Golden Corral is the Way To Go (Day 2 – 11/26/09)

Golden Corral is the Way To Go (Day 2 – 11/26/09)

So today is Thanksgiving and as I said prior (prior meaning yesterday) we’re going out to “Golden Corral.” Some people have this thing where they’re like, “Oh! We have to make a home-made dinner!” but, honestly, “Golden Corral” probably cheaper than the cost to prepare dinner and they have everything. I think it’s a good idea. Plus there’s only three of us, so it’s not like we need to try and prepare a meal for 8 people or anything. So, Golden Corral is the way to go. Stephen: Tell me what you’re eating. Dad: I have… Traditional… Turkey. And Ham. And Bourbon Street Chicken. Mushrooms, Stuffing, and corn. Stephen: Tell me what I got. (chuckles) Dad: And you have French Fries, Pizza, corn and applesauce. Roast beef and whole potatoes. Stephen: Uh-huh. Looks delicious. Stephen: How’s your dinner? Mom: Very Good. They certainly don’t take as long. (chuckles) Stephen: This is my round 2. And I still refuse to do Turkey. Mom: But you like Turkey. Stephen: I don’t like turkey very much. Mom: You don’t? Stephen: No. To be honest, I don’t. I- I actually prefer ham to turkey. Mom: You want me to make ham for Christmas instead of turkey? Stephen: Well, I mean I like ham better, but uh, it’s nice to have different things. Mom: I fixed, um, I actually did a ham for Christmas one year. We just finished up eating our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Linner? Dunch? I’m quite full. I didn’t even feel like I probably ate that much. A plate and a half and y’know, I had pizza. And um, pot roast. No turkey again. But I’m just uh, I’m not really that big into turkey so y’know what can I say. I got a message from Austin. I don’t think he’s doing anything tonight, so he’ll probably join me and Jarrett. I gotta give a few other people a call to make sure everything is good for tomorrow. That should be fun tonight, and 10 times as much fun tomorrow. Jarrett: So, we have six damage to you. Austin: Yup. And that one dies. He dies. We showed Jarrett how to play Magic. We, uh, we played a few games. We decided to do a three… three player tournament. One on one on one. (Jarrett: We’re gonna attack with just him? Austin: Just him.) And I was taken out. (Austin: I’ll defend.) So I’m dead. Probably gonna spend more time, uh (Jarrett: Everything is untapped at the moment.) playing Magic and then uh, hitting it up early. Kind of, for black Friday tomorrow. So, exciting times. Yup.


  1. I think that I'm going to look for the edits that you made in these old vlogs. I'm sure that some of them are copyrighted music removals, but the others should be easy enough to spot.

  2. In the old descriptions you used to put the date and stuff since they were never in the video. You should have done it here.

  3. In the old descriptions you used to put the date and stuff since they were never in the video. You should have done it here.

  4. Well since I'm taking the Journey, I had to read as opposed to watch the old vlogs that were taken down because of stuff that had copyrights, but now that the old ones are being re-released, I get to fill in the gaps now =D

  5. I actually have the first 40 vlogs on my pc for some reason so I can check some of these changes. In this one he removed the TV-clip in the beginning and the trip to golden corral.

  6. Maybe for kicks and giggles you should vlog for a day in the style of these old vlogs. The current StephenVlog is great and all, but I feel it has been lacking close-ups of everyone's pores. 🙂

  7. "This is my Round 2."
    turns camera to shot of mom's mouth
    My mom would skin me alive for trying to film her while eating.  I love that your mom is so chill about it.

    Kinda lethargic in these first few vlogs so far, but subtly hilarious.

  8. I stopped eating turkey for thanksgiving once my mother stopped fixing my plates, around age 8. I still have it deli style on a sandwich but I don't enjoy it any other way.

  9. I don't think I've ever even tasted turkey in my life. We never really eat it in Finland, not during Christmas time, not.. ever. Ham has always been "the thing" instead of turkey.

  10. Since I moved to a new city 3 years ago, my family goes over to my aunt and uncle's house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, since they only live literally 5 minutes away from us. It's always a fun time, however, one really cool Thanksgiving I had was in 2008. My family went on a cruise to the Carribbean Sea, which departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We actually ate Thanksgiving Dinner on the outer deck of a cruise ship when we docked in Jamaica, it was so beautiful. I'll never forget how awesome that trip was.

  11. "let's meet back tomorrow shall we"
    since he still hasn't say it.
    i might put it in all videos 😀

  12. wow jarett looks so different. Its sort of weird to see all of you then and now. Its like growing up even though you were already "adults" when you started LOL

  13. “ lunch dinner… linner …. dunch” I laughed my head off and had to stop the video to continue laughing

  14. Day one of journey: last video for today. Man his Camera skills are lacking in this video. Also I don't know why but I am always hurting when watching the vlogs of Stephens I have watched.

  15. idk if they have Golden Corral in Canada but I've never had it
    Also I prefer Thanksgiving at home rather than restaurant,one time I had it at a restaurant and it was terrible

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