GOLDEN CAKEPOPS! How to Make Metallic Gold & Silver Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial

GOLDEN CAKEPOPS! How to Make Metallic Gold & Silver Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Metallic
Cakepop Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to achieve this gorgeous, shimmering,
metallic finish on your cakepops. This is perfect for any metallic color but particularly
for silvers and gold, great for weddings, great for christenings and things where you
do want to add that little pop of color but you want it to be metallic.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’ve got a clean tissue. I’ve got some lollipop sticks.
And a paintbrush. I’ve got some melted white chocolate.
I’ve got a little cupful of alcohol, so mine’s just vodka but you can also use cake decorating
alcohol, rose spirit, gin, any clear alcohol. And you will need the alcohol. You’re not
going to taste that in your cakepops and it is going to completely evaporate. But you
need that alcohol to evaporate off so that your little shimmer is able to dry. Without
that alcohol, it will be constantly wet and you’ll not going to be able to have it dry.
I’ve got a cakepop ball. If you don’t have a great recipe for getting your cakepops to
this stage ready to dip and decorate, I will leave a link to the Cupcake Addiction’s recipe
in the description box below. Off to the side, I’ve also got a polystyrene
block which I’ll just be using to set my cakepops for today.
And I’ve got our magic ingredient. So this is part of the Edible Silk Range from Rainbow
Dust, which is a UK company but they are sold in lot of different places. So they are shimmer
powder. They come in all metallic colors. I’ve got this in red, purple, anything you
can imagine. But it’s a very very fine, so it’s not a glitter, a very very fine powder.
And this is what’s going to give us our gold and silver shimmer.
You can see here I’ve made 2 of the gold cakepops. Today I’m going to be making a silver one
for you so that you can see the contrast and the difference in the colors.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that you want to do is
take your cake ball. You want that to be really nice and firmly refrigerated, and I’ve actually
rolled it twice. So I rolled it, popped it in the fridge. And you do get a slightly flat
bottom on them when that happens. So I’ve just re-rolled it so that flat bottom’s completely
disappeared and I’ve got a really nice, beautiful, round-shaped cakepop.
So you want to take your lollipop stick and we’re just going to dip into that melted white
chocolate about a centimeter or so and we’re going to just pop that into the bottom of
our cakepop ball. Once that seal is completely set, we’ll bring it back up and we’ll continue
decorating. Alright so that little seal is completely
dry. Now we’re going to dip the cakepop. Before I dip my cakepops, I always like to give that
chocolate just a quick stir just to make sure it’s as fluid as it can possibly be.
Now you want to take your cakepop and we’re just going to dip it straight in and just
give it a couple little turn so that that near-melted white chocolate meets up with
that set chocolate seal. And then you want to really tap this off well because you want
that chocolate to be really smooth, even and really evenly distributed over that cakepop.
So it’s as round as it can possibly be. So as I’m tapping that, I’m also turning the
pop and that just ensures an even distribution of the chocolate. Beautiful.
Alright, so there’s our cakepop. It’s all dipped. It’s nice and smooth. I’m going to
pop that off to the side, just in a polystyrene block and we’re going to let that completely
set. So while our cakepop’s off on the side setting,
you want to start preparing your rainbow dust. Now I always do this just in a lid of the
little container. And you want to take…Look there’s no exact amount. You want to take
sort of… I like to take a pretty decent little paintbrush-full of that silver powder
or the gold powder or whatever colored powder you’re using. And then you want to just tip
in just a couple of drops of that alcohol. So just mix it around and see how it’s coming
out. You can see there it’s starting to look like
a little silver river. Make sure that your powder is all the way distributed through.
Don’t make up too much of this silver paint mixture at once because the alcohol is going
to evaporate. So unless you’re ready to use it, don’t make up huge big quantities of it
because you can’t store it once you’ve mixed it and it will start to evaporate relatively
quickly. So you kind of want to use it pretty well straight away.
So to test if your little mix is ready to go, I just take a little bit on my paintbrush
and paint it out. That’s a little bit thin and I can tell that because just here, it’s
separating a little bit. So what you want is a nice, thick line. I’m just going to dip
in my wet paintbrush and just take out just a little bit more of that silver, add it in
and stir it through until I’m getting that really nice sort of a thick line when I paint
on my surface. That’s looking much better. You can see there it’s not separating and
it’s not creating these little gaps which mean there’s a little bit much alcohol in
it. So now you’ve got your cakepop which is completely
dry and we’re going to give these two coats. So you’re going to do one coat and then allow
it to completely dry. You just want to take your paintbrush and we’re just going to paint
it all the way over the cakepop. Don’t worry if it’s not neatest. This is really kind of
our undercoat. And once that’s dry, we’re going to come and give it its second coat.
Perfect. So you should have something that’s looking like this. Now that’s going to go
back into our polystyrene block to completely dry. And when you dry it, you want to tilt
it on a bit of an angle just so that if any of that alcohol still the mixture drips off,
it doesn’t drips down your stick, it actually drips off to the side, on to the surface that’s
underneath your cakepops. Alright, so I’m happy that my cakepop is nice
and dry to touch. So I’m just going to give that mixture a little bit more of a stir.
We’re going to give the second coat all over. Alright, so that’s our second coat of that
silver color, your metallic color. Now, you might be able to notice that it’s
still not perfectly smooth. We’ve still got [some] of these little straight marks going
through there from that paintbrush. So we’re now going to let that coat dry and then I’m
going to come back and show you how to smooth it all off.
Alright, so once your second coat is completely dry and that’s going to take about 5 minutes
or so. You will notice that if you touch it, you might just get just a little bit on your
finger. Don’t worry about that. We’re going to get a tissue. And I just like to sort of
fold it in half and then in half again, and just kind of…my finger in it so I’ve got
a little bit of a smooth-is surface. And I don’t rub it because I don’t want to rub the
actual silver off but I’m just kind of patting it a little bit. And as I pat it, I’m kind
of, I guess, smoothing it a little bit. Make sure that you’re not dragging through then
rubbing it, but you can see that you’re getting a little bit of that excess off but it’s also
smoothing out any of those little brush lines and it’s just helping to give us that really
nice, smooth, metallic finish. Beautiful. So there you’ve got your completed really
really gorgeous metallic silver cakepop. Now that metallic silver cakepop goes absolutely
beautifully with those gold cakepops. But as I mentioned these metallic colors are available
in such a wide variety. You can do metallic purple, metallic red…absolutely any metallic
color you can get your hands on. Thanks very much for tuning in. I hope that
you guys have enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for watching My Cupcake Addiction.


  1. I hv used lemon jujce with luster dust and it take ages and lemon extract, clear vanilla Essen do contain alcohol too.

  2. Can this also be used on cakes and cupcakes? Or does it have to be cakepops because of their chocolate coating?

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  7. 1. Does this technique work with fondants?

    2. Is there another liquid that I can use to mix with the powder? Because here in Austin I can't (for some reason) find edible alcohol or can I use vodka? And if I use vodka will it affect the fondant? I was thinking of using almond extract but im afraid that its going to be overwhelming because the cake itself is going to be almond… Im just needing help lol

  8. I'm a little 11 year old kid that loves to cook, I wanna make these, but they use alcohol and I can't work with alcohol

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  12. >expected her to spray her mouth with silver color mist and go "Witness me!"
    >video was uploaded in 2013

  13. Ive tried this with both the luster dust and edible paint however they always seem to end up somewhat sticky, or the paint rubs off on the other cake pops when I store them. Am I just putting too much paint on?

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