Golden Child, K-POP MASH UP BOYS [Dream Concert 2019]

Golden Child, K-POP MASH UP BOYS [Dream Concert 2019]

[Y] Blood, sweat, tears My last dance Take it all (My blood, sweat, tears)
[Jangjun] I’m a boss that leads you [Tag] Seventeen teen teen ([ALL] I’m a player that moves you) [Jangjun] That’s our relationship ([ALL] I’m a boss that leads you) [Seungmin] Comma comma comma [ALL] Everyday boom boom Because of you, boom boom [Jangjun] You got me like Boom boom boom boom Yeah, boom boom Boom boom Everyday! [Y] Hey girl, like an everlasting instant [Jaehyun] A fate-like moment [Y] You pierce into me for one moment [Jaehyun] Like lightning strikes the world [Y] You come over to me, calling my name [Seungmin] Whenever you called, I wasn’t there (silence) Don’t worry I’m here now, shall we dance? [Jangjun] Aye! Let’s toast, now hold my hand From today on, I will never let you go [Tag] Kiss me, I don’t care if it hurts Hurry and choke me So I can’t hurt anymore [Jangjun] Baby, I don’t care if I get drunk, I’ll drink you Deep in my neck, your whiskey [Jibeom] You’re so beautiful I’m looking at you again, oh oh [Y] With you by my side like this I must become your only man [Daeyeol] Thinking of you, in this moment, oh oh oh [Donghyun] I’ll be out the front of your house [Bomin] I need to talk to you now [Seungmin] I want you a lot, a lot, a lot A lot, a lot I want you a lot, a lot A lot, a lot [x2] [Donghyun] I want you a lot, a lot, a lot A lot, a lot I want you a lot, a lot A lot, a lot [x2] [Tag] As much as I’ve thought about it, I’m sure now All in, I’m betting everything [Jangjun] Deciding from now on and forever more I’m yours, you’re mine
Everyday! [Tag] You’re all up in my head, so sweetly You’re in my eyes, yeah, not ever leaving [Jangjun] You are in here now, my brain is filled up [Bomin] Just follow me, far away I’ll take you, without any fear An even bigger us [Y/Bomin] I want to draw it out, yeah [Daeyeol] As if everything has been born again,
come to my world Like fish in water, everyone sings [ALL] In this shaking world You help me exist as myself In my world, you’re the one You’re the one [Jibeom] There are many things that shine Look at what’s real among them [Donghyun] Call me baby, call me baby Call me baby, call me baby
([Jaehyun] Even if it’s many times, call me girl) [Seungmin] I was confused every night I still don’t think I can take care of you [Y] However, as time passes by Surely, more clearly [Jibeom] I can’t even reject you anyway I can’t run away anymore either [Y] You’re so sweet, so sweet Because you’re so sweet [Daeyeol] Beautiful Beautiful [ALL] Boom boom boom boom [x2] Boom boom [Daeyeol] Full of endless passion, oh oh [ALL] Boom boom boom boom [x2] Boom boom (never ever) [Seungmin] I’ll never ever ever, never ever [Donghyun] Call me baby, call me baby [Jangjun] I’ll never ever ever
([ALL] Never ever) [Y] Blood, sweat, tears [Tag] I’ll never ever ever, never ever [Jaehyun] I’m a boss that leads you [Bomin] Know I’m a
Boom boom boom boom


  1. Woah tbh i dont really know about this bb, but seriously i'm shock all Golden Child member is Handsome 😱

  2. This is first time i saw golden child. But woww they are really good wkwkwk maybe i must see the other video of golden child 😁

  3. How to complete your week or if not, your day:
    1. Watch this because this is a masterpiece


  4. Bakit ganun? Pag tuwing pinapanuod ko to, para sakin lahat sila Visual. Ang gagwapo na talented pa! Stan GolCha ❤️

  5. i really wanna cry. they're great. if iam not woollim stan and don't know golden child yet, through this performance i will fall into Golcha. Why they're underated?


  7. Wow! It really sounds and the way they perform it looks like Its there own songs. Better than the original.👏👏👏

  8. Seriously this mashup is on another level. The song, the choreo, and the performers are amazing. Perfect. So addicting. I hope golcha will be more recognized through this amazing performance. Woollim family fighting !!!

  9. Best mashup i have ever is incredible
    Golden child u are awesome group
    Hope u will become famous group in coming few years.
    Fighting 💜💜

  10. Why isn't anyone commenting about how stable their voices are while dancing difficult choreography's?? They're daebak!

  11. really proud of my golden child bubs for this performance bc tbh they've grown a lot from debut but fr tho chief where are donghyun and jaehyun's well deserved close ups

  12. This is the only group that I don't have a permanent bias. Like shit. You can't if you stan them. A month ago, I was Jibeom biased then weeks ago, I was Donghyun biased then a minute ago I was jangjun biased. Now, I am Y biased. I just can't with this group :>

  13. But can we all talk about the way jangjun say those lines "You got me like boom boom. Boom boom Yeah boom boom" blessed my ears😍

  14. بحبكنننننن موووتتتتت 😘😘⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩⁦♥️⁩

  15. They really need the recognition…… they're really talented…. I'm not their fan but they're really good, i approve that… i hope their agency gives them great comeback concept and songs for their next comeback…..

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