!! Hey hurray, go away from here, or else. Or else, what will you do? Take this!! This place belongs to Furfuri nagar, you people have no right on this land. What are you doing? Stop fighting. Stop, we will not let you take this place. Let go my friend. Hello, Chingam sir, come soon, people are hitting us. Where do you want me to come? Tell me the place? You are worried about the place, we are beaten so badly, come quickly. Oh! Sorry, I will come right now, but where should I come? Everybody stop, nobody will touch caterpillars and butterflies. Let me first touch you and then we will think about rest of the things, what say friends? No!! Patlu, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Idea!! Motu, have this samosas and start hitting them. We have lost and you have won Motu Patlu, you have won. From today this place belongs to Furfuri nagar. We are going to make this black cave, a tourist spot. Nobody will touch the butterflies and the caterpillar. Money which we get from tourists tickets will be used for the development of Furfuri nagar. Motu Patlu gets an award for their courage and sincerity.


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